Yankees’ All-Time Single-Season Team

Forgive the self-promotion, but at CBS today I put together this post looking at the best single seasons in Yankees’ history. It’s part of a series we’re running looking at the best season at each position for every team, so the best catcher season, the best first base season, etc. As you can imagine, the Yankees’ all-time single-season team is loaded with Hall of Famers. Check it out as you kill time before the Super Bowl.

Two late night links

Two quick and self-promoting links for you. First, the Alex Rodriguez hip injury post has been updated quite a bit since being published early this morning, so make sure you check back for updates and quotes and all that. Secondly, I wrote this Winter Meetings Day One recap for the YES Network’s site. It’s nothing you haven’t already seen on RAB today and it’s more of a MSM-esque (i.e. dumbed down) recap than any kind of serious analysis, but still give it a click.