Remember that bit about Wickman?

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Maybe Scott Proctor wasn't the problem...

Turns out it could have happened. Take it away, Pete Abraham:

It seems the Yankees could have gotten rid of Krazy Kyle. Atlanta was willing to trade the Yankees Bob Wickman but wanted all $7.1 million of Farnsworth’s salary. That was a no deal for Cashman.

I still would have done it.

Listen to Pinto
Maybe Scott Proctor wasn't the problem...
  • John

    Not a chance. Wickman is a free agent at the end of the season, while Farnsy is under contract for another year. Consider that they’re equivelant for now (Wickman has a 4.21 ERA with a 1.51 WHIP, 3HR in the NL; Farns 4.46, 1.60, 5, AL).
    We’ll move Worthless in the offseason when we’ll either get something back for him or we won’t eat his salary.

  • Joseph P.

    We’re looking at this differently, John. I’m just saying that Kyle has consistently hurt the team this year. A change of scenery might not have any tangible effects, but I’d rather bank on Wickman having a solid two months than Farnsworth.

  • yanksphan

    10 million dollars is easy to spend when it’s not yours.

  • John

    I wouldn’t bank on either of them, but letting the Braves have him for free the rest of this year and all of next simply doesn’t make sense.

  • Count Zero

    Gotta agree with John. Much as I LOATHE watching Farnsworth pitch, Wickman is just as bad only without the heat. If you’re going to make that trade and eat the whole salary, you might as well just DFA Kyle. I want Wickman even less than I want Farnsworth (if that’s even possible). At least Farnsworth has an infinitesimally small chance of being effective again someday.

  • Kyle

    Essentially you are paying $7 million dollars for Wickman, that is not worth it, I would rather keep my money and gamble that Farnsworth can either figure it out, or we can move him at the end of the year for a better offer

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  • C-Note

    i woulda done the deal- Farnsy is a club house cancer

  • Jon

    So to be clear – you would have paid nearly $10 Million for 2 months of Bob Wickman?

    Please, please, take it back. We won’t think any less of you if you retract the statement.

  • Joseph P.

    Jon, I would have paid it because it’s not my money. Now, if I had some kind of budget to work with or a boss to answer to, well, maybe I’d be changing my tune.

    It speaks more to my desire to see Farnsworth off this team.

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