Baseball Gods rain down on Yankees

Jim Callis on the Hughes call-up
Down on the Farm

I’m sure everyone has heard that tonight’s game is a washout. No, they won’t play a doubleheader tomorrow.

This, of course, is great news. And it extends beyond the fact that I still get to see Phil Hughes pitch tomorrow night.

First, it allows Andy Pettitte to move back to Friday’s start against the Red Sox. Instead of Karstens – Igawa – Wang, the rotation is now Pettitte – Igawa/Karstens (hopefully Karstens) – Wang. They’ll be lined up against Matsuzaka – Wakefield – Tavarez. I definitely like the Yankees chances better under this scenario. If the Yanks can pull a repeat performance on Matsuzaka, well, let’s just say that Pettitte won’t be giving up four straight bombs.

The news gets better, though. The game being rained out means that the Yankees bullpen gets a freakin’ full day off! Woo hoo! If Hughes can go six tomorrow, the pen should be decently rested for the weekend series — which will be followed by an off day. And, if the Yankees tee off on Burnett, we can just bring in this guy

and continue resting the guys in the bullpen who, given proper rest, can actually shut down the opposing team in a big spot.

On Monday, when Hughes’s start was announced, Mike immediately informed me that rain was in the forecast. It worried me for a second, until I realized that weathermen are as good at predicting the weather as Orestes Destrade is at predicting the baseball season.

Of course, when weathermen make these predictions, they don’t factor in the will of the Baseball Gods. For if they did, they would have known that it wouldn’t rain on Thursday, the Major League debut of Phil Franchise.

The Yankees needed two things immediately: some rest for the bullpen and a sweep against Boston. Today’s rain facilitates those needs. The Baseball Gods are smiling upon our New York Yankees.

Jim Callis on the Hughes call-up
Down on the Farm
  • Joseph P.

    For the record, I know my Photoshop skills are very amateurish. But I wasn’t going to waste more than 10 minutes pasting Mike Myers’s head on the Janitor from Scrubs’s body.

  • Mike Gay Myers

    Deleted by RAB Administration

    No, no, no.

    Please don’t comment with what people are saying on Sons of Sam Horn. No point. And we don’t care.

  • ShawnT

    what luck, hope they pitch karstens in stead of dumb ass igawa, on saturday. Ortiz vs. Igawa now thats a scarry thought

  • John

    Why Karstens over Igawa? Yes, Igawa has been terrible in his 4 career MLB starts. (13:9 K:B, 24H in 20.2IP) But Karstens has been terrible in 7 MLB starts and 2 relief appearances. (17:13 K:B, 49H in 47IP). On the chance Igawa can avoid walking the park his ability to strike people out would seem an advantage.

  • Joseph P.

    The main reason I favor Karstens over Igawa is this haunting mental image I get of Igawa leaving a changeup high for Manny Ramirez. I’m sure you can figure out how that one ends.

  • NYFan50

    I don’t think that one ever ends. They might be able to follow the flight path of the ball with the Hubble.

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