Farnsworth clears waivers

Alex Rodriguez and the Still-Sore Hamstring?
2 homers in 3 days for Tabata

That’s the word from Joel Sherman. The Yanks are now free to dish him to any team. The likely return in this kind of scenario is a younger, non-40-man roster player, since they can be traded without clearing waivers themselves. The Yanks will almost certainly be on the hook for $4 to $6 million if they choose to dish him.

Hat tip to Steve

Alex Rodriguez and the Still-Sore Hamstring?
2 homers in 3 days for Tabata
  • Malcard89

    It was simply amazing to watch yesterday how two similar pitchers can be so different.

    Joba: 98 fastball, killer slider, excellent control, great poise, humble

    KRAZY Kyle: 98 fastball, killer slider, NO control, NO poise, a jerk

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    You really nailed it right there, Malcard. Which is why Kyle is completely redundant now, and why Bruney was sent down. Replcing Kyle with Edwar is the first step. That gives the bullpen a completely different look right there.

    Then if they can get Bruney back to where he was late last year/early this year (i.e., effectively wild), he’ll be a key cog, too.

    Mo, Viz, Joba, Edwar, Bruney, Villone/Henn, and then any one of Karstens/Britton/Ohlendorf/Brower. Sounds good to me, even if we don’t have a true lefty killer.

  • http://www.pinstripealley.com John

    Re: Lefty killer.
    For the rest of the regular season (which is all that matters until we clinch), we don’t need a lefty killer.
    We play the Angels, the Indians, the Red Sox, the Blue Jays, the Orioles, Devil Rays, the Mariners, the Royals, and the Tigers.
    The only lefties that truly terrify me on those teams are Pronk and Ortiz.
    Hafner against lefties: .264/.387/.473; against righties: .250/.379/.421.
    Ortiz vs LHP: .282/.371/.397 vs RHP: .339/.461/.645 (jeez)

    So while you could argue for having Sean Henn or Ron Villone on the roster for the 6 games against the Red Sox, I’d rather just plan to throw Joba, Viz, and Mo 7-8-9 when we’re winning. I’d be interested to see what Ohlendorf could do. Screw the matchups.

  • dan

    good points john. i hate the “lefty v. lefty” thing if you have righties who can get lefties better than the lefty pitchers themselves.

  • Barry

    Yea, it’s always been his problem, grade A stuff with a boatload of problems, oh well, I hope we profit is all.

  • http://jukeofurl.wordpress.com juke

    Hopefully Farnsworth will be gone before the weekend. They did what they had to do with the under 500s. Wanger can’t win every start, so after a blistering last night, the NYY 2007 starts today. If they can’t whack the O’s at home, well, they better.