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    Clemens never feared greatness


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    Peter Gammons who’s a Redsox homer praise Clemens greatness . Also He talks about Redsox young rotation with their young pitchers who always wanted to be great.

    [QUOTE]Pedro Martinez always wanted to be great, but Mike Mussina, who is a borderline Cooperstown candidate, never did. Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter care about greatness, but Ted Lilly? Probably not in his nature, although he is very good. Kerry Wood? Yes, but he’s had physical problems. Mark Prior? Not so sure, physical problems or not. Johan Santana? No doubt.

    Can we see it in young pitchers? “We’d like to think so,” says Farrell. “I think we may have some here with the Red Sox.”

    He sees the fire that’s driven Daisuke Matsuzaka since he was in high school. He sees it in Josh Beckett, embarrassed by a 5.01 ERA as he works on his changeup to move hitters’ feet and his two-seamer to alter eye level. Farrell sees it in Jonathan Papelbon, and believes Jon Lester may have the greatest drive of them all. [/QUOTE]

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