Yanks roll again, 9-2

Down on the Farm
Quick! Pull the plug

Player WPA pLI Pitcher WPA pLI
Jeter .151 0.65 Igawa .054 0.94
Giambi .132 0.58 Proctor .006 0.11
Abreu .094 0.61 Henn .004 0.04
Phelps .084 0.53 Britton .001 0.04
Damon .067 0.67
Cano .031 0.67
Cairo .000 0.01
KT .000 0.02
Posada -.015 0.63
Melky -.052 0.54
Alex -.056 0.83

You just gotta love these offensive romps. You also have to wish they could do this night in and night out, but hey, we’ll take it when we can get it. We’ll also take that pitching performance from Igawa every time, though we know he’s not going to deliver it.

As one of Igawa’s most vocal detractors, I have to say that he was rather impressive last night. He threw 92 pitches through six innings, 62 for strikes, which really makes me wonder why he didn’t come out for the seventh inning. You knew Henn and Britton were throwing the 8th and 9th, so was it Joe’s and Gator’s concern for Igawa’s confidence (get him out while he’s ahead), or was it Joe’s compulsory use of Scott Proctor?

Yeah, I’m going to bring it up, even though my intention is not to kill the buzz of another win. I just don’t get it: with another game against Cleveland and three against Boston in the offing, why does Joe have to go to Proctor? The dude pitched in five straight games last week, and has pitched in nine of the Yankees 13 games this season. An extra day off is only going to help him at this point. Some of my angst will subside if he’s not available for work today — but I’m not sure Joe has ever strung together the words “Scott Proctor is not available today.”

The good news is that he hasn’t allowed a hit in his last three appearances (3.2 innings), hasn’t allowed a run in his past five, and his walk last night was his first in four outings. He’s starting to hit a groove, and I just don’t want him being overused and burned out.

But, if my biggest complaint about a game is the use of Proctor with a 7-run lead, I think we’re in good shape. All the starters got a hit, and Alex hit yet another bomb (yeah, it was a “tack on,” if there is such thing, but what are you gonna do, tell the guy to stop hitting homers?).

Rasner vs. Fausto Carmona this afternoon. I’ve been worried about our inexperienced pitchers going up against the Cleveland offense, but after looking through their order, they’re nothing to fear, at least at this point. True, their top three — Sizemore, Michaels, and Hafner — are producing, and Ryan Garko has promise at the No. 4 spot. But after that, it’s a mess of guys hitting under .250 (though Peralta and Delucci have decent OBPs).

Here are two batting lines. Name each player:

Player A: .191/.296/.213
Player B: .180/.208/.180

Down on the Farm
Quick! Pull the plug
  • John

    Player A is Manny. I know cause he’s killing my head to head fantasy team. The trifecta of Manny, Pujols, and Miguel Cabrera should have me up to my eyeballs in OPS, RBI, HR, and BA. But I’m in 6th (last) with a long hill to climb up.
    My gut for the second stat was Minky, but then I thought the BA was too high. So with the BoSox matchup this weekend, you’re comparing our LF to theirs.
    Player B is Melky.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Manny is killing one of my fantasy teams too, but you know what? That’s ok because it’s fantasy. I’d much rather see Manny struggling in real baseball and have my fake baseball team suffer as a result.

    Meanwhile, Melky continues to prove why the Yanks should have probably traded him over the winter. I hope I’m wrong about that.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Player A is Manny, B is Melky. The SLG was a giveaway for the Melk-man.

    Here’s another good one: .132-.304-.208

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Speaking of killing fantasy teams, who the hell does Felix think he is getting hurt like that? This kid is supposed to be the King!

    It was funny watching the game, just about the whole team ran out of the dugout to check on him.

  • Ed

    Alex hit a 2 run homerun? How come his win percentage was negative?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    I’ll let Joe explain the math behind it but A-Rod’s WPA was negative yesterday because he hit his home run when the Yanks already had the game in the bag and didn’t deliver earlier with runners on base.

    Today will be a different story though…