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Mike Mussina comes through in the clutch
DotF: Joba's gotta overcome a little adversity now and then

Hello from sunny cloudy San Diego. I’ll spare you the jabber of being inside a whale’s vagina.

Anyway, I ran across this quote this morning, and thought it should apply to the Yanks today, who face J.P. Howell and Jason Hammell.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”

Is drawing walks an existential concept? I’m not sure, but when you’re facing two pitchers the caliber of these guys, we should have freakin’ 15 guys on base each game.

Update: Five walks and a Shelley Duncan home run later, and we’ve won the game 7-3.

Many thanks to Kei Igawa for throwing 95 pitches through five innings. In typical fashion, Torre emptied the bullpen, throwing Luis Vizcaino, Kyle Farnsworth (scoreless 7th with 2 strikeouts), Scott Proctor, and Mariano Rivera. Why was Rivera in for a four-run game with another one scheduled in a mere few hours? Thank Proctor for that. After surrendering a homer in the eighth, Torre was kind enough to put him out there for the ninth. He gave up a hit to lead off, which prompted Torre to break glass in case of emergency.

Crazy part is, these are probably the same relievers Torre will use in the nightcap.

Mike Mussina comes through in the clutch
DotF: Joba's gotta overcome a little adversity now and then
  • Joe

    As much as Igawa can’t seem to get it together, it’s almost sublime. I have never seen a pitcher, or cared to watch I guess, a guy who can strike out just as many guys as he can give up home runs. Each time pitching I half expect him to strike everyone out or pitch a third of an inning while giving up 10 runs. Wacky Dude.

  • Rich

    Instead of emptying the bullpen who did you want to be the relievers ASSuming you would take out Igawa in the 6th?

    If you would have kept Igawa in then who would be your relievers to finish the game?

  • John

    I’m fine with using Mo. “Never save a pitcher for tomorrow, tomorrow it may rain.” I would have let Viz pitch a second inning, but I’m glad to see Farnsworth was solid.
    I’m betting we see Bruney, Villone, Rivera.
    The thing that really upsets me is not giving Edwar another chance in the 9th, considering that he’ll probably be sent down for DeSalvo anyways.