Scrubs shouldn’t run their mouthes

And then there were 5...
NYC Subways down

Josh Towers is a freakin’ moron. From the Journal News:

“I heard somebody chirping and I didn’t think it was Alex,” Towers said. “I asked who it was and Tony Pena is running his mouth. … He’s a quitter. He was managing (the Royals in 2005) and he quit in the middle of a season because he couldn’t hack it.”

Says he with the 5.36 ERA this year — and an 8.42 ERA last year.

This is also the guy who tells the media that “I don’t think that we consistently show up as a coaching staff and as a team every day.” Real good guy, that Josh Towers.

And then there were 5...
NYC Subways down
  • dan

    i dont think that josh towers consistently shows up as a player and as a team mate every day

  • Mike K

    Can we give a one-day contract to Pedro Martinez for the sole purpose of him asking, “Who iiiiss Josh Towers?”

  • Barry

    yea i saw that last night, i was infuriated and entertained at once. what an ass

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