The Yanks are going to win tonight

Down on the Farm
Down on the Farm

Even though the Yanks lost yesterday, there were signs that things are coming back around. If the Yanks can finally pull the bats out of their slump, this team can surely go on a tear. Yeah, you can call he a homer, you can say I’m delusional. To those, I say: fuck you. I don’t watch baseball so I can mope about my team. I watch baseball because there’s only one rule: until you’re mathematically eliminated, anything can happen.

Good Sign No. 1: They scored runs in more than one inning
Usually the Yanks are good for one big inning, and do little the rest of the game. Last night, they scored runs in five different innings. And really, that’s all you can ask for. Seven runs usually gets the job done.

Good Sign No. 2: Everyone hit
One through eight, everyone in the Yankees starting lineup got at least one hit. Everyone from four through eight had both a run scored and an RBI. Only Matsui went without both.

Good Sign No. 3: Only four strikeouts — and one was Viz
Yes, both Alex and Abreu avoided the big K.

Good Sign No. 4: Cano?
He was 1 for 3 Friday and 2 for 5 with a homer yesterday. If his bat is coming back around, it will be a huge boost to the offense.

Good Sigh No. 5: An A-Bomb from A-Rod
That home run was a freakn’ rope. Even when he was hitting ball to the warning track during his hitting drought, they were fly balls, This was the kind of hit we haven’t seen off the bat of Alex in quite a while.

Sure, there’s plenty of bad to take from the game: Farnsworth isn’t pitching well at all, nor is Vizcaino. But the offense didn’t look nearly as flat as it has for the past week or so, and you know it’s going to come around at some point. Why not now?

Clippard vs. Maine tonight. Yeah, Maine may have a disgusting ERA (2.15), but he’s the kind of guy the Yanks should beat up on. He’s allowed 27 walks in 50 1/3 innings (even without a calculator you can see that’s over 4.50 BB/9), and is throwing first pitch strikes only 53% of the time. I think we’re taking this one.

Last 7 Days
Posada: .476/.522/.857
Matsui: .320/.346/.520
Damon: .312/.389/.312
Phelps: .286/.286/.571
Jeter: .273/.385/.409
Cano: .238/.238/.476
Alex: .217/.308/.348
Abreu: .190/.261/.333
Melky: .167/.231/.500
Minky: .125/.222/.250
Giambi: .083/.267/.083

Down on the Farm
Down on the Farm
  • Stuart

    good post god forbid some positive thoughts.. what is the scoop on CLippard???Anyone see him pitch before???

    they need Hughes and Clemens fast…

  • Nwo

    Edited by RAB: Off topic.

  • Julius b

    Off Topic. Just stop already.

  • Stuart

    giambi is no way taking them now. he took them years ago with about 40 % of other hitters and pitchers.

    the story is old already..

  • Rob

    I agree, their were some good signs in yesterdays game, but they still aren’t playing aggressively. This team is so complacent, something that starts at the manager and trickles down to the rest of the team. You would like to see them trying to force the action a bit, as in some steals, some more hit and runs. Enough of waiting around for the 3-run homer, something Torre has been doing for 4 years. Win or lose tonight, it is now more than ever the time to dump Torre. Steinbrenner sitting around on his hands hoping and waiting for the yanks to snap out of their funk is exactly what Torre has been doing with his squad of veteran players who he assumes will come to form. Hand it to Bowa for the remainder of the year, he will change the atmosphere and bring some fire to the position. I don’t think he is the answer for the long haul but they can’t give the job to Mattingly mid-season. I would never, ever route for the Yankees to lose, but I’m at the point of wondering what is it gonna take to send Torre home. Watching this complacent team is hard to do right now. Something has to light a fire under their asses!

  • yankz

    “I watch baseball because there’s only one rule: until you’re mathematically eliminated, anything can happen.”

    Oh hell yes.

    I still have no faith in Cano, however.

  • Rich

    I don’t think the team is complacent or not playing aggressively.

    Friday Damon thrown out trying to reach 2nd on a lead off hit.

    Saturday Cano getting his last error on his throw from his back.

    Maybe poor judgement in play but they were being aggressive. If that’s not “forcing the action” then nothing is.

    I haven’t seen any evidence of lack of hustle either.

  • Chofo

    Thanks for some light at the end of the tunnel

  • dan

    ive seen video of clippard, but not significant live game action outside of spring training. He has a very loose, easy motion, doesn’t muscle the ball or anything like that

  • BudDaddy

    Hells yeah…nothing is going to be sweeter than the tear the Yanks are about to go on- coupled with a Boston COLLAPSE!!! Mets are going down tonight!!!!!!!

  • Barry


  • Joseph P.

    Spoke just a minute too soon, Barry.