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Return of the Joba
Down on the Farm

Michael Kay just infuriates me. Kyle Farnsworth comes on to pitch the eighth, and Kay says that Farnsworth doesn’t pitch well on back-to-back days.

I bet Michael Kay never looked at Kyle’s game log from last year. If he did, he would see that Farnsworth pitched back-to-back days 14 times last year. In the second of those games, he allowed zero runs. As in not any. Not one. He did get jacked up once when he pitched three games in a row, in the third game. But he did not allow any runs in the second of that set.

Of course, Farnsworth gives up a run on a broken-bat single, a bullshit steal, and a single. He pitched plenty well, but he’s still going to get shit for it. Amazing.

Update: I’m wrong, but not as wrong as Kay. I’ve posted my correction above.

Return of the Joba
Down on the Farm
  • Eric Schultz

    Farnsworth pitched fine, it was that ridiculous call that was the problem (he was out by at least a foot, blind up had a bad angle I guess).

  • Eric Schultz

    whoops, typo, I meant blind ump.

  • Malcard89

    Wat a terrible loss, just unfair. At least Desalvo proved me wrong and pitched his way into the #5 spot. But CMON! Instant replay for the win…

  • Stuart

    Kay does this for a living but still does no research. a typical hack.

    that call was a joke. that is 3 blown games this year; Oakland the Scutaro homer, the Boston disaster, and this…

    17 and 13 instead of 14 and 16..

    I do not mind losing but when a lazy out of position ump misses a call by 2 feet I get really upset. Bang bang calls are one thing this was out by 2 feet minimum………

    what a joke……..

  • adam

    last year on 0 days rest farnsworth pitched 12.1 innings, and gave up 7 earned runs for a 5.11 era. on 1 day rest, he pitched 23.1 innings, and gave up 20 earned runs for a 7.71 era.

    michael kay isn’t the only one who need to do some more research.

    scroll down to the “rest” section:

  • Joseph P.

    I specifically said back to back days. Not three days in a row, not four, and I made no reference to how much rest he got. I actually made a caveat for that. On the second day of back to backs (and not counting third and fourth days in any such sequence), he allowed zero runs.

  • Paul albany

    DeSalvo seems to have a much superior stuff to rasner and would seem to have an edge for 5th starter untill hughes returns