Girardi following in the footsteps of Mel Hall

When Joe Girardi is formally announced today as the Yankee manager, he will don number 27. Why 27? Because he wants to win the franchise’s 27th World Championship and will literally carry that chip around on his shoulder. The number 27 has a rather unglorious history in New York. But fan favorite Mel Hall wore it during a stretch that seems that it was generations ago.

Joe Girardi will crush you with his legs

Christening our new Joe Girardi category, let me present to you news from Dan Shanoff’s Quickie. Shanoff, a Northwestern alum like Girardi, shares an interesting story:

In the football weight room, where all athletes worked out … there are lists of weightlifting records, and the only non-football player ANYWHERE was in the squat, where Girardi was the all-time king.

So there you have it; all five feet, eleven inches of Joe Girardi, the new Yankee manager, could out-bench NU football players. Look out, Jason Giambi.