The A-Rod File Yearly Review
Reds trade Hamilton to Texas

You know how Scott Boras puts together those huge binders that contain pages and pages of information proclaiming [insert Boras client here] is a “special” player, a “once in a generation” talent, and all that jazz? Well, You Been Blinded got it’s hands on the binder Boras handed out for A-Rod back in 2001. After looking through it, the first thing I noticed is that Boras would save himself a ton of paper if he stopped putting only one measly little table on each page. Secondly, that A-Rod kid is pretty good. Check it out.

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Reds trade Hamilton to Texas
  • Chris

    Speaking of ARod. Why is it that Jeter will stand up fo everyone on the teamm including a 5 year teamate who he once despised and is now accused of a baseball sin, but he has refused to EVER defend ARod for even the smallest infraction. Say what you want about ARod, but at least he tries to come accross as team guy to me. IMO a captain stands up for all his players not just the ones he likes or better said “doesnt hate”.

    Regadless of how he feels about ARod personally, he should stand behind him as a teamate. He doesnt have to defend the alleged afai, but he can at least stand up fo him when asked about ARods poor playoff peformances.

    With his influence, he could ask the fans to stay off his back and they will for a while anyway. Maybe thats what the emotionally fragile ARod needs to succeed and maybe a CAPTAIN should realize and address that no matter how silly it may seem.

  • Mr. Faded Glory

    Chris, the answer is that Jeter is a shitty captain.