Papelbon to the rotation…NOT!!!


So now the Sawx pen will blow all those leads in the 8th instead of the ninth.

That sound you hear is Peter Gammons scurrying to his keyboard to write about how this makes the Sawx unbeatable. Either that or Paps rotator cuff and labrum beginning to tear…

Update by Ben: While ESPN’s Spring Training broadcast may have broken the news, guess who was hard at work blogging about Paps’ return to the ‘pen? Who needs the reporters when we’ve got the players blogging?

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  • Eric Schultz

    So who takes his spot in the rotation then? Lester? This gives the Sox another question mark in the rotation, which I’m happy about.

  • Mike A.

    Rumor has it that Tavarez gets pushed into the rotation. Ha!

  • b/c

    Yes, so much for the 4 aces plan.

  • Joseph P.

    I think the four aces plan existed only in the mind of Peter Gammons.

  • Malcard89

    I think we’re taking this somewhat lightly, because im pretty worried (my baseball nature being pessimistic). they have their lights out closer now, who may get injured but will do a hell of a job whenever he is in the game, and if lester is in the rotation (who was once a top 10 SP prospect, right mike?) in place of papelbon, this rotation could be devastating, gammons love affair with the team set aside. my advice: dont get cocky yet people!

  • Mike A.

    I can’t see Lester having a great year, the cancer had to take something out of him. At the very least, he’ll tire the second half.

    Who’s to say Paps will be that good again? It was 4 months of dominance, not 4 years. Only 4 teams in baseball have the same closer today that they did 2 years ago (Yanks, Twins, Padres, Cards), and that’s no accident.

  • yankz

    The Yankees have had the same closer for a decade. Yep, Mariano’s Zeus or something.

  • Malcard89

    4 months it was, but cmon, we saw the way papelbon threw throughout the year, blazing heat and an excellent assortment of pitches. tru that he’s a sophomore this year, but wat would u HONESTLY rather bet on, him having a 4.70 era or a 2.60? i would assume the latter, he’s always had that talent. this doesnt make the red sox a whole lot better, because now our back end of the rotation is most likely better than theirs (unless lester pitches to his potential), but they do at least have a decent bullpen option now in close games.