With Boston in town, resale ticket prices jump

Whenever the Red Sox come to Yankee Stadium in August, something special seems to happen. Last year, the two teams played an epic 15-inning affair that ended with an Alex Rodriguez blast off of Junichi Tazawa en route to a sweep. What will it be this weekend?

This year, the games have lost some of their immediacy. Boston comes to town in third place either six or seven games behind the Yankees, and the Red Sox are only hanging around the fringes of the pennant race. If they can’t take 3 of 4 from the Yankees this weekend, they’ll have a very tough climb to get back into the October picture. Still, the tickets are going like hotcakes.

Our partners at TiqIQ have put together the following graphic to show where ticket prices are today. Even though the Red Sox are hurting and limping along, this series’ average resale price is still 20 percent above season levels. Take a peek at the graphic below, and make sure to check out RAB Tickets for more pricing information and game needs.

Picking on someone your own size

Fans of the Red Sox and the Yankees often debate over which team has more tolerant fans. This story is one for the Yanks. According to reports out of Baldwinsville, a town of 7000 in Onondaga County near Syracuse, a fourth grade student was forced by his teacher to turn his CC Sabathia shirt inside out because the teacher is a Red Sox fan. While Peter Addabbo’s classroom is decorated with Red Sox memorabilia, the nine-year-old at first thought his teacher was kidding but quickly learned that the request was a serious one. Other students mocked Nate Johns for his inside-out shirt, and the school’s principal is now investigating the incident. You stay classy, Red Sox fans.