2017 Winter Meetings Open Thread: Monday

2017-winter-meetingsSo this offseason went from boring to crazy in a hurry, huh? After weeks of inactivity, Shohei Ohtani signed with the Angels and the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton (!!!) in the span of 48 hours. Just like that, the two most intriguing storylines of the offseason were resolved. Ohtani is an Angel and Stanton will be mashing dingers in the Bronx.

That doesn’t mean the Winter Meetings will be boring this week, of course. There are still plenty of quality free agents on the board — nearly every top free agent remains unsigned — plus surprise trade candidates always emerge. The Stanton trade is all but certain to be the Yankees’ biggest move of the offseason. They do still need some pitching though, and possibly a second baseman.

“I do think that the future is bright. We’ve got a lot of good stuff that is already in place, and we’ve got more good stuff coming. I thought everybody got a chance to see that on the baseball stage this year play out. It has a chance to play out that way even further in the future. I don’t think there is a lot for us to have to do. I think we’re going to be patient, and we’re going to be diligent,” said Brian Cashman to Bryan Hoch, barely three days before the Stanton trade.

Stanton will be introduced at a 2pm ET press conference this afternoon, which I assume will be on MLB Network and MLB.com. Now that the Winter Meetings are underway, we’re going to keep track of all the day’s Yankees-related rumors right here. I honestly don’t know what to expect in the wake of the Stanton trade. The Yankees could very easily sit back and let the market come to them now. We’ll see. Make sure you check back often for updates throughout the day. All timestamps are ET.

  • 2:37pm: Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees talked to the Marlins about Stanton at the GM Meetings a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until they lost out on Shohei Ohtani that they pursued him seriously. [Bryan Hoch]
  • 2:01pm: The Yankees are interested in Gerrit Cole, their 2008 first round pick. The “initial impression” is the Pirates are not trading him, however. [Heyman]
  • 10:57am: The Stanton trade is official. The Yankees made the announcement this morning. Here’s the press release. The trade is as reported: Stanton and cash for Starlin Castro, Jorge Guzman, and Jose Devers.
  • 10:30am: The Angels and CC Sabathia have had contract talks. Sabathia said many times he wants to remain with the Yankees, so maybe he’s using the Angels for leverage? [George King]
  • 10:30am: The Yankees are continuing to weigh Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley trade options. Ellsbury has a no-trade clause and apparently wants to stay in New York. The Yankees are said to be willing to eat half the $68M left on his contract to facilitate a deal. [Jon Heyman]
  • 10:30am: The Marlins initially asked for Justus Sheffield, Chance Adams, or Estevan Florial in Stanton trade talks. They settled for Jorge Guzman and Jose Devers. [Heyman]

(Reminder: Your trade proposal sucks.)

Weekend Open Thread

The Shohei Ohtani saga is already over. After being posted last Friday, Ohtani agreed to sign with the Angels earlier today. GM Billy Eppler, formerly Brian Cashman‘s right-hand man, reeled in the biggest fish of the offseason. If nothing else, adding Ohtani to Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons will make the Angels extremely watchable next season. Anyway, I have some links to check out this weekend:

Friday: Here is tonight’s open thread. The (hockey) Rangers and Devils are both playing, plus there’s some college basketball on as well. Talk about those games, Ohtani signing with the Angels, or anything else here. Just not religion or politics, please.

Saturday: So, that was quite a day, huh? Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee. Or will be once the trade is made official. Pretty cool. Anyway, this is the open thread again. All the local hockey and basketball teams are in action, plus there is plenty of college basketball on the schedule as well. You know how these things work now, so have at it.

Sunday: This is the open thread for the final time. The Knicks are playing tonight, plus there’s all the day’s NFL and college basketball action as well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thursday Night Open Thread

Another lukewarm day on the hot stove. The Cubs signed Tyler Chatwood (three years, $38M), which is fine. Chatwood is one of those guys who was underrated coming into the winter and quickly got overrated once everyone caught on. Also, the Mariners traded for Dee Gordon and will make him a center fielder for some reason. Huh. The Yankees weren’t connected to either Chatwood or Gordon at any point. Whatevs.

Here is an open thread for the night. The Saints and Falcons are the Thursday night NFL game, plus the Islanders and Nets are playing. That’s about it. Talk about anything here as long as it is not religion or politics. Thanks in advance.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

Earlier today the Yankees introduced Aaron Boone as their new manager at a press conference at Yankee Stadium. The video is above. Boone definitely seemed a little nervous at the podium, but when he met with a smaller group of media later, he was much more comfortable and outgoing. He’s a funny guy. He also talked about being able to pick the brains of all 30 managers over the years while at ESPN. I thought that was interesting. Anyway, the Yankees officially have their new manager. Now it’s on to the rest of the offseason.

Here is an open thread for the night. The Knicks are playing and there’s some college hoops on the schedule too. Talk about those games, the Boone press conference, or anything else here that isn’t religion or politics. Have at it.

Tuesday Night Open Thread

Happy Didi Day. Three years ago today Brian Cashman made one of his very best trades, sending Shane Greene to the Tigers to get Didi Gregorius from the Diamondbacks. Since the trade, Gregorius ranks seventh among all shortstops in WAR and third in homers, behind only Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor. What a trade. Oh, and later that day, the Yankees signed Andrew Miller. December 5th, 2014 turned out to be a pretty significant day in Yankeeland.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The three local hockey teams are playing, plus there’s a bunch of college basketball on as well. Talk about those games, the Didi trade, the Miller signing, or anything else here as long as it’s not politics or religion.

Monday Night Open Thread

So that was a fairly busy baseball weekend, huh? In the span of three days Shohei Ohtani was posted, the Yankees picked a new manager, and Ohtani rejected the Yankees. The team’s two most important pieces of offseason business resolved themselves in a 48 hour window, basically. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the rest of the offseason will be boring. That would suck.

Anyway, here is an open thread for the night. Steelers vs. Bengals is the Monday Night Football game, plus the Knicks, Nets, and Islanders are playing, and there’s some college basketball on as well. Talk about those games or anything else here, as long as it’s not politics or religion.

Weekend Open Thread

TGIF. Seriously. I’m glad this week is over. There was actually some baseball news today — Shohei Ohtani was posted and Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees are done interviewing managerial candidates, most notably — so that’s good. This offseason is beyond the “huh, things are slow” point and crossed over into “okay seriously something needs to happen because I’m going through withdrawals here” territory. Maybe someone interesting will get non-tendered tonight. We’ll see.

Friday: Here is an open thread for the evening. The three local hockey teams are playing and there’s some college basketball on the schedule as well. Talk about anything here that isn’t religion or politics.

Saturday: This is the open thread again. The Nets and Devils are both playing, plus there’s all the day’s college football and college basketball action. Have at it.

Sunday: This is the open thread for one last time. The Knicks are playing, there’s a bunch of college basketball, and of course there is all the day’s NFL action. Go nuts.