Sabathia close to throwing off mound, says knee has “been feeling great”

2014 Season Review: When Speed Doesn't Equal Good Base-Running
Monday Night Open Thread

Via George King: CC Sabathia is close to throwing off a mound as he rehabs from surgery and stem cell treatment on his right knee. “I will play catch at 90 feet for three or four days and then go to 120 feet and after that probably get off a mound,” he said following the end of the season last weekend. “It feels good after the stem cell. It’s been feeling great. I am definitely coming back.”

Sabathia, 34, was limited to eight starts and 46 innings (5.28 ERA and 4.78 FIP) because of knee problems this year. He says he’s anxious to pitch after missing almost the entire season — “Having almost a year off has gotten the fire back in me. Having baseball taken away from me stunk. I am excited to get going,” he said — but the Yankees have to assume Sabathia can give them nothing in 2015. If he comes back and pitches well, great. But they have to prepare for the worst case scenario, which means adding pitching depth and maybe penciling Shane Greene into the sixth starter’s spot rather than the number five.

2014 Season Review: When Speed Doesn't Equal Good Base-Running
Monday Night Open Thread
  • UltimateYankeeFan

    Anything the Yankees can get from CC in 2015 is gravy at this point in my opinion. We’ll see

    • dave_8

      I doubt CC will give up his gravy.

  • The Shanesaw

    Good progress. Hopefully he will be good for Spring Training.

  • Game 3

    Fingers crossed.

  • Cheapness Smithy

    He’s going to be like Mussina in 2008, coming back from 2007.

    • Canarsie Yankee

      We can all hope.

    • Joe Crash

      Hahaha. Le’ts be realistic, more like a number 4-5 starter.

  • Jon Coley

    Did CC ever say he was feeling bad? I think CC had a honesty problem and never disclosed how he was really feeling which may have lead to bigger injury problems.

    • vicki

      it’s epidemic among non-pavano major league baseball players.

      • Canarsie Yankee

        Pretty sure Teixeira sprained his nose hairs this year.

        • vicki

          i backspaced to erase teixeira before going with pavano. trying to stay sunny about the present state of affairs.

      • Mickey Scheister

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    • Mandy Stankiewicz

      He did the same with his elbow in ’12

  • Canarsie Yankee

    Sabathia gets the winner of the next Teixeira/McCann waddle-off.

  • Michael Pineddarda

    If anything CC should be penciled into the 6th starter slot, not Greene. Greene was fantastic last season and you might say he can’t keep it up. Maybe not, but if he pitches better than a 5 ERA he’s doing better than CC. Tanaka, Pineda, McCarthy, Phelps, Greene all better than CC. 40 year old Kuroda is better too and throws harder.

    • gageagainstthemachine

      Me thinks that was supposed to be written the other way in Mike’s post. At least I assume that was what he meant to say. Greene 5th, CC 6th…

  • Yankee Trader

    I’m glad he’s feeling great. Now if he could just add back those precious MPH’s he lost on is fastball.

    I know these numbers for 2014 are small, but he actually did worse at home in 2014..

    • Canarsie Yankee

      The velocity is likely gone for good. It certainly won’t be the serious heat he had earlier in his career. And that can be fine, if he can get outs other ways. He’s left-handed. Left-handers pretty much only have to stand upright to get a job.

  • YankeeBill

    He won’t be the CC of 2009-2012, but he also like won’t be the batting practice pitcher we saw for a lot of 2013 and 2014. A serviceable innings eating 4th or 5th starter wouldn’t be bad. Assuming Tanaka, Pineda and McCarthy (if he stays) take the first three spots. Greene will probably start the year as the 4 or 5 and if he falters, Nova should be ready to step in by May.

    • UltimateYankeeFan

      I’m not sure why you would put faith in Nova. He’s been the model of inconsistency during his tenure with the Yankees and now he’s rehabbing from TJS. In my opinion he’s less of a sure thing then anyone else. Personally I’d give Bryan Mtchell a shot before I’d count on anything from Nova.

    • Leftylarry

      nobody knows anything about CC, way to early.
      I’ve had knee issues and if you back off they always get better, even feel perfect then you push it, wake up the next day and you’re back to square one.
      Nobody knows.

    • Eric Buser

      Your nuts… CC will end up being the long man out of the pen next year.

      • Scott

        No way in hell CC is pitching out of the pen. The guy had an elbow problem in 2013 and a degenerative knee problem in 2014. He didn’t forget how to pitch. He is no longer a staff ace, and probably not a #3 but he’ll be the 4th best pitcher on the staff.
        If not, he’ll be on the DL again, but he won’t go to the pen.

  • UltimateYankeeFan

    My guess right now is that once Hal get Cashman to agree on a contract. The choice of signing an additional starting pitcher comes down to McCarthy OR Liriano. I’d love for them to sign both but I think it’s one or the other.

    • Yankee Trader

      Has there been a rumor that the Yankees are interested in the lefty, Liriano?

      • UltimateYankeeFan

        Not that I’ve seen. But Liriano is a FA he probably won’t get a QO and with CC the only starting Lefty pitcher and all the uncertainty surrounding him they would be foolish not to a least be thinking about another lefty (other than Lester).

        • Yankee Trader

          Liriano was pretty dominating after the ASB. I’m interested.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        It’s all yours to start.

        “Sources close to Yankee Trader say the Yankees may be interested in Francisco Liriano this off-season.”

  • Hankflorida

    My take on CC is that he becomes a 2015 version of Al Leiter after he lost his fastball and never gives in to the hitter so he is gone by the sixth because of the high pitch count. That is one good reason to have an eight man bullpen with five starters.

  • Pete22

    The worst case scenario is actually the most probable scenario. CC has proven he can not be trusted when asked about his health. I disregard anything he says and count on nothing from him. Hopefully the Yankees wil do the same.

    If he comes back and pitches well, that’s great, but I think his only hope to be productive is a shift to the pen

    • Yankee Trader

      Gotta run, but I would think the Yankees have a pretty good idea of the condition of the right knee. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the left knee has degenerative arthritis also. Can only hope that he can pitch thru the discomfort, and be effective.

  • tomingeorgia

    There are no human being here. with hopes, only naysayers.

    • Canarsie Yankee

      We hope to depress.

    • Havok9120

      Are you really prepared to argue that the proportion of naysayers and malcontents was lower on LoHud?

  • HoopDreams

    Uhhhh, don’t you mean, if CC struggled. Greene would be penciled into the 5th spot?

  • Deep Thoughts

    Whateva. Isn’t it a few months too early for this sort of story?

  • Marshall Brown

    Six man rotation and a deep bullpen FTW! Tanaka, PIneda, CC, Nova, McCarthy, Green, and with Phelps as back up as well, too many fragile pitchers here. Keep them healthy, rested, and keep that bullpen strong. Warren, Lindgren, Betances, DRob. Sign Andrew Miller. The whole trend is toward specialization with everyone loading up on power bullpen arms. What if the Yankees took the next logical step and went six deep plus a bullpen seven deep? Face it, we gotta try something to gain what edge we have — a lot of arms.

    Once again, a healthy Sabathia (and health generally) could really shift the Yankee’s fortunes. Offense in baseball is now down to 1972 levels. If this is now a pitching era, then let’s double down on why its a pitching era and really spread out the workload a little more so that we see more quality pitches.

    • Scott

      six man rotation, deep pen. Two man bench. That’ll play….

      • Marshall Brown

        I counted six starters and six relievers. That leaves 13 for the remaining 8 position players plus DH. That leaves a 4 person bench — fourth outfielder, second catcher, two INFs and hope that the DH can do some spot fielding duty. That plays.

  • ropeadope1

    Tony still has the pipes. He’s 88 years old!

    • Mick

      Did he make up a new version of God Bless America?

      • ropeadope1

        Believe it was the standard version. Hope I can sing like that at 88. Heck, I’ll settle for just being around at 88.

  • Literally Figurative

    I’m not ready to give up on CC yet. He is smart and showed at times he could be decent with less stuff. Having that as the #5 starter isn’t bad st all. Trust the SP depth and improve the offense and bullpen

  • tomingeorgia

    blae, did you did another place to go?

  • tomingeorgia

    MTU, have you found another place to go?

    • Mick

      You sound like you want to go somewhere else Mr Tom.

      • tomingeorgia

        mr. mick,
        Sure do. This place may be safe, but it’s boring as hell.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Not that I really care whether you find this site boring or not but, if you guys actually are so tight that you need to travel in packs, don’t you have another medium in which to discuss this? Do you have each other’s emails? FB friends? Phone numbers? That didn’t get leaked online during The Great Candy Event?

    • Dalek Jeter

      If we’re too boring make your own page?

  • Bob(bobby) M.

    boring to some degree because the Yankees aren’t in the post season and there’s been a lot of speculation about the off season and you could only talk about who the FO should pick up and not pick for next season and reflect on the past season and after a while it becomes somewhat repetitive and redundant because no one really knows what management will do. First of all they have to sign the GM I guess before anything else happens

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    It’s so boring around here! I have no life!!

  • Mississippi Doc

    CC is not reliable about his health. And how sure is anyone that there will be a healthy and productive Tanaka, Pineda, or Nova? Given our recent experience, I would expect 2 of the three to get hit by falling meteors. Why is everyone so down on Lester. We haven’t even heard what the price is going to be. And we would not lose a draft choice. I’m interested in a healthy ace pitcher, esp. a LH SP, until the price is unreasonable.

    • Preston

      Lester’s price is going to be very high, whether it is unreasonable or not will be a matter of opinion (I promise plenty of people will view it as an overpay). And pitchers are healthy until they aren’t. Sabathia looked like a great bet to be able to pitch until he was 45 when he was Lester’s age. Instead it’s questionable that he’ll ever be a positive contributor on an MLB team again, and he’s only 34. Pursuing Lester is fine, but pretending that doing so guarantees his health or production going forward isn’t thinking objectively.

  • mrbulkyc

    I think people are down on Lester because of that awful pressure game he pitched and some crazy team is going to offer him a ten yr deal

  • Eric Buser

    I’ve heard this crap before…. weight loss, bone spurs, etc… Now his knee is AMAZING. Expect nothing from him till he proves us wrong!

  • Eric Buser

    “Having almost a year off has gotten the fire back in me. Having baseball taken away from me stunk. I am excited to get going,”

    – Getting paid 25 million must not of motivated him enough

  • Septhinox

    Great, the knee is healthy. He still sucks these days.

  • TB

    He should get around 2 years out of his knee if this procedure worked. Usually its more but considering his weight and the workload for a starting pitcher that’s my estimation… I do think if this worked u will see increased velocity. When u cant drive your legs properly it will reduce velocity in a big way…

  • Ramondo A Stallings

    I feel like he’s being saying that he feels great every year then he stinks it up!

    • Canarsie Yankee

      There was no need to ask how he felt when he was an ace.

  • UnKnown

    Little early for the BSOML talk no…

    All this crap every year how they all feel great and then by May they’re all on the shelf. Bunch of over paid babies.

    • Ramondo A Stallings