Devil Rays 10, Yanks 8


Player WPA Pitcher WPA
Giambi .240 Myers .027
Alex .226 Mo .003
Phelps .139 Bean -.038
Cano .125 Vizcaino -.065
Jeter -.023 Bruney -.087
Matsui -.028 Igawa -.440
Damon -.058
Abreu -.098
Melky -.178
Posada -.246

This is the type of game where the WPA is interesting — though highly discouraging. The Yanks may have lost by a mere two runs, but it was a struggle to make it even that close. It was Giambi, Alex, Phelps, and Cano vs. the rest of the team. It’s not often that you see a positive WPA from hitters in a losing effort. But, that’s just how bad Kei Igawa is, and how overworked our bullpen has become.

Honestly, does anyone want to relive last night via recap? I know I don’t. I can only type “Igawa” so many times before rage overcomes me. In fact, the only thing worse than thinking about his performance last night is thinking about his Saturday start against the Red Sox. If they teed off on Chase Wright, they’re going to run amok on Igawa. Thankfully, help is on the way.

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