Rivera pitches, 24 hours too late

This is going to be bad
Forget the iPhone

So Mariano Rivera pitched tonight because, according to Kenny Singleton, he “needed work.” But last night, when the Yanks needed a win, Rivera just sat in the bullpen as Scott Proctor imploded. I covered this to death earlier with this post here and this one here, but it’s worth repeating. We have seem terrible bullpen utilization by Joe Torre over and over again this season.

Meanwhile, the lethargic Yankee offense has mustered a two-run home run in 18 innings in Baltimore. So at this point, I have to wonder: Who’s going to be managing the Yankees on Friday when they return home from what would be, at best, a 2-7 road trip against the Orioles, Giants and Rockies? Which brings me to a new poll…

Who will be managing the Yankees come Friday evening?
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This is going to be bad
Forget the iPhone
  • NYFan50

    I’d really be shocked if they fire Torre, despite the terrible season.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Me too. That’s why he’s one of the choices. I certainly don’t expect him back next season though.

  • b/c

    Torre sucks.

    At this point I am looking forward to a Hughes, Wang, Joba, Pettitte, Horne rotation for most of 08 managed by Girardi who has shown what he can do with a young rotation.

  • Stuart


    Mariano will not be overworked this yr. and since he is a FA he is happy about that.

    AROD is putting up great #’s this yr. in his walk yr.

    The Yanks have already sold over 4 mill tickets this yr. that cannot be returned.

    Posada is having a very good yr. also good for hims since he is a FA this yr.

    Only 1 more yr on the farnsworth contract, giambi contract and moose contract after this yr.

    Really what good has happened this season ??? 2 Arod come from behind wins that is about it.

    THe disaster players this yr are; cano, abreu, damon, giambi, moose, farnsworth, vizciano,pavano, igawa, 1B(all of them), myers, the whole bench, and if I was a tougher grader you can add to the list. I did not put Proctor or Melky on the list because they appear to care and play hard…Guys like Matsui have been decent.. If you play decent you stay off the disaster list…………

    So in summary only 4 position players have been total disasters , along with the whole position 1B, the whole bench, 3 starting pitchers and 3 or 4 relievers besides that things are going great….

    This season is a nightmare no way about it, and Britton, ramirez, and DUncan rot in the minore.. we will never know if they are even major league capable…..

  • Rick

    Don’t you think you guys are overreacting over one bad year.

    Does it hurt yes it does no question it does, it’s fucking fustrating but you guys are overreacting over one bad year.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Rick: If it were one bad year, we would be overreacting. It’s been a pattern of identifiably bad managerial decisions since Jeff Weaver lost the 2003 World Series. It’s been long time for a strategist to take over as head of the Yankees. The current one isn’t working.

  • Stuart

    1 bad yr….we still have giambi, moose, and Kyle back for next yr…

    bad………a nightmare………..possible new position players only at 1B, rf, and where else????

    Wang, pettitite, hughes, Moose(Yuck) and who else to start….

    Pen next yr; yeah we have Kyle back…..who else ???

  • C-Note

    This is Bad… and I’m sorry, but it’s NOT just this year

    03′ was a ring that was given away
    04’… I still can’t talk about that
    06′- did that team look ready to play? And what genius thought it would be a good idea to “save” Wang for a Game 5 that never happened????

    Girardi not taking the Baltimore job is a good sign— hopefully someone was whispering in his ear to wait it out, that Don may not be a sure thing as next skipper

    Also what someone said earlier was correct– given that the future of this team(like later this year future when PHIL comes back and into next) will be built on young pitching, Girardi has shown what he can do with a young staff… and he would be dribbling green tea on himself and falling asleep during games

    Yea, George, if you still have ANY vim & vigor left now IS about the time to f*cking DO SOMETHING

  • C-Note

    i meant he WOULDN’T be sleeping during the games… is Torre absolutely with us for all 9 inn. ? Can someone check because it’s looking for like a guy asleep at the wheel

  • Rick

    So in other words, not winning the world series is a failure?

    We have been in the playoffs basically every year. You can’t win em all.

    It’s not like the yankees are the royals. The yankees have made the playoffs every year.

    In my honest opinion you are somewhat overreacting on just one bad year. Plus, we have a ton of pay roll coming off the books in two years.

    Give me a break that all of a sudden that the yankees are gonna be the pirates in a couple years.

    Do the yankees have a high pay roll and have abundance of resources? Yes, but if there is any team that is allowed a bad year, it’s the yankees.

    To me, have the season been atrocious yes, but they make it look like that the yankees were noting over those years. The Yankees have made the playoffs every year. In the last couple times in the playoffs yes they have been completely dissapointed yes but you can’t win the WS every year. I mean Torre is allowed to have a bad year.

    It is amazing how spoiled you guys are man. So I guess Torre doesn’t get any credit for the success for this team but if something goes wrong, he gets all the blame. That is not fair.

  • Rick

    The sky is not falling.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Rick, I’ve been beating the Torre Should Be Fired drum since 2004 when his managerial decisions (or indecisions) cost the Yankees the ALCS. You won’t convince me that I’m reacting on half a season beucase I’m not. And you won’t convince me that Torre should stay. He had his run as a good manager, but these days when the Yanks win it is in spite of him and not because of him.

    We certainly undervalued Don Zimmer.

  • Stuart


    Yes Yankee fans are spoiled and no you cannot win every year. But really they have so many resources and the team is so underperforming.. If they were losing games 8 -7 because they have no pitching and the hitters were doing there thing I would be OK with it because in reality there pitching is not championship caliber but we are not getting that.

    when they pitch they do not hit and vice a versus and then we get the Torre brilliance here and there.. I personally believe by bad torre decisions, and bad luck they should have about 6 more wins…

    Also it is not that they are losing it is the lack of fight in the loses…losing is acceptable but dumb, uninspired play is not….

    the world is not coming to an end but yes Yankee fans deserve more, if they were paying $8 a ticket that is another story but this is unwatchable…

  • Rick

    Alright Ben

    We are both individuals with different opinions. You want Torre gone, I want torre to stay.

    Plus, did Zimmer help Torre? Yeah he help Torre in some spots, but don’t make it look like Torre just did nothing while the yankees kept winning.

    Again, we share different opinions, but I feel that it is disrespectful to say that Don Zimmer was a bigger part of the team than Torre or was more significant that torre. I mean come on, That’s like saying Bill Belichick is the reason why Bill Parcell has two Super bowls rings because after all he was behind all the scemes and as a result was more significant than Parcell.

    Oh well, the only good thing is that we have three months of baseball to get back into the WC.

  • C-Note

    No Rick, in other words, when you have the superior team and lose, in sometimes historical fashion because of managerial fuck-ups -yes-that is an un-successful year– do you look back and think that 04′ was a swell year? What the f*ck do the Pirates or the Royals have to do with anything? No one is saying we are going to become them- but Joe has had the best team more often then not and hasn’t won anything in years— his run as a great manager was 1996 to 2001, I think he won the series and didn’t even have the best team in 2000, in 2001 he took it as far as we could go… 2002, shit happens, can’t win every year even with a 102 win team… since beating the Sox in the ALCS in 2003 he has f*cked up a lot and cost us a lot of series wins– begining with the Jeff Weaver fiasco in FLORIDA

    Torre has had the ultimate Cruise Missle waepon in baseball history in Rivera and his ablitity to get the toughest outs on the biggest stage, and we haven’t won a playoff series since beating the twins in 04′????

    and I don’t wanna hear that getting to the playoffs every year bullshit- we have the highest payroll in the history of team sports, we play in a division where other than the SOX the rest of the teams are a perenial Joke(BALTIMORE, THE RAYS, BLUE JAYS????)- and in an era where 8 teams make the playoffs- look, I know it’s not the NHL where if your breathing you get in, but just “making the playoffs ‘isn’t what it used to be (in the present format, during the 80’s when the yankees didn’t make the playoffs ANY year after 81′, if they played with the format we have now those Yankee teams would’ve made the playoffs four more times)

    this is not a half a year thing with Torre… he’s gotten old, there is no shame in that– the last time I checked Joe Gibbs, Bill Parcells, Bob Knight, Joe Paterno haven’t exactly been bringing the rings lately… there is no shame in stepping down once you’ve lost it
    – but guys rarely do leave gracefully— Torre needed to go after the BOSTON DISASTER OF 04’

    He needed to go after we were schooled by the tigers last year


    Yes, I give him a lot of credit for the run of the 90’s

    But he does take the blame now… now we must ask him to leave

    I agree with Ben, Zim was undervalued

  • Luddy Bazcej

    its mind boggling that this roster continues to be intact.

    moves need to be made, at the least, internal moves to fortify the bullpen and 1B.

    cashman, you are a tit.

  • C-Note

    if you wanna talk about stuff 2 do that doesn’t involve joe Torre?

    fire Kevin Long
    get rid of Villone
    bring up Ramirez & Brittom
    bring up shelly Duncan(maybe he can be the 07′ Shane Spenser)

    these things should be done, these things will not be done…WHY???

    it’s all well and good that Cash is letting Oppenhiemer run the draft & the farm— but what he has done lately? this bullpen? the bench? the f*cking back-up catcher? WTF???

    BUT my dream would be to wake up one day and hear Girardi is manager & Stick Michael is back at GM(BTW- on mike the blowhard & the angry puppy show a acouple of week ago they asked stick if there was anything in AAA of AA… he said he loved Shelly Duncan, pop in his bat and that he ran with a purpoes, not that he could run fast, but he was hustling his ass off… Stick is considered one of, if not THE BEST eye for talent in the game— a player who hustles and has some pop in his bat- that doesn’t sound like anything this team needs… )UNBELIEVABLE

  • Luddy Bazcej

    c-note…u r right on.

    girardi as manager, maybe mattingly back to hitting coach, and stick as GM…that would be awesome.

    this freaking malaise is driving me nuts.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    oh and maybe zimmer back as bench coach :)

  • Jersey

    Torre is not a good in-game, tactical manager. Hasn’t been for some time. He costs the team wins, screws up the bullpen, and prevents young guys and others who aren’t in the Circle of Trust from playing even when they would provide superior performance (Phelps?).

    God Bless Ya Joe, and God love ya for all the great stuff over the years, but now you gotta go.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    A good comparison is with this years’ Cubs.

    Similar problems in close games b/c of bullpen problems, etc.

    What does Lou do? Buries Eyre. Brings up unheralded kids, ie the Cajun Connection in the infield (their Shelley Duncan?), g a young reliever, Marmol (their Ramirez?) with whom they’ve caught lightning in a bottle it seems, and burying the mistakes of previous administrations — izturis, jones, et al.

  • Victoria Jeter

    At the risk of repetition – since I haven’t read any of the other comments – I think they’re going to fire Torre but not as soon as tomorrow.

  • Sherard

    Totally agree with Jersey and C-Note. The time is now. If they were so concerned about Torre’s dignity then they should have let him go in the offseason. I don’t see any fathomable way this team improves with Torre at the helm. It sucks that Joe has to go mid-year, but otherwise, this season becomes a complete waste.

  • Marsha

    I disagree with Victoria Jeter. Torre is here until the end of the season. Then he’s gone for good. And I’ll bet it was Brian Cashman who whispered in Giradi’s ear that the job was his come October.

  • Victoria Jeter

    Oh right, I meant to say that I think it’ll be Girardi too.

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