A-Rod on target for Tuesday return

Another TJ rehabber returns
Thursday, May 22 - 2 Tickets

PeteAbe brings the good news. A-Rod mashed in a simulate game today (?), but more importantly he took 54 grounders of varying degrees of difficulty at the hot corner, and ran in the outfield without incident. “It’s the best I’ve felt since the injury,” Rodriguez said. Yes, A-Rod wasn’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball before the injury, but the Yanks have scored 2 or fewer runs in 6 of 14 games this month. Getting the cleanup hitter back and healthy is better than any trade acquisition could ever be.

Another TJ rehabber returns
Thursday, May 22 - 2 Tickets
  • Micky7 Old Ranger

    Mike A…
    Right on. Can’t come soon enough. 27/08.

  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    Read that he jacked one off of David Price yesterday but K’ed twice. Hopefully dumb ass Yankees fans realized what A-Rod means to this team and realize, God forbid, that he is BETTER than Derek Jeter. Gasp!

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I’m going to boo him on Tuesday because he got injured.

      • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.


  • Mike P

    “Getting the cleanup hitter back and healthy is better than any trade acquisition could ever be.”

    Who just happens to AL MVP, youngest to 500 HR, all time great Alex Rodriguez.
    What trade did you have in mind?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I wondered that in a bad way. What a meant to say is that getting a healthy A-Rod back is basically the best thing that the Yanks could get at this time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    Ryan Braun’s last two ABs: HR off Jonathan Papelbon, 2-R HR off Josh Beckett. Nice.

    • Brandon

      Red Sox Killer

  • mustang

    I read Peter Abraham column in my local paper and was surprised by this headline “Yankees might have change of plans for Joba”.
    But wait a minute I though I read somewhere that Joba’s pen or starter debate was over for this year.That was O-V-E-R. I guess not.
    I also read how well Cashaman is taking things.
    Hanging there Cash if they keep playing like this things are going to get a lot harder.

    • Brandon

      it’s stalling until Cox, Robertson and Melancon get settled into thier roles. Joba most likely is going into the rotation this season. Look around the June schedule when we start playing the Padresand Pirates he has a long window there.

      • mustang

        Ok… That solves that.
        That works for me.
        Can I just ask one question? Why does it have to be so critical for the Yankees to have these 3 guys in the rotation this year?
        I mean there young some them have skipped over 2 levels of the minor league system. I don’t understand the rush.
        By the way before they start thinking about the “Padresand Pirates” lets get to .500.

        • Brandon

          true and one could say if the 8th inning guy vs the Pirates and Padres are more important especially w/o Joba getting stretched then this season already is on a decline. Another words if they can’t get through crucial innings in the NL’s 8th inning w/o Joba then no matter what they do doesn’t matter.

          if Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez, Ross Ohlendorf, Kyle Farnsworth (Robertson,Melancon,Cox,Patterson) can’t pitch that one 8th inning then the season is a wash.

          • mustang

            How many guys have the Yankees used to bridge the gap to Marino over the years?
            It’s just not as easy as bring someone up from the minors.
            Believe me I like nothing more then to watch Joba strike out guys all day long. But unless this team is completely out of it in August it doesn’t make any sense to take Joba out of the pen for month and put in some X factor in the middle of a race.
            I’m not even taking into account Hughes coming back and what they would have to do to clear a spot in the rotation.
            I really want to see how they are going to pull it off.

          • mustang

            What’s funny or sad is that the Pirates have a better record then the Yankees.
            Just kidding.

    • whozat

      It’s just Girardi being cagey like he always is about every decision that might affect personnel. He refused to commit to any particular timetable, because all that does is fuel speculation that something’s wrong if they don’t stick to said timetable. There’s a plan. They’re following the plan. That hasn’t changed. Cash is tired of answering the Joba questions because, as he said, he gives the same answer every time. Until he’s got something new to say, there’s no point in asking him about it.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I’d like for Arod to come back and set the team on fire, get them to act as a team which is something they are NOT doing, and act like the guy in charge. Arod needs a ring and everyone knows he needs a ring.

    If not this year, sometime soon. And the ONLY way he’s getting it is as a Yankee. Arod needs to come back and whip the guys in shape…the veterans who have a ring and may not have the fire in their belly that he needs them to have…and the youngsters who figure they have years to play. He needs to get them to play as a team.

    Go Arod.