2008 Minor League Awards

Another minor league season is in the books, but this year was a bit more tumultuous than last. I’d say more guys underperformed and disappointed than stepped up this year, which is the exact opposite of what happened last year. Graduation, injuries and ineffectiveness have been prevalent, but there have certainly been some bright spots.

Yankees’ affiliates combined to go 485-348 this year, good for a .582 winning percentage, marking at least the 17th consecutive season the affiliates have combined for an above .500 record. I say at least because B-Ref’s data only goes back to 1992, and I’m not going to spend the time to keep digging further. Take a second to get your head around how ridiculous a combined .582 winning percentage is – that’s better than a 94 win pace in a 162-game season. Insane.

Keep in mind that this isn’t some kind of best prospect list, it’s a recognition of the guys who had great years, regardless of prospect status. In order to keep things from getting redundant, the winner of the Player of the Year award isn’t eligible for the other major awards. Fun starts after the jump.

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Yanks’ prospects sweep minor league pitching awards

Drumroll please…

Ian Patrick Kennedy-Jaskowiak was named Minor League Pitcher of the Year, edging out the Twins’ Kevin Slowey, who was runner-up for the second straight year. I have to say, I find this especially gratifying since I spent countless hours (okay fine, countless minutes) last year rebutting emails proclaiming how bad of a pick IPK-J was.

Edwar Ramirez took home Minor League Reliever of the Year honors, just a year removed from eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches after his Indy ball games. You know the numbers, but they’re so sick I’ll repeat’em anyway: 56.2 IP, 26 H, 102 K. Crazy.

Congrats gents, now go win the World Series. (kidding)

2007 Minor League Awards

So there we have it, another riveting season of minor league baseball is in the books. It’s great to look at the affiliate rosters and see the number of older, non-prospect roster-filler types going down, especially in the pitching department. The number of guys that exceeded expectations this year is far greater than the number of guys that underperformed, the polar opposite of recent years.

Yankee farmhands were named the Eastern League & Florida State League Pitchers of the Year, Scranton manager Dave Miley took home International League Manager of Year honors, and countless Yankee prospects were named to their league’s year end All-Star club. Eleven total players have made their Major League debut for the Yankees this year (so far), 9 of which were direct products of the farm system.

Keep in mind that this isn’t some kind of best prospect list, it’s a recognition of the guys who had great years, regardless of prospect status. In an effort to keep things fresh, I deemed the guy who won the Player of the Year Award ineligible for the Pitcher/Hitter of the Year Awards.

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