Save The Big Three (again)

Olney backs Santana - Sox rumor
Whither the (expensive) bullpen options

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Olney backs Santana - Sox rumor
Whither the (expensive) bullpen options
  • Eric

    You cant possibly be serious in saying that you would let Kennedy stand in the way of getting the best pitcher in baseball. Have you not watched the playoffs the past 6 years? Dominant SP wins.

    • Joseph P.
      • NYFan50

        Joseph: I don’t think it’s at all a given that a package including IPK will have to also include Hughes or Joba. I think that’s a reach. IPK+Melky > Lester+Crisp. If the latter is the basis of the swap that is favored now than that offer is easily trumped.

        • Joseph P.

          It’s possible, I suppose, but I’d have to see the other Yanks prospects involved. I’m sure I wouldn’t like the list.

  • Relaunch

    I want a Pete Abraham tshirt

    • Joseph P.

      I’m sure we’d get sued.

  • Ivan

    Is it me, but nobody is talking about the bullpen here.

    Lets be honest here, big time bullpen is just as significant as a great rotation.
    Especially when you have the possibility of having three pitchers in the rotation that won’t go over 180IP.

  • Ivan

    Also one more thing:

    Can we please, please, stop with this if santana go to the redsox it’s over. Yo know what if Santana goes to the RedSox, then why have a WS then, because after all the RedSox are gonna win every year.

    Matter of fact, why don’t we call the AL East, the AL Sox uh just for kicks.

    It will be just like the patriots.

    Stop it man, if he goes to the redsox, would be a huge blow and make things tougher, hell mothafuckin yeah, but it’s not the end of the world.

    I hate when the media and fans(not all fans, you guys are good) say it’s over if santana goes to the redsox.

    You know what, if that’s the case (I don’t want Santana on the redsox) then why have the 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 season then.

    Just having a little rant that’s all.

  • Ivan

    Also one more thing,

    I like how the media love to say that they need a guy to match beckett in game 7 of the WS.

    That’s nice and all but there is one problem:

    How the fuck you know you gonna meet the redsox in the postseason in the first place must less a game 7 with them. You can’t think that way. their 28 other MLB teams too. You can’t do moves just to beat one team.

    The Yankees traded for RJ to match schilling. That’s nice that 5-0 against the redsox in 05, but guess what RJ didn’t do that well against the other teams and we never met those redsox in the postseason when RJ was on the team.

    You can’t have sox one the dome man, you make deals to beat everybody not just the sox.

    I hope the yankees use their noodle here.

  • Ivan

    one last thing(ok my bad):

    If you are the yankees, don’t do something that’s fucked just because of keeping him from the sox.

    That is just dumb man. Worry about YOUR TEAM. Fuck the Sox.

  • Stephen

    I think the point with trying to get someone who could match Beckett in a game 7 is that the Yankees need an ace who would be a go to guy in any must win game, regardless of who he was opposing. Clearly the ALDS showed that Wang, though a very good pitcher, is not that guy. Whether it would be wiser to trade for Johan or hope that Hughes will turn into that guy is up for debate. (And, if you have checked this site at all over the past few weeks, you would see that that’s exactly the debate everybody’s been holding.)

  • Steve S

    I guess Posada doesnt want one of the T-Shirts.

  • scott

    i’m not sure if i would do the deal for ipk i would defiantely not do it for hughes. there are a lot of people out there that thought if ipk was healthy that he would have actually started game 1. pettite 2 and then they could have saved wang for the game 3 at home were he is different pitcher. that being said its tough to trade a guy who might have started game 1 if healthy. on the flip side if santana was a yankee you know who would be starting game 1 for atleast the next 3 years

  • Travis G.

    can i just say how much i hate the guys on ‘Yankee Hot Stove’? they’re saying the Yanks ‘have to get Santana.’ what?! their reasoning is who’ll matchup against Josh Beckett in a game 7. that’s it. they’re worried about game 7 of the LCS in November. how does he know Beckett wont regress? what about Santana becoming a FA after 08? maybe Hughes is that guy in a few years. never did they mention Santana’s declining stats. hughes and joba have the potential to become as good as Santana and cost about $120 million LESS than Hughes and Joba combined over 7 years. idiots. they DONT have to have him. they would LIKE to have him. and they think the Twins are in the drivers seat. i doubt it. they’re under pressure to get rid of Santana before he leaves via FA. ‘worst’ case scenario, the Yanks dont get him and keep Hughes/Kennedy, Melky, Ajax/Tabata. wow, horrible. sportswriters are frustrating…

  • Mr. Faded Glory

    Considering this deal will or won’t be done by Christmas, I’d feel pretty silly giving that as a “holiday gift.”

  • Ivan

    Damn the Knicks suck. Can you atleast show the fuck up please. Noooooo, they gotta get their ass bust by the celtics. If Isiah is not fired by the end of december then this franchise doesn’t want to win.

  • Bo

    Ivan, is there a need to drop the F bomb into every paragraph? We get it. You’re “annoyed” and “emotional”. Also shows a lack of class and intelligence.

    Travis: Why would Beckett regress? Aren’t they right? Don’t we need legit ace type pitchers? And if Joba is one and Hughes/IPK then sure. The more the merrier.

    And since when did the Yanks care about dollars and how much a guy like Johan would cost??? They paid 10 mil a yr for Pavano, 15 for Brown, 18 for RJ, 20 plus for Giambi this yr, they paid 26 mil just to chat for Igawa

    Give economics a rest.

    • Joseph P.

      And since when did the Yanks care about dollars and how much a guy like Johan would cost??? They paid 10 mil a yr for Pavano, 15 for Brown, 18 for RJ, 20 plus for Giambi this yr, they paid 26 mil just to chat for Igawa

      I think that illustrates exactly why the Yankees should care about dollars.

    • Ivan

      Actually I one of the more calmer guys

      • dan

        gooz fraba. lol

    • Travis G.

      bc pitchers regress sometimes. his career ERA+ is 116. thats good, not HOF worthy. i never said it would happen, just that it could.

      it’s a common misconception that we NEED ace pitchers to win a WS. take a look at the 96-03 teams. how many trues aces did we have then? we won 1 Cy Young (clemens, but honestly it was undeserved). we had just 1 HOF pitcher (again Clemens). look at the dominant 98 team: El Duque, Cone, Pettitte, Wells. no superstars, just 4 good to very good pitchers.

      answer me this: how did those two ACES on cleveland fare in the LCS? yeah, even TWO aces is no guarantee of anything.

      even the Yanks have a budget. Cash has been trying to avoid those type of contracts that you just mentioned.

      plus i dont think there’s any way Boston gets him without one of Ellsbury or Buchholz. they and Minny are just trying to drive up the price for the Yanks.

  • Bo

    Who is going to wear those shirts next summer when the Sox roll into a series with Beckett, Santana, Dice K?

    Expecting every single one of these young pitchers to be good is terribly naive and against baseball history.

  • JP

    I just picked up a couple for me and the wife… although she thinks the big three are Visa, Mastercard and American Express ;-) I really believe in supporting the blog and all the content you guys bring to us throughout the year. Keep up the great work

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      for sure. ya gotta support independent media.

  • giselle

    matsuzaka is 2-1 in 4 games started vs the yankees. his era? 6.12. he’s a non-issue. the yankees always hit him.

  • Jeterismyhomeboy

    What about two of the Big Three? I’m willing to give up Kennedy for Santana, sorry. Hughes and Chamberlain should only be given up if Brian Cashman is being held hostage by a pack of mentally-unstable ninjas. And even then, only maybe.

    And there’s no good reason to hemmorage the Yankees’ future because the Sox might get Johan Santana. If the Sox are going to drive the price up, let them pay it. Force them to give up Buchholz and Ellsbury. They’ll have given up their future, and for no guarantee. Who knows what ’08 will bring? Remember last offseason, when everyone was sure that the Yankees would beat the crap out of the Sox because of ’06? And all of the nonsense about Beckett is driving me crazy. Beckett literally had a career year. No one’s talking about him regressing because…um…they’re blinded by the W.S. ring bling? Or maybe it’s because “he’s put it all together,” and so now he can never lose it, because he clearly put “it” together with Krazy Glue.

    People are getting so hysterical that they’re starting to sound like Sox fans. You’d think that the seven year W.S. drought was an 86 year abyss and that we’re saddled with an inferiority complex that has seeped into every aspect of NY metro area life. Hopefully all of this Boston sports luck is paid back with a 50 year championship drought for all Boston-area teams…even the minor league ones.

  • NewsOne

    Donot understand the theory behind people saying based on stats this is what happened to young pitchers (again only about the pitchers who have not performed well), why people donot talk about pitchers who have performed well and there stats. But when it comes to santana he will be great in future why dont know?
    The story about redsox getting santana and they winning for next 5 years is like stock market where people look at the bull market and say well this is not going to end! but always there is an end to good things atleast abbreation of some sort.
    Another analogy with the yankees of 2003 who were defeated by Marlins we had one of the best pitchers in the game with lot of experience and world series wins still we lost? what does that suggest nothing is guaranteed its just speculation.
    So atleast try to find answers for the problems we are facing rather than throwing money and future at everything that is out there.

  • MS

    Put Cano in the deal. We save the big three, still have Wang and maybe Petitte. With Cano in the deal we save a lot of extra prospects that we can use to deal for a 2nd baseman. Plus we have that Gonzalez kid who plays a good shortstop, he can make the transition to 2nd.