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Michael Axisa
One of two Yankees fans stuck in a family of Mets fans, Mike started writing about baseball as a hobby in early 2006, covering mostly minor league prospects and the draft. He steered towards the Bombers with some help from his grandfather, but it wasn’t until the days of Danny Tartabull and Jim Abbott that casual fandom became an obsession. Trips to the Stadium had more meaning, Old Timer’s Day was the coolest thing in the world, and the emotional roller coaster of 1995 and 1996 were just the start. Mike can also be found at MLB Trade Rumors, FanGraphs, RotoGraphs, and on rare occasions, Blue Seat Blogs. You can follow him on Twitter at @mikeaxisa.

Benjamin Kabak
Ben likes to say he was born in a Yankee hat, and his parents’ earliest photographs of him lend an air of truth to this tale. A devout fan for decades, Ben started writing on the Internet about baseball in late 2003. He, along with three friends, started a now-defunct site called Talking Baseball. He later moved to the Most Valuable Network and covered the Yankees at Off The Facade until early 2007 when RAB was born. A 2005 graduate of Swarthmore College, Ben spends his days as a lawyer and also writes about the subways at Second Ave. Sagas. You can find him on Twitter at @bkabak.

Joseph Pawlikowksi
Joe owes his love of baseball to his dad. It started early in life, when there was one TV in the house and the Yankees game was on every night. That led to baseball cards, Stadium trips, and resulted in all-out fandom. Later, in 2004, he rekindled Joe’s love for baseball when he called and asked, “Do you read a website called The Hardball Times?” It didn’t take long to get hooked, and Joe has been writing about baseball ever since. You can find him on Twitter at @joepawl.

Larry Koestler
Larry is a lifelong Yankee fan obsessed with advanced baseball statistical analysis. He grew up idolizing Don Mattingly, and his Yankee fandom was passed down from his Mickey Mantle-worshipping dad and cemented when the team was terrible in the late ’80s. Larry’s first online Yankee writing venture was a one-off blog devoted to Saving Phil Hughes back in 2007. Two years later Larry launched Yankeeist, then he co-managed The Yankee Analysts in February 2011 before joining RAB in October 2011. Larry’s work has frequently been highlighted by major national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Craig Calcaterra’s Hardball Talk blog on NBCsports.com, New York Magazine and the hugely influential Baseball Prospectus and Hardball Times among many others. You can follow him on Twitter at @Larry_Koestler.

Moshe Mandel
When he isn’t running after his three little girls, Moshe is an obsessed Yankees fan with a Twitter addiction. His fandom first took root in 1994, and continued to grow until it exploded onto the internet in late 2007. Moshe wrote for MVN’s The Bronx Block for 8 months before starting his own site, The Yankee Universe, with two fellow fans. The site soon changed its name to The Yankee U after a brief legal snafu with the Yankees, and subsequently merged with Larry Koestler’s Yankeeist and became The Yankee Analysts. Moshe joined RAB in October of 2011. In his other life, he is a lawyer, husband, and father. You can follow him on Twitter at @MosheRAB.