Basak it is — but that’s not all

Mo mo. by mo.
If you thought MLB had a great GameTracker...

As was rumored this morning, Chris Basak has gotten the call-up in place of Matt DeSalvo. This gives the Yanks flexibility, as Basak can play all infield positions and the outfield corners.

However, they have also optioned Kevin Thompson back to AAA to make room for the return of Sean Henn. In the Yanks bullpen earlier this year, Henn struggled, walking as many as he struck out (11) and surrendering 10 earned runs in 17.1 IP. He fanned 11 and walked 5 in 12.2 AAA innings, givig up six earned runs. I’m guessing he won’t fare any better this time around.

So that’s still 13 pitchers. I guess they needed it again after last night.

Mo mo. by mo.
If you thought MLB had a great GameTracker...
  • Ben

    But Villone and Vizcaino survive another day.

  • Stuart

    they surivive forever.. I cannot believe why they keep this garbage on the team..

    Maybe Henn stinks but he is 25 yrs old with a glimpse of potential, villone is 37 is he getting better? How about Vizciano?

    the answer is NO….

  • Barry

    Why not give shelley a shot?

  • James Varghese

    I know his BB-SO ratio wasn’t good but before that last blow-up, he didn’t seem to be doing too badly. He was giving up a line of .197 .310 .279 .589 and throwing 60% of his pitches for strikes.

    I’ll take that over Villone any day of the week.