By now, it’s clear that we’re not going to get a resolution to this whole Johan Santana business tonight. But allow me to leave you with two reports which bode well for our efforts but not for Johan Santana’s Bronx future.

In one corner, hailing from and the fine city of Philadelphia, is Jayson Stark with this report:

The Yankees’ “by Monday night” deadline came and went. And Johan Santana was still a Twin when Tuesday arrived at the winter meeting. But even though the Yankees and Twins were still talking about different combinations as the night grew later and later, there was no indication that they were any closer to a deal for Santana than they were four days ago. In fact, if anything, the momentum seemed to be in the opposite direction. Officials from other clubs said several of the Yankees’ baseball personnel at the meetings had begun openly questioning whether they even wanted to make this trade if the Twins said yes. “The more this goes on,” said one AL executive, “the less they want to do it.”

And in the other corner, hailing from Sports Illustrated and the proud city of New York is Jon Heyman, with a report that the Yankees and Twins are at an impasse:

With the Yankees and Twins making limited progress as the Yanks’ self-imposed midnight deadline came and went, the Twins have rekindled talks with the Red Sox and are asking Boston to present a deal including top young lefthander Jon Lester.

People involved in the talks said they believe the situation is coming to a head and that Minnesota will make its call, one way or the other, in fairly short order. The Yankees have been seen as the favorite, but Boston may have renewed hope based upon the midnight phone call.

The Twins, according to Heyman, want Ian Kennedy or Alan Horne and Austin Jackson in addition to Phil Hughes and Mekly Cabrera. To which I say, “Yeah, right.”

Meanwhile, the Twins say they were “amused” by Hank Steinbrenner’s meaningless deadline. Of course, that deadline is only meaningless if the Red Sox don’t scale back their offer under the assumption that the Yanks are truly uninterested in Johan Santana.

For the Yanks’ part, the deadline just shows the internal divide over trading Phil Hughes. They’re not about to turn their backs on Johan Santana just yet, and it sure would be hard to argue against a rotation fronted by Santana, Pettitte, Wang and Joba Chamberlain, however.

Is a member of the Save the Big Three coalition beginning to crack? Stay tuned tomorrow.

Update 1:46: This Jayson Stark article has more info. The Twins didn’t extend a counterproposal after the Yanks rejected the 4-for-1 offer Heyman mentioned, and they reiterated their stance in regards to keeping Ian Kennedy. This could be falling apart for now. But “for now” is simply temporary when it comes to the Yankees.

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According to an anonymous report in the Washington Post, the Yankees did manage to complete a trade on Monday. They reportedly sent Tyler Clippard to the Nationals in exchange for promising 25-year-old reliever Jonathan Albaladejo. While there was really no place for Clippard in the Bronx, he may yet get his chance to start for the Nationals. Albaladejo threw 14.1 innings for the Nats last season with a 1.88 ERA and a 0.63 WHIP. He struck out 12 and walked 2 and immediately becomes a cog in the Yankees’ bullpen.

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As 10:30 p.m. — and the slightly unsatisfying Heroes finale — has come and gone, Hank Steinbrenner’s artificial deadline is fast approaching, the Yanks and Twins are meeting, but a denouement to this drama seems unlikely.

The first reports that a deal may not be reached tonight arrived via Will Carroll. He claims that Twins GM Bill Smith is not backing off his wish to land Ian Kennedy or Jose Tabata as well as Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera. Greedy much?

But the truth is far more simple. Despite what this guy has to say — “I can’t see anyone out bidding us talent wise” — Phil Hughes is a much better talent option than Jacoby Ellsbury. If Smith lets this midnight deadline pass without pulling the trigger, he will have sacrificed his best option, and if the Yanks really do pull out of these talks in 75 minutes, the Red Sox will greatly reduce their offer as well. That’s why the Yanks and Twins are talking.

Meanwhile, MetsBlog’s Matt Cerrone reports than Smith is talking to other teams despite Santana’s proclamation that he will go only to the Yanks or the Red Sox. Cerrone also feels that there may have been a deal nearly completed earlier today that got pulled back, but that’s just speculation on his part.

Finally, ESPN reports that Brian Cashman and Johan Santana’s agent were on the same flight to Nashville today. How’s that for tampering, Bill Smith? Maybe Cashman had the stewardess slip Santana’s agent a note recommended that they just sit tight until next winter. I love conspiracy theories that aren’t true.

Anyway, we’ll be here until something happens or until nothing happens, and right now, it’s looking like nothing is going to happen quite yet.

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PeteAbe’s got the word:

The New York Yankees announced today they have signed catcher Jose Molina to a two-year contract. To make room on the 40-man roster, the Yankees designated infielder Andy Phillips for assignment.

Well, we all knew the Yanks would have to start clearing room on the 40-man roster soon enough. We all know about everything Andy’s gone through and how great of a person he is, but he was given plenty of chances and never really did enough to warrant a job. He’ll land on his feet.

The Yanks still have to clear room for A-Rod, Pettitte and Mo, so this won’t be the last of the 40-man cuts.

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  • Bernie’s coming back!

    Haha gotcha, it’s not that Bernie. The Yanks broke out the waaaaaaaay back machine and signed minor league free agent 2B Bernie Castro. Castro, as you may recall, was once a pretty big prospect for the Yanks before being traded to the Padres in late 2001 for Kevin Reese. The Yanks also signed journeyman SS Cody Ransom. I’m curious to see how these two signings affect Alberto Gonzalez, if at all.

    Great name Chris Farley signed with Oakland, and Andy Cannizaro signed with the Rays. No big loss, just worth a note.
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We interrupt this Johan Santana orgy to bring you word that the Yanks are one of a few teams interested in Octavio Dotel. When last we saw Dotel, he threw 10 innings for the 2005 Yankees and was terrible. Last year, he threw 30 injury-filled innnings and was slightly less terrible. I say, “Pass.”

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  • Our long national nightmare will soon be over

    Jon Heyman reports right now it’s more likely than not that Santana will be traded and that we’ll find out late Monday if a trade is going down. We will of course have all the latest news on Johan Santana including when he goes to the bathroom and what he had for breakfast. But not really. · (6) ·

This comes from La Velle E. Neal III of the Minnesota Star Tribune. We’ve seen a number of Santana items pass through him, though not all of them have been wholly accurate.

Today, he reports that the Twins are not happy with Hank’s comments regarding Johan Santana. Technically, he says, the team could pursue tampering charges because of what Hank said. Specifically: “Because as much as I want Santana, and you can make that clear — for his sake, to know that I do want him — but the fact is that I’m not going to play the game.”

The game, of course, is the pitting of the Yanks against the Sox. Neal also adds that Santana has not limited the Twins trading options to the Sox and the Yanks, but that could be the Twins PR team at work.

All of this is short for: Nothing’s happened.

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