Game 146: IPK looks to keep it going

Where'd everyone go?
Bad night for a stiff neck

Is it really Game 146 already? Man where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday Carl Pavano was warming up for his Opening Day start!

Anywho, the Yanks are rolling right now, winning their last 7 games and 40 of 59 since the break. Today’s a big game, a win keeps the momentum steamrolling into Fenway, a loss…well hopefully it’d be nothing more than a speed bump.

The lineup, in Roll Call form:

John-ny Da-mon! (LF)
Der-ek Je-ter! (SS)
Bob-by! (RF)
A-Rod! (3B)
Mat-su-i! (DH)
Rob-in-son! (2B)
Wil-son! (1B)
Molina (C)


FYI – No DotF tonight, Trenton is off.

Where'd everyone go?
Bad night for a stiff neck
  • Michael T

    Something interesting to ponder, while we wait for the game:

    Robby Cano’s Career line, when he puts one of the first 3 pitches in play:

    First pitch: .376 BA/.577 SLG
    1-0 Count: .357/.561
    0-1 Count: .417/.674

    Pretty much a monster when he attacks early in the count. combined, simple average of the three is .383/.604.

    How about when he “works” himself into a hitter’s count:

    2-0: .400/.622
    3-0: .315/.534
    2-1: .315/.534
    3-1: .368/.579
    3-2: .228/.316

    No improvement, particularly when you consider the downside.

    Whe he instead “works” himself into a pitcher’s count:

    After 2 strikes regardless of count (inc. 3-2): .231/.354

    Not so good.

    Let’s remember this tonight, and fight the urge to scream out the ol’ “WORK THE COUNT Robby” as if it is a pancea for all Yankees batters in all circumstances.

    Become what you are Robby, and hack away!

    • Mike R.

      That is one hell of an analysis. Very well researched. You’ve convinced me to stop screaming at the monitor.

      • Billslifeisgood

        I think the phrase is: be careful what ou ask for (with Britton)

      • Billslifeisgood

        I think the phrase is: be careful what you ask for (with Britton)

    • Mike A.

      Very interesting Michael. Joe wrote a big piece about letting Robbie hack a few months ago, and I’m definitely in the “just let him swing!” camp.

      Some guys just aren’t patient hitters, that’s the way it is. You can’t force guys to be something they aren’t; if Robbie is comfortable letting it rip early in the count, then so be it. It’s obviously worked for him.

      Plus it’s a nice change of pace for the lineup. Giambi, Posada, Bobby et al are sitting back all game taking pitches until they turn blue in the face, then all of a sudden Robbie comes in hacking when the pitcher tries to sneak a first pitch fastball.

      For the record though, I don’t think it’s THAT uncommon that Robbie hits well over .300 in hitter friendly counts, and hits barely over .200 in pitcher friendly counts. That’s just how the game goes.

  • Michael T


    Shold read “puts the first tw pitches in play”

    And the 3-0 is a typo. Should be NA, he only put the 3-0 in play once and didn’t get a hit. No green lights for that kid with good reason.

  • Count Zero

    Roll call form…I love it. :-)

  • Mac

    That was just an awesome inning by Kennedy. As much as Hughes has been missing corners, Kennedy just seems to be nailing them, at least so far.

  • Marc

    anyone else concerned with the yanks inability to beat good pitchers.. scratch out some runs and such…

  • Mike 44


    I feel like I’ve spent all year making that point. Strikeout pitchers, be it successful (see: Burnett) or otherwise (see Daniel Cabrera) always seem to give the Yankees trouble. It seems as if they press too much against these guys.

  • Mike A.

    So the Yankees struggle against good pitchers, but not against bad pitchers. Guys that throw hard and strike people out are tough for them to hit, while guys finesse guys who pitch to contact are easy to hit.

    Is this supposed to be groundbreaking or something? ;)

  • Mike 44

    and more over, does it seem to anyone else, specifically with the last two batters (Cano and Cabrera) that the Yankees seem to be afraid to get to two strikes with Burnett?

  • Mike 44


    If its a lineup like the Royals or the A’s, then you should expect good pitchers to consistently overpower them. But the Yankees should be able to at least look respectable against these guys. In the regular season, it isnt that big of a deal, but the prospect of possibly facing Lackey/Escobar 4 times in 5 games doesnt bode well.

    This isnt to say that they can’t do it, but it seems like their approach is bad against strikeout pitchers. The O’Neill-Martinez-Bernie Yanks would lull these kind of guys to sleep.

  • Mike A.

    Yo, IPK is dealing. This is the IPK from his freshman & sophomore years at USC, not the IPK that struggled as a junior and come into the draft as a #4 starter.

    When he’s got it all working, he capable of mowing right through a lineup for 7-8 innings.

    This year has been just awesome for people who follow the minors. Unbelievable.

  • NYFan50

    I’d say the Yankees struggle more against pitchers that throw strikes. Also not groundbreaking, but that’s how to beat the Yankees. They are patient hitters (ok, most of them), and pounding the strike zone and getting ahead in the count is the way to beat them.

    • Mike A.

      Yup, and that’s part of the reason why they’ve crapped out in the playoffs recently. Teams in the playoffs have pitchers that pound the zone and don’t walk many guys.

  • Mike 44

    Agreed Mike. Kennedy looking Cone-esque. Hitting spots, and nibbling when getting two strikes.

  • Marc

    i loveee mini moose… Mike A .. Michael K even called him mini mooe and Mike A you should get cash considerations, no?

    • Mike A.

      Did Kay really call him Mini-Moose?

  • Jake T

    Watching this reminds me of the link to the analysis on Kennedy v. Bucholz. The verdict was that Clay out guessed hitters while Kennedy threw exactly what they thought was coming and just nailed his spots too well for them to hit it. This is exactly what hes doing tonight. I haven’t seen Molina’s mitt move in 5 innings.

  • Count Zero

    IPK Says to Moose: “You ain’t getting my spot in the rotation.” ;-)

  • Mike A.

    Q&A with Phil Hughes in the latest issue of SI…

    • Carson

      Mike, is it online somewhere? I don’t subscribe to SI..

      • Mike A.

        I haven’t seen it online yet, but I only searched for like, 2 seconds. It’s called “The Questions with Phil Hughes” on page 28 of the magazine.

        If you can’t find it online, I suggest running to a store with magazines and reading it in the aisle. It’s only like, 5 questions long, with relatively short answers.

  • Mike A.

    Oh well. Go get’em tomorrow.

  • Ivan

    You guys really overrated Chris Britton. I can see why the yankees didn’t want to use this guy.

  • Jake T

    Guess sometimes minor league stats doesn’t exactly translate

  • dan

    forget the minor league stats, look what he did last year for baltimore. he would have been the yankee’s second best reliever with those numbers

    • Jake T

      He’ll settle down soon, hes got the stuff he just doesn’t have it working right now

  • Mike A.

    Damn you, the NFL really hit Belicheat hard:

    $500k fine for Bill (max allowable fine)
    $250k for the team
    lose their 1st rounder if they make the playoffs
    lose their 2nd & 3rd rounders if they don’t

    • dan

      wow the NFL went apeshit on them. whats up with the 250K for the team? thats pocket change for an owner. the big hit is the first rounder. they’ll probably have a pick around 28-32, but its still a big hit for them