Is Bobby Abreu really this bad?

Yanks 6, Rangers 2
Down on the Farm

Yeah, it’s early. Yeah, guys hit slumps. But ask yourself: does it look like Abreu is proactive in changing what’s wrong? He looks lazy at the plate, and he’s completely out of rhythm (i.e., his leg and bat are out of sync, and they don’t even go to a rhythm individually).

And then there’s his fielding habits, which are atrocious. He’s afraid of the wall, and completely lacks the ability to go back for a ball. Today it looked like Jason Giambi could have done a better job in right.

What do you guys think? Is there any way to turn Bobby around? This certainly transcends most slumps.

Yanks 6, Rangers 2
Down on the Farm
  • Stylez

    It’s peculiar, last year was hitting well as the season started but the way he looks at the plate……..He just completely lost all and any confidence. He’s not driving into the ball with momentum, rather he’s laying off of it and swinging lazyly off his back leg. Look in his eyes, they’re dull and blank. No substance, no fire! Say Hi to Melky cabrera your new Right fielder next year!

  • NYFan50

    I wouldn’t bank on Melky as a starter next year. Far more likely the Yankees go after Jones, or even Ichiro and shift Damon to right than see Melky starting.

  • ShawnT

    I feel he doesnt show up at the plate with any confidence. He has a very lasy approach to hitting, and id atleast like to see him get angry when he doesnt hit, he just smiles and walks back to the bench. He needs to show that he actually cares, the Boo BIrds should be startin up real soon

  • Joe Blow

    Rag arm Damon in RF? As if.

  • Joseph M

    I think we have to give Abreu more time. that being said, I will admit to being concerned. If I didn’t know better (and PS I don’t) I might start thinking he shaved a few years off his age. He moves and plays like a player entering the twilight of his career. It also appears the league has caught up to him and he needs to make adjustments. I agree he has looked unsteady in the field all year.

    The team should have gone 5-2 on this homestand, The 4-3 mark against competition like Seattle and Texas makes one wonder if this is not the year the Yankees fail to make the post season.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    It could just be a really bad slump. I dont think he’s finished, and I havent heard anything about him having an attitude issue about this or him being lazy.

    Im not sure whether or not he is working on it with the hitting instructor or if he is trying to go it alone, but I dont think he’s doing nothing. If he had a bad work ethic on this Torre and Mattingly would be aware of it and something would happen.

  • Mike A.

    Bobby looks absolutely lost, this is beyond slumping. The Yanks better cut bait and deal him before his stock drops even more.

    Time to bring in Junior. He’s be PERFECT for the 3-hole…

  • Joe Blow

    No thanks.

    Ken Griffey Jr. of
    9 years/$116.5M (2000-08), plus $16.5M 2009 club option

    * 00-08:$12.5M/year, 09:$16.5M club option ($4M buyout)
    * $57.5M in salary deferred at 4% interest, to be paid 2009-2024, reducing contract’s present-day value at time of signing to between $9.2M and $9.3M annually, according to Reds management sources
    o $5.5M of 2000 salary deferred
    o $6.5M/year of 2001-2008 salaries deferred
    * agent: Brian Goldberg
    * ML service: 18.000

  • John

    Junior has said 10 thousand times he doesn’t want to play for the Yanks. And he’s a walking MASH unit.
    I’ve been thinking about Bobby’s fear of walls and his inability to position himself well on fly balls. I wonder if his preparation doesn’t need a little attention. Is he pacing off the outfields? Does he always know how deep or shallow he’s playing? This could be a lack of focus or focus in the wrong areas (if you’re watching balls and strikes, and let your feet start drifting you can wind up out of position).
    As for his hitting, I have to believe he thinks there’s something wrong. He keeps bunting, as if to say, “I don’t trust my swing.”
    He’d better straighten up soon or the bandwagoners will be giving him the Arod treatment.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    If everyone thinks hes done, maybe send him back to Philly for Pat Burrell whos also slumping…maybe he needs a change of scenery too :)

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