Report: Cashman turned down lesser Santana offer

Don't believe the Santana hype
Poll: The Johan Near Deal

Bill Madden reports that the Yankees turned down an offer from the Twins for Johan Santana. The reported bounty: Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Jeff Marquez, Mitch Hilligoss. If true (and I don’t buy everything that Madden spouts off), it would signify that there was a deadline on the Hughes offer, and the Yankees are sticking to it. Had the Twins picked Marquez and Hilligoss on Monday, a deal might have been struck.

But in any event, it has to make you think that the Twins aren’t at all satisfied with Boston’s offer.

Don't believe the Santana hype
Poll: The Johan Near Deal
  • EJ

    I get the sense that Cashman used the deadline to “trick” (I’m not sure if its the right word, maybe give him an excuse to) Hank into backing away from the trade.

  • Bart

    It is terrible to not get Santana

    — The Tigers and the Red Sox have great strength for the next 5 years

    – the Yankees will have to beat the Indians (2nd in central and the 2nd place team in the west if they can’t win the East against Boston

    Too many fans have decided they’d rather RISK failing with IPK and Hughes than win with Santana

    They have decided to HOPE that not only can Hughes and IPK be #1- #2 but that they can do this before the wheels fall off the offense as Jeter, Damon, Matsui, Posada age

    Santana was worth IPK, Hughes, Melky and Austin Jackson — they tried to deal for less – fine – but this deal is critical. nearly worth any price in UNPROVEN talent and Talent with Limited upside (Melky).

    If Cashman turned down this offer (Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Jeff Marquez, Mitch Hilligoss) he should be run out of town — It is dumber than Pavano, Wright and the lack of guts in going after Beltran, and standing up for Vlad against Sheffield.

  • Ben K.

    Folks, we’ve got a longer post up about this. Comments are open there.

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