If theirs one thin I know about da Yankz, and Iz know lotz about da Yankz, iz dat Joe Girardi is a PANSY!!!!!! Hiz playerz, man, they QUIT on him, man. They just go up their and laugh it up, cuz dey get millionz of $$$$$ ta do whateva dey want. Whateva, I do what I want! loL hahahahaah Remember that from South Park? Hiiiizzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy

First off, Wang sucks. 3 runs? Da yanks cant’ score 3 runs. Itz unacceptables. Dey need to DFA him yesterday. Put Hughz in his spot. Hughz rox! He made da bravez look like suckaaaaaasssss!!!!!! Den, to take Hughz spot in da pen, you gotta go to Jober. Bruney in da 7th, Jober in da 8th, Mo in da 9th, boom. Game over. Oh, and fire Eiland. He messes everywhun up.

And when will peepl realize dat Jorge is no good? Yeah, he’z got 4 RINGS, but he’z an old fart now. Let Cervelli catch! He’s so energetic. he’z even almost as good as Jorge, counting hiz defense. And DFA Matsui, bring back SHELLY! He’ll spark da Yankez offense!

But most of all, fire Giardi. A-Rod an CC already hatez him, and hes THE WORST at managin da bullpen. Wit Jober in da pen and BOBBY V managin dis team, theyr goin all da way!