RAB trade deadline podcast

Game 73: 100 pitches
Strike out-happy Yanks down punchless Padres

Update: After listening to the mixdown through the internal audio player, I changed the levels and uploaded a new version. So if you caught a broken link, it’s back up and running now.

We’re going to try something a bit different over the next few weeks, leading up to the July 31 trading deadline. It’ll be a weekly podcast going over the trade environment at the time. We’ll talk about needs, wants, rumors, and other potential maneuvers.

This week, it’s me going solo, though I’ll be joined by Mike and Ben as time permits. Also, if you’d like to “call in,” so to speak, just hit me with an email and we’ll try to work something out.

Today I talk about — what else — starting pitching, Cleveland’s situation in evaluating a return for C.C. Sabathia, bullpen help, and a defensive first baseman.

If you want to download the podcast, you can right click here and hit “Save As.” Otherwise, it will launch the podcast in a new screen. Otherwise, you can just use the audio player below.

Game 73: 100 pitches
Strike out-happy Yanks down punchless Padres
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Dougie M., eh? I think I like that idea.

  • Manimal

    Whats the plan on how often these things will occur? also will it find its way onto itunes? I can make an album cover if you guys want. I have some photoshop skills.

  • Rich

    I might be tempted to trade A-Jack for Sizemore, but not CC.

    • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

      Um, let’s face it: Sizemore is (and will be) better than AJax will ever be

  • dan

    What’s with the music in the background?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Figured it would work a little better than just my voice.

      • Steve

        Lower, please.

        Took me the first few minutes to actually pay attention to what you were saying.

        BTW-Any chance the music could be somehow Yankee related? Maybe not the theme song (unless you could find a really cool version) but maybe one of the songs the players come up to bat with. I think the Cano one would work. Love that song.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

          Problem is copyright. I wanted to use the instrumental version of “Here come the Yankees,” but I’d like to not get a cease and desist letter.

          Noted. No music next time.

  • dave

    Darren Erstad

    Can play center in a pinch, would be a good backup in left

    and won a gold glove at 1rst

    • dan

      He’s hit 24 home runs in the past 5 years. He’s 34, hits lefty, can’t run, and is always hurt. If his name were Bill Johnson then you wouldn’t have said that.

  • dave

    i was just saying he was a guy that did it in the past, not an answer for this year or the future

  • KC

    Here is your latest on the CC Rumors and how the Indians are going to handle it .
    Jayson Starks latest on ESPN that The Indians WILL NOT be giving a negotiation window for a team hoping to sign C.C. Sabathia while acquiring him.
    After reading this today I watched the Indians sports show on Direct TV
    657 Bruce Drennen show on STO Ohio He stated that the CC trade will be made shortly. The Indians according to his sources want to do the deal shortly and not wait for the deadline .
    the Indians have talked to all teams interested asking for a Min 3 top prospects and he may only make 1 more start in Cleveland .
    He has said to his Knowledge that they have at least two very atractive offers on the table . The teams he said are believed to be The Rays ( who have more prospects than they know what to do with) . And The Phillies two teams that haven’t even been mentioned in the past .[b][/b]

    If the Rays pull this off it will be Cashman getting kicked in the nuts.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      No it won’t. It’ll be the Yankees not making a rash move that mortgages the farm for a pitcher they’ll sign in four months. If the Rays acquire CC Sabathia, there is almost a 0 percent chance that he’ll stay in Tampa Bay beyond September/October.