• Heyman: Yanks all in for top three pitchers

    Taking the old maxim that you can never have too much pitching, the Yankees, according to Jon Heyman, are making a play for all three top free agent hurlers. While we await word from the third meeting between CC and the Yanks, Heyman reports that the Yanks are willing to top the Braves’ four-year, $60-million offer for A.J. Burnett by adding more dollars and either a guaranteed fifth year or a vesting option. Heyman also feels the Yanks have “a good chance” at landing Derek Lowe as they are willing to go at least four years at $64 million. That’s a lotta pitching.

    Update 12:19 a.m.: For those of you bemoaning Derek Lowe, Tyler Kepner has word of a different pitcher. The Times writer says that the Yanks are closing in on Ben Sheets. He doesn’t confirm or deny the Derek Lowe report, for what that’s worth.

    Update 12:52 a.m.: One last update via the same Graziano piece from earlier. The NJ.com reporter says the Yanks may have floated the idea of an opt-out to Sabathia in case he truly doesn’t like New York. It’s an interesting idea, but after A-Rod burned them last year, I highly doubt the Yanks would go that route again. This may just be a sign of good faith on the part Cashman and Co.
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  • Rays meeting with former Yanks

    While nothing may come of this news, at least it’s real and tangible. The Tampa Rays, as evidenced by a photograph and confirmed report on the St. Petersburg Times’ Heater blog, have met with Jason Giambi and plan to talk to Bobby Abreu as well. Giambi makes a lot of sense for Tampa. He could play the Cliff Floyd role and would do so better than Floyd did in 2008. I’m not quire sure what Tampa wants or needs with Abreu, but they’re just checking out all the options. · (37) ·

  • Setting the odds

    Considering baseball’s checkered past with gambling the current and long-standing outright ban on players and managers placing money on their teams, it is not without some irony that the Winter Meetings are currently taking Vegas by storm. As part of the wall-to-wall media coverage of the meetings, Jack Curry took some time out to figure out how Vegas sets the odds, and his story on it is illuminating. Right now, the Red Sox and Cubs are at 5-to-1 to make the Series next year while the Yanks sit at 6-to-1, but as Curry writes, the odds can change overnight. It all it takes is the signing of one free agent. · (1) ·

Girardi and Media Relations guru Jason Zillo

Pictures by Mike, commentary by Joe

As with most managerial interviews, we didn’t learn a whole ton by listening to Girardi. He did seem loose, though, and took the time to elaborate on all answers. Judging from just this interview, I have a hard time believing he’s not good with the media. Joe’s a friendly guy by all appearances, and I hope he takes this into the season with him. Perhaps the media will be a bit easier on him this time around.

Here are some tidbits we picked up:

  • He was very impressed with Ben Sheets after meeting him yesterday. I suppose he’d have to be, considering the Yankees plan to offer him between $26 and $30 million.
  • On CC, he says that the lefty is still trying to figure out the whole situation. Girardi then went on to talk about his own transition to New York after the 1995 season, noting that while he wasn’t getting nearly the money or years offered to Sabathia, he could understand what the free agent is going through.
  • On Andy Pettitte, he said that both parties are interested in bringing him back. But: “There’s a process that has to take place.” Emphasis mine. It seems that line is bandied about frequently regarding Pettitte. Now that we know the team’s offer is $10 million, it seems that “process” means “convincing him to take a paycut.”
  • On the coaching staff: They won’t take long to mesh. He noted that Mick Kelleher has been around Spring Training for a few years, and everyone’s familiar with him. Other than that, the staff remains basically the same, save for a few minor moves.
  • On Hideki Matsui: Girardi sees him as a fourth outfielder as well as DH. I wonder if that changes as they get further into workouts. Clearly, Hideki is more valuable as a full-time DH if that means he can stay healthy. It’s a huge risk if they play him in the outfield with any regularity.

Update by Mike (5:00pm): Forgot to mention this, but Girardi said that Posada’s rehab was going fine. He’s throwing from 60 feet and is on schedule.

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As campaign season rounded out and Barack Obama became President-elect of the United States, many in the media commented that he ran a “perfect campaign.” They played everything even-handedly, took advantage of every opportunity they saw, and never lost their cool. Once this whole CC Sabathia fiasco is in the books we’ll probably marvel at how perfectly he and his agent, Greg Genske, played the market perfectly.

They were dead-on from the start. The Yankees came out guns blazing with their record offer. Genske and Sabathia, however, were mum. They let the media do their work. The result were stories about the lefty’s preference to pitch on the West Coast and even his — totally unconfirmed — lack of desire to live in New York. The longer we waited, the crazier the stories got. Even better, people were actually believing it.

I’m guessing that CC and Genske knew from the start that they wouldn’t address the offer until the Winter Meetings. There was nothing that would behoove them to do so. They already had a record offer on hand. They knew it wasn’t going away, so waiting was the best way to play this. They had little to gain by jumping on the first offer, no matter how large.

So they waited for the offers to roll in. But they didn’t. Even as the media suggested that Sabathia would take less money to play out West, we heard nothing about offers from the Giants, Dodgers, or Giants. This part, I’m guessing, the Team CC did not anticipate. Yet, they knew that even if they got no further offers, they still had the one from the Yankees.

Now the Winter Meetings have rolled around, and Team CC is ready to get serious. What’s the first thing they do? Request a meeting with the team with the highest bid. Then what did they do? Take meetings with anyone willing to talk. Then they skipped town, leaving behind only an air of mystery and a reported weekend meeting in San Francisco.

We’ve heard about CC’s meetings, and we’re getting word on some additional offers — the Angels and the Red Sox have placed their bids, according to Peter Gammons. Yet he has a very telling quote after mentioning these offers: “Nothing,” says a source close to Sabathia, “is different than it was a week ago.”

Of course nothing’s different. That’s because Genske and Sabathia have played this off-season perfectly.

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Update by Mike (6:15pm EDT): Ken Davidoff with the quote of the day: “Sabathia didn’t reject the Yankees’ offer. Good Lord. How could someone report that?”

Update by Mike (5:41pm EDT): Rosenthal shot it down as well.

Update by Mike (5:30pm EDT): The crew on Baseball Tonight has shot down this rumor, citing a Yanks’ official.

Update 5:17 p.m.: For what it’s worth, Baggarly has updated his blog post to reflect his info that the Brewers may now be the frontrunner. A few reports have the Yanks ready to go hard after A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe as well, but that doesn’t mean Sabathia is completely out. Either this is building to a head or it’s a Vegas-inspired Red Herring.


Because everyone’s already talking about, here you go: Andrew Baggarly reports on the Mercury News Extra Baggs blog reports that CC Sabathia has declined the Yankees’ offer. He writes:

It’s been confirmed to me that the Giants had discussions with CC Sabathia’s camp last night, and they expect to have face-to-face meetings with the left-hander in San Francisco after the winter meetings.

It sure must’ve have been a productive discussion, because word is that Sabathia has declined the Yankees’ six-year, $140 million offer. (I must stress that’s unconfirmed, but talk is spreading fast. If true, look for the Yanks to get hyper-aggressive on A.J. Burnett.)

Let me say this: Beware unconfirmed rumors. They are unconfirmed, obviously.

Second, it makes no sense — none — for Sabathia to reject the Yanks’ offer. He loses all bargaining position in doing so, and the Giants, Angels or Brewers would have no reason to come close to the Yanks’ generous offer. Even if he has no intention of signing with the Yanks, he is far better served to keep the Yanks’ offer alive.

I don’t buy this one, but there you go.

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As Joe noted a short while ago, no one knows much of anything in Las Vegas. For Exhibit A, let’s take a look at yet another Jake Peavy rumor.

According to a tidbit in the Chicago Sun-Times, Jake Peavy wants to be a Cub, but seems to expect to land with the Yanks if the Cubs deal falls through. So, over the last few months, we’ve heard various rumors saying that the Yanks are in and out of the Peavy deal, that Peavy doesn’t want to leave the NL or the NL West or doesn’t mind coming to New York, that he will or won’t be traded to the Cubs or the Braves.

Basically, this is a prime example of no one knowing anything. No one knows anything about Peavy. No one really knows anything about CC Sabathia‘s state of mind, the Angels’ intentions with Mark Teixeira, or what’s going on in Manny’s head. So when you start reading reports about what players want or don’t want, take them with a rather large grain of salt.

Hat tip to Will in Chicago for e-mailing this one in.

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  • Unconfirmed Report: Mets sign K-Rod

    The terms: 3 years, $37M. That sounds like three guaranteed years at an AAV of $13M per with a $1M buyout on an option for a fourth year. K-Rod is supposedly going to take a physical tomorrow, which should seal the deal. Jerry Manual has a scheduled press conference at 4pm Vegas time today, so we’ll dig up more then.

    Update (12:48pm): Joe just saw Minaya in the hallway talking to Gammons and other media types with a big grin on his face.

    Update (12:55pm): I just huddled around Minaya with the other NY media guys … he emphasized that the deal is not official but he feels “better about where it is today then yesterday.”
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