That’s one very big HDTV. (Source: Endgagdet HD)

The Yankees today unveiled their latest technological upgrade coming soon to the new Stadium. The team has partnered with Mitsubishi to install the Major League’s first true high-def LED display in a baseball stadium, according to the press release.

The new Diamond Vision screen will clock in at over 5900 square feet and will employ 8,601,600 LEDs. That will make for some very impressive-looking marriage proposals next season.

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  • Yanks’ wine trumps Sox

    While we all think Red Sox fans may whine more than Yankee fans, an impartial winetaster from Canada determined yesterday that the Yanks’ charity wine is better than that of the Sox. Bobby Abreu’s Finest Merlot and Jorge Posada’s Jorge Cabernet trumped the David Ortiz and Jason Varitek vintages. In fact, Ortiz’s wine was, in the words of Paul Grieco, a dud. Sounds about right to me. · (5) ·

While all of you are struggling with the heart attack induced by my admittedly mean April Fools prank post, here’s a sight from the aborted Opening Day that isn’t a joke. The Yankees are counting down the games left in Yankee Stadium right on the scoreboard. Take a look:


To me, there’s something a little bit off-putting about this giant countdown. We know Yankee Stadium’s days are numbered, and we know this summer will be filled with tributes to the legends and myths that dot Yankee Stadium history. But do we really need to have the end of the House That Ruth Built rubbed in our faces like this for the next six months? Fans can’t miss the new stadium, and now they can’t miss this sign either.

Thanks to RAB regular Adam for the shot from today’s postponed Opening Day.

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Despite throwing a successful 75-pitch outing against Minor Leaguers on Sunday, Andy Pettitte‘s prospects in the early going this season look bleak. The Yankees pitching depth, it seems, will be tested early.

According to reports out of New York, Pettitte’s back did not respond well at all to the weekend outing, and the Yanks believe he could be out for as long as two months. To make matters worse in the eyes of fans, the Yankees plan to replace Pettitte with the much-maligned Kei Igawa who, just a few hours ago, was named the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Opening Day starter.

The Yankees all of a sudden find themselves with a little bit of a pitching problem. While Chien-Ming Wang will retain his place at the front of the rotation, the four pitchers behind him are anything but a given. Mike Mussina will slot into the second starter position, but he’s coming off the worst season of his career and had a shaky Spring Training. Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy, two youngsters who may struggle at times, will follow Mussina, and Igawa will pick up the rear.

When word of Pettitte’s injury came down, I, like many of you, probably turned your thoughts to the ace in the hole the Yanks seem to carry in their bullpen. Wouldn’t Joba Chamberlain be a much better choice than Kei Igawa? Right now, the Yankees seem unwilling to move Chamberlain out of the pen. They fear that he’ll be used too much too soon and will reach his innings cap before the Yanks need to call on him in October.

While the rained out Opening Day and subsequent 7:05 p.m. rescheduling of the game took some of the damper out of the festivities that surround the start of the season, this news casts a veritable pall over what is usually a joyous time of year. This time, Roger Clemens won’t ride to the rescue. All of a sudden, the Yanks are left with a hole, and Johan Santana sure looked good in his Mets debut.

But the Yanks have overcome adversity before, and they still have the makings of a championship team. Maybe Kei Igawa can step. Maybe he can pitch effectively. That is, after all, why they play the games. And, oh yeah, Happy April Fools Day.

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  • Number 21 returns to the field

    While Morgan Ensberg couldn’t stand the heat he got for picking out Paul O’Neill’s former number, the long-dormant 21 will return to the field this week if the Yanks ever get to begin their season. LaTroy Hawkins, in an effort to honor Roberto Clemente, will don 21 this year, and Bryan Hoch traces the feelings surrounding O’Neill’s number. It will be interesting to see how Hawkins is received for taking what many Yankee fans believe is a number that belongs in the Yankee Pantheon. Hawkins has previously worn 32 and donned 22 with the Yanks in Spring Training. He grew tired of having Brian Bruney call him “Roger.” Doesn’t that sound endearing? · (34) ·

  • Rain delays are good for retailers, bad for everyone else

    While it never really rained for about three and a half hours this afternoon and Yankee fans were grumbling that the game could have gone on, one group of people enjoyed the delay. As The Times’ City Room blog notes, rain delays are great news for the vendors. As David Greco, the owner of an Italian deli at the Stadium, said,”They’re coming back tomorrow night, so we got a bonus day.” The parking lot attendants are just as thrilled. · (1) ·

  • Kei Igawa, the Yankees 2008 Opening Day starter

    Relax, I’m talking about the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. Even with more talented pitchers in the rotation, Igawa gets the nod on Opening Day because he’s accomplished more at a higher level he simply lines up to pitch that day. Following Igawa in the rotation will be (in order) Steven White, Alan Horne, Darrell Rasner and Jeff Marquez. Sean Henn (2006) and Tyler Clippard (2007) were the last two Opening Day starters for the Yanks’ Triple-A affiliate, so it’s probably a good thing to keep the talented guys away from that bad juju.

    Sucks the game got rained out, huh?
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