Heyman: Yankees hire Eric Chavez as special assignment scout

2014 Season Review: The Obligatory Lefties
Badler: Second baseman Andy Ibanez leaves Cuba

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees have hired former infielder Eric Chavez as a special assignment scout. He’s always said he wanted to continue working in baseball once his playing career was over, and he’s remained close with GM Brian Cashman and assistant GM Billy Eppler. Chavez retired this July after battling injuries with the Diamondbacks. Heyman says it’s unclear if Chavez pursued any coaching jobs this offseason or if the Yankees considered him for their hitting coach vacancy.

2014 Season Review: The Obligatory Lefties
Badler: Second baseman Andy Ibanez leaves Cuba
  • hansdee

    At the very least, he didn’t turn them down.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Well, not this time anyway. Still not thrilled with how he left us with Youk, Nixie, and Travis Hafner at 3B/DH in 2013.

  • kikojones

    Welcome aboard, EC.

  • The Way Of Gardner

    Nice guy.

    Serious question guys.
    How come when there is talk of ‘what would it take to get so and so prospect from this or that team’ the yanks always have to give up like 4 prospects for just the one prospect on the other team?

    I swear i’ve heard things like owings for judge/murphy. and people say ‘not enough to get it done’.

    ive seen that A LOT over the years.
    Why are everyone else’s major league unproven top 15 prospects demand multiple prospects in Yankee trade scenarios, but never in reverse?

    • http://www.google.com/ Tanuki Tanaka

      Everyone hypes their own prospects and nobody wants to sell low unless they have to. That’s part of the answer. I’m not so sure about the other parts.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Prospect for prospect deals are unheard of. If you want to get someone’s prized chip away from them, you are going to pay through the nose. That applies to any team.

  • YankeeFan™

    Always Like Chavez Specially His Last Season In The Bronx I Believe He Hit 16 HR.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    He mentioned last season he wanted to coach in the future. This might be his first step in. Welcome back, Eric.

  • blake

    I like it

  • JacobyWanKenobi

    I hope he doesn’t… back out.

    • Looser Trader FotD™


  • blake

    I hope lord voldemort takes the hitting coach job too

  • bigdan

    QO to Drob. No word yet on Kuroda.

    • Pete22

      That should be automatic unless they want to move on from him. If Kuroda wants to play 1 more year, he would be forced to play for the Yankees with a QO. Without the QO he probably goes to a team on the WC. Either way, the Yankees would not be getting a draft pick

  • RetroRob

    They might have approached him about the hitting coach position, but he might not be up to that level of commitment. He liked being in Arizona because it’s near his home. This position from the Yankees basically would allow him to transition into coaching, yet stay based in Arizona, traveling as the Yankees require him for prospect evaluations and meetings. Of course, I just made up what’s going on inside of Chavez’s head and the Yankees front office. : -)

  • TB

    Well I assume they will probably use him to scout teams on the west coast

  • http://www.google.com/ Tanuki Tanaka

    Scouts are like boxes of chocolates. The more the merrier.

  • dave_8

    Hey Eric, step in the cage while you’re here, take some swings, then some ground balls at 3rd. “Why?” you say? Oh, no reason

  • Pete22

    He could probably hit as a DH

    if an opening comes up in mid season. Stay in shape Eric.

  • Throwstrikes

    special assignment scout = working out with Arod until Spring Training.

  • Whatever

    Eric Chavez is a badass.