Don’t believe the Santana hype

Hank calls demands for Haren 'ridiculous'
Report: Cashman turned down lesser Santana offer

As far as we know, as of the moment this was posted, the Yankees are out of the Johan Santana Sweepstakes. Whether they’re actually out of it remains to be seen. Until there’s definitive news of a trade, I find it hard to believe that the Yanks are completely out of the loop. But for now, all we have to go on are reports, and they’re all saying that the Yanks are out, and that the Red Sox are the No. 1 suitors for Santana’s services.

Then again, maybe the Twins aren’t too thrilled about dishing the best pitcher in the game for a good pitching prospect, a group of mid-ceiling guys, and a no-hit center fielder. After all, we’ve seen reports that the Angels put in a bid, and hell, even that the Rangers are interested. Gee, I wonder who’s planting those stories.

Some signs that a deal with the Sox might not be as close as some will have you believe:

  1. Will Carroll, at 5:15 p.m. EST on Tuesday, said that the deal was “all but done“. Without getting into specifics, Carroll is known for being wholly inaccurate in regards to his reported rumors. There are plenty of examples out there.
  2. Even before that, at 3:28 p.m. EST on Tuesday, the Red Sox Propaganda Machine said that a deal “could be close”. You think maybe people are feeding Petey these Red Sox stories, knowing he’ll just and yap them to the world?
  3. Things are going so slowly that, despite talks supposedly ongoing for most of the afternoon, the only thing to report in the evening was that the teams had broken for dinner. Nothing to see here, folks.
  4. As La Velle E. Neal III notes, the Yankees have not told the Twins that they’re out on Santana (emphasis his). He reports that “it doesn’t look like anything is close,” though he admits that’s speculation on his part.

So this is far from over. Not that the Yanks will or should get back into the derby. I’m just saying that Santana to Boston isn’t as surefire a deal as some may have you think.

The quote of the night, though, comes from Ken Davidoff of Newsday. Brace yourselves for this one:

“How about the Yankees, in jeopardy of missing the playoffs altogether?”

I don’t even want to go into this. I’ll leave at this: fucking foolish.

Couple of other Yanks notes, also courtesy of Newsday:

  • Luiz Vizcaino has “made a point to [agent Bean Stringfellow] that he does like New York.” Stringfellow then rattled off some random teams that are interested in the Viz, and followed it up by saying that he “believes that Vizcaino can get a 3-4 year contract along the lines of Scott Linebrink.” If that’s the case, it was nice having you for three out of the six months we had you, Viz.
  • Seeking security for his client, Chien-Ming Wang‘s agent Alan Nero approached the Yankees about a long-term contract to buy out his client’s arbitration years. “Fine,” said the Yanks. “Make us an offer.” Discussions ended there. Might it be time for Wang to be seeking new representation?

Are you ready for another day of this?

Hank calls demands for Haren 'ridiculous'
Report: Cashman turned down lesser Santana offer
  • Stephen

    I’d certainly like to see Wang get locked up. I know he won’t come too cheap but better to do it now than risk letting him hit the open market. The awful playoff performances have made a lot of people forget that Wang is really a very good pitcher. He’s not an ace but you’d be hardpressed to find a better option for a number two starter.

    • Joseph P.

      He’s under our control for three or four more years (gotta check on that) whether we give him a long-term contract or not. It’s not like the Yanks were going to offer him a seven-year deal or anything.

  • PK

    I don’t get it. Why did discussions about Wang end there? Seems like the Yanks were open to discussion if they asked the agent to make an offer.

    • Joseph P.

      Because you never want to be the one to make the first offer. Nero approached the Yankees, and I’m guessing he didn’t want to be the sucker in the deal.

      Still, if you’re going to approach a team about an extension, you should be damn well prepared to make the first offer. That’s why I’m wondering about Nero.

  • juke

    I get business is business. But doesn’t it seem Scott Borat ( sic ) set the tone for an awesomely immature baseball off-season. See what happens when somebody WANTS to make a deal? BAM! it happens. Thank you Tigers & Marlins for knowing where the trigger is; bet your wives & gf are mucho smiley.

  • D

    Listening to Buster Olney on Mike and Mike…he’s claiming that “based on what I’ve been told overnight” the deal with the Sox is NOT going to go down…at least not in its current incarnation.

    Take it FWIW…at this point, I don’t believe a goddamn thing anyone says about anything.

  • Tripp

    It would be smart to start locking up Wang and Cano through their arbitration and a few years of free agency. 4 years 24 million for Wang and 5 years 33 million for Cano. That will probably never happen.

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    i love the name “Bean Stringfellow,” and would be extremely disspointed if he weighed more than 100 lbs.

    amen on Hank, but a SOLID veteran reliever or two would be nice. i like Alan Horne too, but don’t want to see him in the 7th inning yet. ;)

    • JCP

      It could also be pretty good if he weighed in at 300+

  • MS

    I say the Yanks make an offer to the Twins with Kennedy, Melky, AJ, and Horne and leave it at that. Its a desent offer that the Yanks can live with and if somebody tops it than thats ok. too. You never know if a week from now, the Twins decide they really need to deal him and all the Sox talk was nonsense. At this point I don’t want the Twins coming back to us to look for a deal with Hughes in it. Let them know what where willing to give up and move on to other needs.

  • giselle

    i think joba won Next. if he did, i want that magazine cover asap.

  • Steve S

    I think someone of these ESPN guys have to start distinguishing between what is an actual rumor and what is simply a negotiating tactic. On several occasions yesterday that LIVE blog had different reports on the same trades coming from different reporters.

  • tony from the bronx

    Bill Madden from The News is an A Hole! I just finished his column,in which he rips Cashman for pulling out of the Santanna deal.The man,last May,siad the Yanks had nobody in there system to help the 2007 team.When the kids came up and did good he never admitted to being an idiot.Now ha say Cash better be right about Hughes.Is the man blind?Does he know anything about baseball?The Santanna trade is not a no brainer.It has manny risks.Also,Bstn will not get Sanntana.Even if the Twins pull the trigger Bstn will not agree to a extension.Watch and see.The Angels also will not get Santanna.Moreno agian will not pay the money.The Twins are stuck.If they come back to the Yanks will we pull Hughes? I would.

  • Patrick

    I know that the phrase “rebuilding” is forbidden in the New York media, especially if it is used in connection with the Yanks. However, I think fans need to remember back to the late 80’s and early 90’s when there was a decade of rebuilding. There was also a decade of shipping off young talent, draft picks that didn’t pan out and huge deals that paid very little dividends. Once 1995 came, the young talent that wasn’t shipped off had a chance to develop and homegrown prospects came to the big leagues, paying off incredible dividends. At the end of the Yanks run in 2000 (well, even 2001), we started getting the big names and trading away prospects. While the prospects may not have turned out to be the next Jeter or Posada, it felt like we were bringing in one mercenary after the next and the thought of developing young talent was no longer an option. Then, a funny thing happened. In the whole Tony “Don’t’ call me Bobby” Womack fiasco, we found Robby Cano. We also found Melky the second time around (and we like to forget the few days that constitute his first time around). Now, we’re on the verge of relying on these young guns to take us to the promise land. What’s so bad about that? I’m not calling it rebuilding. Instead, maybe it is a correction of the mindset that we’ve had for a little too long. I know we signed A-Rod to a mega-deal, but why not give these guys a shot and hold off on Santana? Everyone talks about how teams like the Marlins and A’s develop these young guys and then ship them off to the Yankess or whoever winds up being the highest bidder or they never have the means to get those final pieces of the puzzle. Well, what if we developed these young guns into the next Haren, the next Santana or the next Clemens. The good thing is that, if we do that, the Yankees usually have the means to add that extra piece. If it doesn’t work out, I’m sure we’ll revert to the old ways of buying whoever we can. But as a Yankee fan, we’ve seen what this offense can do and we’ve also seen what these young guys can do. I echo the sentiments of RAB and say, “Keep the Big Three!” (I also bought a t-shirt)

  • Clemson Rob

    I think keeping our prospects not only helps the team now and in the future but is also our way of “sticking it to the man”. Constantly, as Yankee fans, we hear about buying our way through everything, spending lavishly on players other teams can’t afford or are too cheap to pay (see Marlins, Twins, A’s, Braves, etc.), although I call our spending “capitalism” cause face it, you have to spend money to make money and Big Stein and family know this is a business. I say we do whatever we need to keep the Big 3 and stay put, keep the excitement we’ve had as fans following our young players this past year, and maybe playing some games to keep the Red Sux out of the Santana deal. As ESPN is flashing Santana’s stats, I still find it hard to believe that a lefty pitcher whose main pitch is a changeup can succeed in Yankee stadium. Santana is NOT a power pitcher and as good as he has been, I can’t see him doing well with us. Call me crazy, but I’d rather have a power lefty pitcher who pitches inside (ala David Wells) instead of having Johan.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    Anyone else see the rumor by the New York Daily News that the yankees turned down a deal for Santana that was Hughes, Melky, Marquez, and Hilligoss. I’ve got two thoughts on this, first, it really does look like cashman is in charge and really against aquiring Santana and two, it is nice to see other teams looking at guys like Marquez and Hilligoss. Those are two names I don’t hear enough about. Sorry if someone else posted this under a previous piece.

  • Glen L

    I’ve got to be honest, on paper they 100% should have made that deal if they could. The odds of Hughes becoming as good as Santana are not very high, and yankees fans overvalue melky .. far more than any other club does. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Hughes .. but that deal seems very reasonable.

    I don’t know as always I’m torn

  • MS

    mlbtraderumors reports that the Yanks turned down Hughes, Melky, Marquez, and Hilligoss. I guess all the save big three supporters owe Cash a big thanks. As far as we knew the past few days, the Yanks would have made this deal. I think Pettitte helped a bit as well.

  • Casper

    bill madden says the yanks could have had santana for hughes, melky, marquez and hilligoss. sure a lot of yankees fans will think the yanks should have made that deal. whether they should have or not, you have to love the implication of all this… brian cashman seems to have much more control than has been speculated recently.

    save the big three.

    • Casper

      the other posts about the hughes/melky/marquez/hilligoss package didn’t show up in my browser before i posted the above, my bad.

  • Beau

    We have to remember who we’re talking about. This is a two time Cy Young award winner who hasn’t even turned 29 yet. I also have great admiration for the talent of Phil Hughes but the ‘potential’ Santana deal doesn’t just bring an ace to your staff, it brings the best pitcher in all of baseball. As far as Santana’s power goes- He can get the ball in the mid 90’s and sometimes more. He’s proven himself for long enough that he is for real. If Santana goes to Boston (or anywhere in the american league for that matter) it can seriously hurt the Yankees chance for a playoff birth this year. I agree we need to build our young talent from within but this isn’t the Yankees going after their usual 40 year old diminishing stars.

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