This is why you don’t propose at a ballgame

Thoughts on Phil Hughes
Eddie Layton, master organist

You might just get rejected.

The biggest excitement happened in the stands when a fan failed in his public attempt at popping the question.

With the couple highlighted on the big screen, the mood soured after the man took a knee to offer an engagement ring. Wearing a brick-red replica Astros jersey, the woman appeared to angrily dump a bag of popcorn on the man before rushing up the stairs amid a chorus of boos.

After the top of the sixth, the man left amid cheers from the sympathetic crowd.

“If it was an act, she put on a good one,” Garner said. “She looked totally surprised and then totally mad. We couldn’t even get a proposal right down here tonight.

“We lead the league in marriage proposals, and we couldn’t get that one right tonight.”

So, gentlemen, hopefully we all learned something from this.

Thoughts on Phil Hughes
Eddie Layton, master organist
  • Julie

    As one of the resident chick commenters on RAB, I have to ring in here. Guys, unless your woman is the biggest fan ever, don’t propose at a ball game. I am a huge sports fan, but the ball game proposals always seem to be more of what the guy wants than what the girl wants.

    I subscribe to the school of thought that proposals should not be in front of a ton of people, unless those people are family or friends. But that’s just me.

    But hey, if you’re going to propose at a game though, go all out and spring for the best seats in the house.

  • dan

    unless of course the proposal goes as “anger management” shows it.

  • Count Zero

    Yep — any guy who’s been married for a decade or more knows what Julie said is right. Selfish move, unlikely to go over as well as you expect unless the girl is a totally rabid sports fan. Quiet romantic restaurant, moonlit evening on the beach in the Caribbean, secluded picnic at a park…all much better ideas.

    After a decade of marriage, I could do the whole courting thing about a zillion times better now than I did it back when I was actually doing it. That’s why you see a lot of “vow renewal” type ceremonies — it’s a make-up call for the one you borked the first time around. :-)

  • Mike A.

    Marriage is for losers. Homer Simpson said it best:

    “Marriage is a coffin, and every kid is another nail.”

  • Freddy

    I would never propose at a ballgame. That could happen and the fact that whenever I’m at a Yankee game and someone proposes on the scoreboard, most of the stadium shouts “SAY NO!!!!!!!!”

  • Ben K.

    Having a good time this last month, Mike? :)

  • Malcard89

    LOL this is hilarious to read. As one of the younger commenters here (17 going on 18 in december) i agree with Julie, even though young people do tend to be more daring, enough so as to propose in front of 40,000 people. i would think age and how long the relationship has been going on must be big factors, i bet this was that guy’s first date and he didnt have a clue about anything.

    so Mike, how many nails are going on your coffin?

  • Tom

    Gentlemen, thats a question you only ask when you are CERTAIN the answer will be YES.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    do not, not, not, not ask your girlfriend to marry you in any public forum…I’m talking Yankee Stadium, family party, whatever…

    ESPECIALLY if you haven’t talked about marriage before.

    You may THINK she is going to say yes, you may have been with her forever, and therefore assume that marriage is the very next step, but unless you have previously said “I am going to buy a ring tomorrow. would you marry me?” and she said “yes.” then please, please, please do not ask in public.