Remember when the rookies dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz? Good times. As part of their off-season coverage, the YES Network offers up a short piece on the hazing. Shelley, as always, has a few amusing things to say.

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PECOTA likes the Yanks

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Last week, Baseball Prospectus unveiled that basic PECOTA projections for the 2008 season. For the uninitiated among us, PECOTA is a computer projection system that calculates the likelihood of how a player will perform in a season based on his past performance by comparing him to similar players. Got it? Good.

Anyway, when the Weighted Means spreadsheet hits, it’s always fun to page through to see how the computer predicts the season to turn out. Since I know you’re all dying to find out, Melky projects to around .283/.342/.404. No further comment, your honor.

Saving any of us the trouble of doing the number-crunching, Paul, one of the Red Sox fans, at Yanksfan vs. Soxfan, figured out how PECOTA projects the Yanks, and Yankee fans should be guardedly happy. When all is said and done, an ideal, computerized PECOTA world, the final AL East standings look like this:

Yankees 103-59
Red Sox 101-61

And that was before Curt Schilling’s injury came down.

But of course, baseball teams don’t play computer-simulated games. They play the games on the field, and besides the fact that two 100-win teams in one division is rather unlikely, a perfectly simulated PECOTA season is rather unlikely too.

This should, however, give despairing Yankee fans reason to hope. Too many critics look at the Red Sox’s October and forget that what happened in the six months prior. They saw a team comeback from a 3-1 ALCS deficit to win seven straight and a second World Championship in four years. But the Red Sox were no sure lock at the end of September when the Yanks had cut their division lead to two.

Now PECOTA likes the Yanks, and we do too. There should always be hope, projections aside.

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  • Schilling dealing with major shoulder issues

    Talk about a story coming out of nowhere. A report today in the Boston Herald notes that Curt Schilling has some shoulder issues. It could be as bad as a torn rotator cuff and/or labrum. Surgery, they say, will take him out for the year.

    Schilling underwent a physical before signing his one-year, $8 million contract, so either they missed it, or it’s something that has developed since then. The Red Sox, much to Schilling’s chagrin, have looked into voiding the agreement.

    To sum up: Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
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While the Yankee beat writers are getting a tour of the new Yankee Stadium later today, we’re going to do you one better. Thanks to reader Paul V., we’ve got our hands on some photos from inside the construction site, and they are fantastic.

The photos, all taken by Robert Barkovitz, show the Stadium going up. You can view a slideshow below or check them out at my flickr site. Some highlights:

Check out the rest in this slideshow. I love watching these big construction projects go up, and it’s too bad the Yanks don’t have a construction cam set up as the Washington Nationals do. Instead, we’ll take the glimpses inside as we can get them. Again, thanks to Robert Barkovitz for these shots.

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  • Sheppard, health in doubt, may not return

    Despite a report in January that promised good health, Bob Sheppard, according to Richard Sandomir of The Times, may not resume his duties at Yankee Stadium in the spring. According to the Yanks’ PR guy Howard Rubenstein, Sheppard is “struggling to recover his health” following his bout with a bronchial infection in September. It will be a sad day in Yankeeland when Sheppard, believed to be 97, must step down or worse. Our thoughts are, of course, with the family. (Hat tip to my mom on this one.) · (8) ·