Injury updates

Yanks look uninspired as Pettitte loses
The A-Rod and Jorge impact

PeteAbe has some news on how some young players are doing as they rehab from injury. The Good: Jeff Karstens is close to returning to actual games that count, Humberto Sanchez is throwing all his pitches and is less than a month away from getting into games, and Andrew Brackman‘s rehab is coming along just fine. The Bad: Chris Garcia and CJ Henry are still MIA. Pete also notes that Phil Hughes will be rockin’ some new specs the next time he takes the mound. Hopefully he goes with the big old school glasses like current Rice ace Ryan Berry. That’d be sweet.

Yanks look uninspired as Pettitte loses
The A-Rod and Jorge impact
  • Chris

    Cant wait to see brackman….completely off topic and non baseball oriented….but did anyone see that dunk lebron had against the celtics….whooooaaaa….

    • Jamal G.


      Lmao, best dunk call ever!

  • Tripp

    I’m more partial to the Rec Specs.

    • Ben K.

      Yeah, me too. But only because I used to wear them when I caught back in the day.

      • Tripp

        Wore them in basketball and playing first base so that’s why I’m biased.

        And they gave me a little bit of an edge on the tennis courts to. Only because nobody wore them in Tennis and I looked like an idiot.

  • Jeff

    I don’t care what Phil is wearing on his face just as long he doesn’t get lit up every time he goes out.
    I can’t wait to see Humberto & Brackman I believe both those guys can pitch well over 90.

    • Brandon

      Humberto is about 2 weeks away via NJ Star Ledger, Brackman will start to throw change ups off the mound this week, he was already throwing fastballs off a mound.

      As per PP Christian Garcia is a couple of weeks away and feeling healthy.

  • Brian

    Haha. Ryan Berry is a legend at Rice because of those glasses. He doesn’t wear them all the time, however. When he parties he leaves ’em off, usually, to most people’s dismay. Kid has a nasty knuckle curve.

    • Mike A.

      Too bad they didn’t help him in Omaha last year.

  • Dave

    “The Bad: Chris Garcia and CJ Henry are still MIA”

    Wasn’t Henry a part of the Abreu trade?

    • Mike A.

      Yes he was, but the Phils released him this offseason (after he asked to be released) and resigned with the Yanks. He was hurt in Spring Training after colliding with another outfielder (yeah, they moved him to the outfield), and hasn’t been heard from since.

  • Ben K.

    Ryan Berry’s hands appear to be insanely huge in that picture. The baseball looks tiny.

    • dan

      Holy shit, you’re right. He has bananas for fingers.

  • Pete
  • jason

    Per Pinstripes Plus – Garcia has been thrown in a couple of extended spring training games with good success and is feeling good. He should be back in a week or two to real games.
    IF HE STAYS HEALTHY add him to the list of guys you definately want to see pitch.


    Fu*k Ryan Berry, Hughes needs Charlie Sheen’s “skull and crossbone” glasses from Major League.

    Also, why go with the bifocals when you can throw on contacts? Anyone ask Farnsthworthless how his goggles are holding up?

    Bottom line, Hughes is gonna look like an absolute DORK the next time he takes the mound, haha.

    • Ben K.

      It’s baseball, not a fashion show. If you care, you must have pretty low self esteem.

      • Relaunch

        True, but I’m sure people will have the next excuse lined up for when he gets hurt again. Next time we will learn he can’t throw a curve ball because he spent too much time typing for his blog.

    • Mike A.

      I thought the glasses = dork stuff ended in, I dunno, kindergarten. At least that was my experience.

  • Adam

    phil should wear these.

  • Jamal G.

    Brian Cashman on 1050 ESPN NY with Max Kellerman and Brian Kenney right now.

    • Brandon

      most pathetic interview by Max, thank god Kenney switched the subject, at the end of Max’s run-ons he then remembered that he forgot to ask about the farm system