Open Thread: The Brackmonster turns 25

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A very special RAB Happy Birthday goes out to 2007 first round pick Andrew Brackman. The big guy turns the ripe old age of 25 today, which is kinda old in prospect years but still young in every other aspect of life. With any luck we’ll see him with the big league team at some point next season. Here’s a fun Fact: Brackman issued 37 fewer walks in 2010 than he did in 2009 despite facing 105 more batters. That’s good. Oh, and a belated happy birthday goes out to Gary Sanchez, who turned 18 on Thursday. They make them so young these days.

Anyway, here is your open thread for the night. The Devils are the only local team in action, but there’s a ton of college football on as well. You guys know the drill, so have at it.

Mailbag: George Sherrill

Joe recapped some of the more notable non-tenders yesterday, but there’s one player he didn’t touch on that’s probably worth exploring. Given the Yankees search for a second left-handed reliever, we might as well cover every base.

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Ryan asks: An interesting non-tender is George Sherill. I know his 2010 was brutal but he has been murder on lefties his whole career (including 2010). What are the chances the Yankees take a flier on him?

You’re right, Sherrill was brutal in 2010. For the low low price of $4.5M, the Dodgers received a 6.69 ERA (5.20 FIP, 5.61 xFIP) and -0.5 fWAR in just 36.1 innings. He struck out just one more batter than he walked (26 K, 25 BB) and right-handers absolutely annihilated him (.482 wOBA against). The former independent leaguer (four different indy teams too) also missed two weeks with a sore back and his velocity was erratic but generally down. No matter how you look at it, Sherrill was a disaster for Team Torre in 2010.

Digging a little deeper though, there are enough reasons to believe that not all hope is lost for the 33 year old (34 in April). Sherrill still handled left-handed batters well (.272 wOBA against) this year, just not as well as he did from 2007-2009 (.220 wOBA against). The one homer he surrendered to a lefty in 2010 was a majestic blast that Yankee fans will remember fondly. A .352 batting average on balls in play (compared to .292 career) certainly didn’t help matters, and it’s probably not a coincidence that his worst stretch of the season came right before he hit the disabled list.

There are very real concerns though, don’t be mistaken. Sherill’s never been a control freak, unintentionally walking 3.8 batters per nine innings (3.4 BB/9 vs. LHB) over the last three seasons. He’s also a fly ball pitcher (47.4% career), though he has improved his ground ball rate for three straight seasons. Fly balls mean homeruns, a less than desirable trait for any pitcher, especially a late game reliever.

At this point, Sherrill should be limited to lefty specialist work and nothing more. His days of being effective against right-handers are behind him, but the fastball-slider combo work fine against same-side hitters. The Dodgers understandably non-tendered him and the overall bad year should help keep Sherrill’s price down this winter. In fact, there has at least been speculation that he might have to settle for a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training to prove himself worthy of a roster spot.

Considering the cost vs. expected production, I’d much prefer Sherrill to someone like Pedro Feliciano. I’m comfortable with his track record against southpaws, and I also like that he spent some time in the AL East and knows how tough life can be there. As long as his exposure to righties is limited, Sherrill should be quite the weapon. A one-year, low base money deal is fine by me, and if he takes a minor league contract than great. He’s absolutely worth a flier.

Report: Jeter, Yanks agree to new deal

Update by Mike: It’s a done deal, says RAB fave Jack Curry. It’s a three-year contract worth a guaranteed $51M with a fourth year player option for $8M. Jeter can also earn an additional $9M in incentives that final year, and there’s a $3M buyout of the option (so $16M per season). Jon Heyman explains that the incentives are based on finishes in the MVP, Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove voting. I don’t like the player option at all; Jeter might as well pick it up now.

Original post by Ben (12:55pm ET): According to George A. King III, the Yankees and Derek Jeter will “finalize a three-year deal today.” The two sides are haggling over the final details of a contract that will guarantee Jeter up to $17 million a year. As Jack Curry reported earlier, both Jeter and the recently re-signed Mariano Rivera have agreed to defer money to move the process along.

According to King, “The contract includes a tricky option for a fourth season, neither a vesting situation nor a club option. It is linked to what happens across the three guaranteed years.” Late last night, WFAN’s Sweeney Murti reported that the option would probably be worth around $10 million, bringing Jeter’s total package to a potential four years and $61 million.

In one sense, the Yankees are bidding against themselves for Jeter. No other team has put in an offer, and comparable players are signing for less than 50 percent of what Jeter will earn annually. On the other, though, by upping the offer to $17 million a year for the next three seasons, the Yanks have ensured that Jeter will earn a higher salary than A.J. Burnett. That fact was a sticking point for many.

Ultimately, even though this deal was inevitable from the day the Yanks lost the ALCS, this is a gamble for the team. Jeter will be playing his age 39 season in the final guaranteed year of this contract and will be 40 for the option year. Despite his declining range, there are no plans to move him off short and no obvious landing spots either. We can live with the dollars and the short term, but we’ll have to hope that Jeter’s career-worst .270/.340/.370 was an aberration and not a sign of things to come.

Meanwhile, by wrapping up this deal ahead of the Winter Meetings, the Yanks have all but assured themselves a singular focus in Orlando. Cliff Lee, you’re next.

Additional reporting by Mike Axisa.

Jeter deal could be done today

Update (11:23am): Jack Curry hears that both Jeter and Mariano Rivera have agreed to defer money to move the process along. That’s huge as far as the 2011 payroll is concerned.

Based on the zillions of reports floating around, the Yankees and Derek Jeter could have a new deal finalized sometime today. Ken Rosenthal says it’ll be a three-year pact worth $15-17M annually, and that the fourth year will not be guaranteed nor will it be able to vest. A source called it “creative, hybrid” solution. I wonder how that’s going to work.

Red Sox on the verge of acquiring Adrian Gonzalez

Update (11:10am ET): The Padres will be receiving Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, Reymond Fuentes and a player to be named later in the trade. They were ranked the first, third, and sixth best prospects in Boston’s farm system a few weeks ago.

According to various reports out there, the Red Sox are on the verge of acquiring Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres for a package of prospects, including Casey Kelly. The players are apparently agreed to and MLB has approved a window for Boston to negotiate an extension with the first baseman, but Gonzalez must still take his physical, not a sure thing after having shoulder surgery last month.

Just look at how much the failure to sign Mark Teixeira has impacted the Sox. They had to trade three young players to the Indians for Victor Martinez in 2009 to make up for the lost offense, and now they have to deal even more young players to San Diego to fill the first base hole long-term. And they’re still going have to pay Gonzalez a boatload of money as if he was a free agent. Kinda sucks for them.

Yankees, Jeter getting ‘really close’ to a deal

Via Sweeny Murti, the Yankees and Derek Jeter‘s camp are working deep into the night and are getting “really close” to a deal. The team will not budge on three guaranteed years however, if anything a fourth year would be some kind of option. This entire situation has changed rather drastically in the last four or so days, and there’s a really good chance that this whole thing will be wrapped up before the Winter Meetings officially start on Monday.

Update by Ben (2:00 a.m.): Around an hour ago, Murti offered up a follow-up with some dollars. He reports that the deal for Derek would clock in at three years and $51 million and would include a vesting option for a fourth year at $10 million. I can live with that.

Open Thread: Over The Edge

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That picture by itself is enough to terrify me, nevermind actually being out there hanging off the side of building 300-something feet in the air. Brian Cashman manned up and rappelled down the 22-story Landmark Building in Stamford three freaking times this morning in advance of this weekend’s Heights and Lights even, and Ben Shpigel brilliantly recapped the ordeal. Here’s video. Maybe I’m just a wuss, but that’s insane.

Anyway, here’s tonight’s open thread. The Rangers and Islanders are wrapping up their home-and-home, plus both the Knicks and Nets are in action. Use this thread for whatever your heart desires.

Weekend Writer Update: We’re still pouring through the applications folks, thanks for being patient.