Josh Beckett sucks at something else besides pitching

An in-house rotation fix
It was a good idea, in theory

Seriously, how many people are going to keep calling this guy an ace before they open their eyes? Anyways…

And speaking of the Reebok party, Red Sox hurler Josh Beckett had eight strikeouts earlier in the day at Fenway. But unfortunately his K-streak continued at Underbar, where one striking young redhead didn’t buy his pitch!

We hear Beckett homed in on the party gal and opened with his best line: “Hey, you.” Blown away by his sparkling repartee, Big Red responded by saying “hi,” and then walked away.

“She knew who he was, but she’s from Michigan and doesn’t have the hero worship for the Red Sox,” said our spy on the scene. “Plus she doesn’t care about him being a pro athlete.”

“He then comes up to her again – now on the other side of the bar – and starts whispering sweet nothings into her ear,” said our source. “She can’t really figure out what he’s saying, so she says, ‘Great game today. Congratulations.”

He responds with “Huh?” So she repeats it. And receives yet another, “Huh?”

“You. Pitched. A. Great. Game,” she said.

His response: “Are you wasted?” Her response: “No, I just got here.”

“He then looked at her funny and wandered off,” said our source.

“Hey baby, are your parents retarded? Cause you’re a pretty special girl” might have worked better. Maybe Beckett should stick to what David Ortiz does best and…ahem…bring men home.

(hat tip to The Feed)

An in-house rotation fix
It was a good idea, in theory