Game 100: Rollin’


It’s hasn’t been pretty and it certainly hasn’t been textbook, but the Yanks have managed to trim a full three games off the division and Wildcard deficit since the All-Star Break. As the season hits the century mark in terms of games played, take solace in the fact that only five teams in the AL have a better winning percentage than the Yanks. By the end of the night that number could be down to just four.

The Twinkies managed to push a run across in the 9th inning last night, so this is another test for Joe’s yet to be unproven theory that if a team is being blown out and they score in the final innings, they’ll carry that momentum into the next game for a win. Tonight would be a great night to disprove that theory.

Kevin Slowey’s been pounded his last two starts, but that means diddly squat tonight. Yes, I just said diddly squat.

1. Damon, DH – so much for that 0-fer I was talking about yesterday
2. Jeter, SS
3. Abreu, RF
4. A-Rod, 3B
5. Giambi, 1B
6. Cano, 2B
7. Cabrera, CF
8. Moeller, C
9. Gardner, LF

And on the mound, Darrell “From Waiver Claim to Yankee Fame” Rasner.

Notes: Rasner is 3-2 with a 2.67 ERA when Moeller catches him, 2-5 with a 6.87 ERA when anyone else is behind the dish … Dan Giese has pitched one inning in the last 19 days … Triple-A reliever Steven White is missingMelky Cabrera has a 70 OPS+ this month, his second highest monthly mark behind April (135)

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  1. Ben K. says:

    Ah, the real game 100, I see. :)

    Melky Cabrera has a 70 OPS+ this month, his second highest monthly mark behind April (135)

    That is sad.

  2. Yankee1010 says:

    Check out what the Yanks have done to Slowey before – http://www.baseball-reference......derby=Name.

    Sure, it’s a huge link and a small sample size, but wow.

    • Chip says:

      So you’re saying this is Melky’s night?

      • Steve says:

        Melky’s actually been decent lately. 6 for his last 17.

        and no, I don’t want him to play CF once Damon comes back.

        • Chris says:

          Who would you prefer? or more importantly, if Damon plays center, who plays left?

          • DP says:

            Gardner center, Damon left.

            • cult of basebaal says:

              i like gardner. i was all for giving gardner his shot.

              but he’s been shit and frankly he’s looked even worse in doing it.

              just like melky in 2005, i don’t think brett’s quite ready for prime time …

              it’s too bad for brett, but melky + johnny is better offensively and defensively

              • TurnTwo says:

                he actually hasnt looked awful, but he’s frustrating to watch. he works the count really well but doesnt make enough contact, and when he does, he puts the ball in the air too much.

              • Steve says:

                Look up Melkys range factor and fielding stats. He’s a middle of the pack defender at best. I know he has a plus arm, but thats important for corner OFers, not CF.

                Stick Michael was quoted on Mas Kellerman’s show recently saying he thinks Gardner will be one of the best CFers in the AL within a few years based on his speed and that he gets a good jump on the ball.

                I’d rather turn doubles into outs than have a good arm in CF.

    • Steve says:

      Yeah, they’ve clobbered him. Plus, I think the Twins have only won a couple games in Yankee stadium in the past 4 years or something.

  3. Chip says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to have Gardner get over his usual adjustment period and start OBP about .350?

    Now that Matsui is pretty much done for the season (so it seems) why not try the Matt Carson experiment? Do we really need somebody who essentially has the same skillset as Melky and Gardner (Christian) sitting on the bench? Carson has some power and while he doesn’t have the speed, can play all three outfield spots

    • Steve says:

      You don’t have to have power at every position. Some guys have to get on base to be knocked in, of course. And defense up the middle is Baseball 101 on how to build a winning team. I’d play him in CF for the foreseeable future.

      I like Gardner’s range, his plate discipline, and I’m willing to be patient with him. He’s our #9 hitter right now. If he can make his adjustment by Sept or the time the playoffs roll around, I can see him being a valuable weapon in a close ballgame vs a tough pitcher. Guys with his speed can generate a crucial run by playing ABC baseball, and I’m sure we will need to do that somewhere.

      • Chris says:

        Why are you willing to be patient with Gardner and not Melky? Melky is younger, and even while sucking this year has been better than Gardner (who has given suck a whole new definition).

        • whozat says:

          Because Gardner’s new. And people are so excited by his speed that they ignore the drawbacks in his game.

          • Steve says:

            No, because I like the skills he brings to the table. I’m not looking at results after 40 ABs, I’m looking at tools at this point.

            -He gets a better jump on the ball in CF

            -He has more range than Melky

            -He’s shown good plate discipline and was #1 in the Yankee farm system in that category according to Baseball America

            -And yes, he has tremendous speed on the base paths.

            Believe it or not, everyone doesn’t have to hit for power. Even on the Yanks. We had those slow, plodding murderers row lineups a few years back and it lead nowhere in the playoffs. I like having a more diversified attack and I’m willing to show a little patience to get there.

        • Chip says:

          Because if you look at Gardner’s history, he typically takes awhile to adjust to a new level. Melky has history with most pitchers and doesn’t take walks.

          Gardner has game changing speed as well and can really grind out an at-bat. I hope that they both do well of course but I think that Gardner is more important right now to this team (if he continues to hit below .200 after 300-400 major league at-bats, my patience will end)

        • Melky’s got over 1300 ML at bats over three seasons (and change). Gardner’s got 53 over 15 days.

          I wouldn’t characterize playing Gardner over Melky right now as “not being patient” with Melky. Giving somebody 3 seasons to prove themselves as a quality ML player may or may not be sufficient, but giving someone 15 games damn sure isn’t.

          People need to stop acting like they’ve both been given equal chances. Gardner deserves his shot, just like Melky did.

      • whozat says:

        “You don’t have to have power at every position”

        No, but you need it at SOME positions. The Yanks have it at 1B and 3B. That’s it. That’s not good enough.

        Also, if Gardner could actually make contact with the baseball and generate more than shallow fly balls, I might by your point that he can play ABC baseball and help in the playoffs. However…there’s really no need for him to muck up the big league offense if all we’re looking for is bunting and base stealing in october. The Yanks need to generate more runs in the second half, and if they can get a vet who might generate a .350 OBP with some actual pop (even a .425 SLG), that’d be a lot better than Christian.

        Especially if Johnny can get back into the field, then all they need is a DH that can put up those numbers, and the team will be better overall than with Gardner on it right now.

      • Chip says:

        Which is why I want to see Gardner on this team for a long while but Christian? I just don’t see where he fits, I would think Carson would be a more able backup (and yes there’s the possibility that they don’t want him on the bench to stunt his growth)

        • cult of basebaal says:

          he fits as a PR, and a RHB OF with the speed and range to cover all three positions while spelling our current 3 OFs, all of whom are either LHB or far stronger from the left side …

  4. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, you guys weren’t joking about Joe not posting the Game Threads anymore, huh?

  5. Jamal G. says:

    Baseball Prospectus is allowing free access to their site until July 27th. Enjoy while you can.

  6. TurnTwo says:

    thats an all star play by the melkman right there… defense you cant replace.

  7. Jamal G. says:

    LoL Melky, in the middle of a play? Come on dude.

  8. TurnTwo says:

    can someone please tell Michael Kay we know he doesnt like when people bunt. he doesnt have to repeat this same crap every time someone squares around.

    • DP says:

      At least he’s right, there’s about 50 other things he constantly harps on that are completely stupid…

    • Joe says:

      Only if I can say this.

      We know you don’t like Michael Kay. You don’t have to repeat the same crap every time he opens his mouth and says something that annoys you.

      • TurnTwo says:

        itll be my new campaign. every time he says something stupid, ill do the same.

        maybe it’ll get the RAB peeps annoyed enough to then go to YES and ask them to get him off air to stop my nonsense.

        one can dream.

  9. TheLastClown says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the MLB.TV website? It seems like the whole MLB.com is down, or at least I just cant access it.

  10. Guiseppe Franco says:

    Only Melky could get distracted by the creatures doing their roll call.

  11. Joey says:

    Nice running A-Rod, nice hitting Cano

  12. E-ROC says:

    This Cano kid is en fuego.

  13. Mike A. says:

    I walked in the door just as A-Rod doubled, and I’m already fed up with Michael Kay and his proclamation that bunting is wrong.

  14. Joey says:

    kind of a random question, but how many jerseys (Yankees of course) do you guys own and which players? Any throwbacks? Authentic/replica? Not conducting a survey or anything, just wondering. I want to get another jersey, not sure which I should get.

    • Jake says:

      No jerseys. A few players t-shirts, a bunch of hoodies, but no jerseys. For jerseys I go with my other love: soccer.

    • murphy says:

      i wish i could afford a jersey. i dont want one of the replicas with the names on the back. i want an authentic. the first one i want is a mantle jersey. being unemployed is a bitch.

      • Joey says:

        exactly the way I feel. I got my authentic Jeter jersey I think about 2 or 3 years ago pretty cheap on eBay actually, check over there, especially in the offseason when demand isn’t that high

        • murphy says:

          yea. its tough to find the throwbacks there. i mean, if i had to go with a player on the current roster id have to go with joba or cano though. theyre pretty common on the ebay rounds. thanks for the tip.

    • Mike A. says:

      I don’t have any jerseys, but literally a closet full of player shirts. Mo, Hughes x 2 (65 & 34), Joba, IPK, Ohlendorf, Pettitte, Posada, Moose, Strawberry, Mattingly, Tino … I could go on and on. I also have an Alan Horne Trenton shirt, a Jon Hovis Charleston shirt, and a JB Cox Texas shirt.

    • TurnTwo says:

      i have a home yankees pinstripes replica. no name or number on the back, but that was just because the Jeter #2 i was going to buy was dirty in the store on the rack, and the jersey without the number was $10 cheaper.

      i do have 2 blue yankees tshirts, one with a Matsui #55, and one with a Robby Cano #22.

    • Jamal G. says:

      I have an Alfonso Soriano jersey (#12) but I never wear jerseys anymore, not part of my style.

  15. Jamal G. says:

    From the looks of it we now know when Jose Molina will be getting his days off.

  16. Mike A. says:

    Al Leiter just totally bitch slapped Boof Bonser verbally.

  17. A.D. says:

    How many times has Kay asked the question about the difference between the majors and the minors

  18. A.D. says:

    Saw something thrown out there today for Braves – Angels

    Adenhart & Kotchman for Tex, Ohman, Lillebridge, and something else

    and man if I were a Braves fan I’d be hoping they pull that off

    • Mike A. says:

      Wow, the buzz around Adenhart must be rather high. I was talking to Joe yesterday about this, and I thought Teixeira for Adenhart + Kotchman was a steal for the Angels.

      Just not an Adenhart fan.

      • Ivan says:

        That’s a solid deal if your a brave fan though. A top pitching prospect and Kotchman who has potential for a rental player.

        • TurnTwo says:

          eh, at least they get something back for the experiment.

          and they get two MLB ready players if they get Adenhart and Kotchman, as opposed to two draft picks who may develop into absolutely jack.

          but this is the Angels we’re talking about. they never make any trades. if there is an organization that overvalues their prospects more than Cashman, its the Angels.

          • A.D. says:

            Adhenart is 21 in AAA, scuffling a bit, but pitched well every level so far

            I thought of it as if your the braves you got your inf with Kochman, Johnson, Escobar, Chipper, and McCann. Then Francouer, Shafer, and someone in lf. Then a staff of Hudson, Campillo, Jo-Jo, Jurjens, and Adenhart. With a bunch of cash off the books…not bad

            Realistically I think braves go those 3 guysand no one else (slight overpay depending on lillibridge) or no lillibridge and 2 other guys,

      • Chris says:

        Wouldn’t trading Adenhart be sort of like trading Hughes? A lot of upside, but you’re trading him as his minimum value.

  19. Ivan says:

    Guys just put the game on mute.

    • TurnTwo says:

      but i dont dislike Al Leiter.

      and its a little weird to sit in silence.

    • murphy says:

      i wish there was a channel or an option to just listen to the game w/o the announcers. just the PA and crowd noise. thats the kind of world i want to live in.

      • Joey says:

        that would be pretty awesome

      • TurnTwo says:

        im sure thats possible if you have a really cool, super duper sound system.

      • Chris says:

        Wouldn’t that be something Yes could use to evaluate who were the announcers that people actually like to listen to? If everyone listed to the game without the announcers when Kay is doing the game, maybe that would lead to him doing fewer games…

  20. A.D. says:

    top of the 4th and its one of his better outings, a lot could still happen

  21. Jamal G. says:

    Robinson Cano hands are unbelievably quick.

  22. Peedlum says:

    the circle me stuff is a fun opportunity. the michael kay circle jerk.

  23. Jamal G. says:

    Did that kid just hold up a sign that said “Pick Me In The 2017 Draft”?

  24. Ivan says:

    Remember the good ol days when instead of listening to Michael Kay, you can just listen to Al Trautwig, and im Kaat and Bobby Murcer on MSG.

  25. A.D. says:

    Carlos Delgado, not a hall of famer

  26. Jamal G. says:

    Jack Hannahan’s three-run shot gave the A’s a 3-1 lead in Tampa against Andy Sonnanstine.

  27. Jamal G. says:

    The Rays’ broadcast had a great trivia question: What Pacific Coast League team did Casey Stengel, Billy Martin, Mel Ott, and Vince DiMaggio play for?

  28. A.D. says:

    Chad Moeller has cemented himself as Rasner’s catcher

  29. A.D. says:

    Gotta love the shots of people with white shirts, nice visual

  30. A.D. says:

    Gardner loves striking out on 3-2

  31. Jake says:

    Did anyone here see Gardner play in the minors? Is this how he swings (all arms, no leg drive) when he’s going good? Or this evidence of him being out of sorts in the bigs?

  32. A.D. says:

    Giambi almost threw that away

    • Joey H says:

      he almost did nothing that was a good throw, infact i think he hesitated to make sure that he didnt throw it away which was what made the play at first so close

  33. Mike A. says:

    You have a good pen Joe. It’s okay to use them in this situation.

  34. A.D. says:

    WOW, thought they had Kubel there

  35. Joey says:


  36. Jamal G. says:

    Mike, the answer was the Oakland Oaks, not the Seals.

  37. Joey H says:

    i gotta tell you, mclelland or whatever his name is really fucked rasner today. from the first inning it was hard to watch. rasner battled. and oh yeah that was a DP . i dont wanna hear it. to be it seems like umps play the yankees very hard when they are extended winning streaks

  38. A.D. says:

    now if the offense can just wake up

  39. whozat says:

    Gotta love DRob.

    So, will they score again tonight? 5.2, 2ER from Rasner is really just fine. They should win that.

  40. A.D. says:

    The truck should rebel at providing visuals for Kays half cocked ideas

  41. Jamal G. says:

    Johnny Damon had a great jump there.

  42. Mike A. says:

    He didn’t GIDP. Wow.

  43. Jamal G. says:

    Who do you think the cameras catch cursing more, baseball players or basketball players?

  44. A.D. says:

    that’ll do

  45. Jamal G. says:

    Yeah, like I said, twelve outs to work with.

  46. Joey says:

    “Track. Wall. See ya.” Very nice Mr. Kay

  47. Jamal G. says:

    Oh, did I tell you gys what Mr. Mike Fancesser said today? Heh, it’s a gem.

    Francesser: “I think Joba Chamberlain can be a usable starter, maybe even a good starter. I still think his future lies as a closer and if the Yankees can get enough starting pitching then I think he should be moved back into the bullpen.”

    Has George Costanza or Peter Griffin ever given you a brain cramp like that? I think not.

  48. Scott says:

    Let’s see the troica can Sterling says

  49. A.D. says:

    Off the Jersey comment somone made earlier I’m debating on getting one in the near future, should I go home stripes or road grey?

  50. Scott says:

    Dave Robertson in the 7th or go to Veras??

  51. Joey H says:

    looks like arod got a bump on his lip.. seeing madonna a little too much? lol

  52. A.D. says:

    Al Leiter was speachless off that comment, priceless

  53. giselle says:

    huh? why wouldnt robertson come back out?

    • DP says:

      Because Girardi (like every manager)is fixated on having specific 7th (Veras), 8th (Farnsworth), 9th (Rivera) guys.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Jose Veras already has had two days off. Joe Girardi has shown that he wants to use all parts of this bullpen.

      • Joey H says:

        yeah agreed. if you can critisize joe for anything its not his management of the bullpen hes a genius with tthat, now when it comes to taking out a starter prematurely i have to say thats a problem

        • DP says:

          It surely beats Proctor throwing 3 innings every day.

          • Joey H says:

            lmao yeah i agree with that too DP. usually kay has nothing but jackass stats no1 cares about but the one with no BP bitcher his amount the top 15 in IP was a very interesting one. i gotta tell you tho farnsy has been great, before it was like evry time farnsy came in i was reaching for a cigarette lmao

  54. Joey says:

    Robbie like it’s hot

  55. Chris says:

    That pitch Cano hit was at least a foot out of the strike zone…

  56. giselle says:

    i hope we bring this hot hitting up to boston this weekend. i expect a homer from alex and giambi. at least one each, that is.

  57. Ivan says:

    That pitch was out of the strike zone and Cano still hit a solid line drive single. Cano is his own worst enemy, a guy that talented of a hitter feels hey I can hit pitches like that and he can but really he shouldn’t swing at but the guy is just a gifted hitter.

  58. Mike A. says:

    Why couldn’t Robertson stay in? The win counts just as much even if you go against the cookbook.

    • whozat says:

      Girardi wanted to give him a chance at the most vulturiffic of wins.

    • Ryan says:

      yeah i’m not sure why he didnt stay in either but i’m fine with the decision now

      • whozat says:

        Except now Kyle’s coming in next inning. I know he’s been good, and the Twins only hit well with RISP, but…

    • murphy says:

      woah woah woah! theres still some meat on that bone! take it home, throw it in the pot with some stock… you got a stew goin!

    • Jamal G. says:

      Why is it even an issue? Jose Veras had two days off. If he wasn’t used today and did not get in the game tomorrow then he would be pitching on a starter’s rest entering in the Boston series. Isn’t it for the greater good to keep everyone in the bullpen proper work?

      • whozat says:

        Yeah, and he’s definitely planning to use Kyle tonight too. It’s been 3 days. So…if he wants both guys to throw an inning, but still use Mo for the save, no choice but to use Veras in the 7th. That’s part of spreading it around, I guess.

    • A.D. says:

      Giaradi isn’t looking to change the recepie

  59. whozat says:

    Hey, what’s batter interference?

    • Joey says:

      if you’re referring to earlier in the game Gomez tried to bunt and hit the ball which bounced up and hit him while he was running in fair territory. Technically it’s labeled “batter interference” and the batter is automatically out once hit by the ball

  60. TurnTwo says:

    that Veras curveball is just not fair. it fools me and i’m sitting at home watching on a 13″ screen.

  61. whozat says:

    Is gameday off, or is the ump not calling strikes at the knees?

    • murphy says:

      i feel like gameday is never right. its like the espn K zone which i never held much stock in.

      • whozat says:

        The gun they use for gameday is accurate…it’s from the pitch fx data. I figured the placement was too.

        Anyhow, who’s watching? Is the ump not giving strikes at the knees tonight?

      • giselle says:

        i agree. everytime i watch a game with anyone else they act like there are 3 satellites following a GPS chip on the ball to track the trajectory of the pitch.

  62. Ryan says:

    there we go B-Money

  63. Chris says:

    Woo-hoo! Brett didn’t strike out!

  64. Jamal G. says:

    I love Brett Gardner’s Plate Appearances.

  65. TurnTwo says:

    safe all around! im calling a Jeter sac bunt.

  66. A.D. says:

    bg probably could have gone to 3rd

  67. Ryan says:

    a 4-tun lead michael? so he wants jeter to bunt in 2 runs? one run at a time kay

  68. Jamal G. says:

    Double-steal for the win!

  69. whozat says:

    double steal.

    do it.

  70. Chris says:

    Why is Jeter bunting? Just square up to draw the 3B in, and take a pitch while Gardner and Damon steal.

  71. murphy says:

    when was the last time there was a yanks double steal?

  72. whozat says:

    Awesome call, Girardi. Have DEREK JETER try to sac bunt. With your two fastest runners on. Guys that could probably take those bases for free.

  73. A.D. says:

    Ahhh offense so nice to see

  74. whozat says:

    See? SEE?!?!?!

  75. Joey says:

    Who needs a sac bunt when you can have a double?

  76. Ryan says:

    no Mo tonight

  77. A.D. says:

    To bad its not Dickey vs Wakefield tonight

    • Joey says:

      why do I have this horrible feeling Dickey will be blasted, Dice-K will give up 5-10 hits and 8 BBs but only allow like 1 run, if that. Okay, wait, just realized he is facing Seattle, maybe not that many hits

  78. Jamal G. says:

    A’s now lead 5-1.

  79. A.D. says:

    Does Giese actually get to pitch with Mussina followed by an off day?

  80. giselle says:

    mike, you need to continue to write up each game thread. seriously.

  81. Chip says:

    Where is Mr. Giese? He should finish out this game

  82. Jamal G. says:

    Come on Cano, .300-OBP for the win!

  83. A.D. says:

    Cano gets on base his obp should go over .300

  84. Old Ranger says:

    M. Kay is wacko! One of the first taller SS was Tony Kubek 6’3″ back in the 50′s or 60′s (I think). Not Cal Ripkin. He just ain’t got no lernin’…besides, he is dead wrong.27/08??

    • Ranger, The Cal Ripken is the finest American in the history of the world, and possibly of England. He invented baseball, and nothing of consequence happened before his career. He hit 1000 home runs and had a career BA of .500, and never committed an error. Any attempt to attribute anything great ever done by any shortstop ever is offensive to The Cal Ripken, who’s ironman streak singlehandedly pulled the global economy out of the stagflation of the 1970′s.

      Do not speak ill of The Cal Ripken again.

  85. A.D. says:

    Tampa is getting smacked down

  86. A.D. says:

    wheres the love for Giese

    • Jamal G. says:

      Kyle Farnsworth also has had two days off. I suspect you will see Dan Geise in the ninth. Mariano Rivera pitched on Sunday so there is no need to get him in a game tonight when there is a day game tomorrow.

  87. dkidd says:

    do you think michael kay has any idea how much al leiter hates him?

  88. Jamal G. says:

    Jose Reyes just made a royal fuck up. Bases juiced and nobody out he took a chopper over the mound and tried to step on second base and fire to first base. The ball took too long to get to him and the runner was safe at second and he didn’t even attempt the throw to first.

    Bases jucied, Phillies down 5-3 with nobody out.

  89. beezr says:

    Ya think the Phillies are in their heads?

  90. giselle says:

    why does kay still keep talking about these relief “no-hitters”. it was funny/kinda cool the first time he mentioned it. after the 500th time he brings it up, it starts to piss me off.

  91. Jamal G. says:

    Two-run, pinch-hit double by So Taguchi. Phillies have runners on second and third with nobody out and Jimmy Rollins at the plate.


  92. Mike A. says:

    Another quality win.

  93. Joey says:

    This winning stuff is nice, lets keep doing it

  94. E-ROC says:

    RA Dickey….I wish my name was that cool.

  95. Number 27 says:

    so tonight was obviously a good win, but i can’t help but look ahead to chamberlain beckett on friday. man could that be great.

  96. Old Ranger says:

    Raz did very well tonight, thank you very much. Shame on you nay sayers!
    IPK should take lessons from Mike and Raz. If one can’t hit the mid 90s, one needs very good command and movement. Hell, even Farnzy has been having better command. Control and command is a must for a successful pitcher, IPK had it in AAA/AA/A…he better find it the next time he is up. 27/08??

  97. Steve S says:

    Yankees now have a better run differential than the rays

  98. A.D. says:

    Chris Davis keeps crushing HR

  99. A.D. says:

    The Marlins keep bringing up young pitchers

    • Mike A. says:

      That they do. VandenHurk started the Futures Game for the World Team last year. He from the Netherlands or some shit.

      • A.D. says:

        Yeah he also got starts last year and beginning of this, suppost to have a redic curveball, but theyve gone Josh Johnson, Volstad, Vanden Hurk, 3 guys who were all called up in the last 2 weeks

  100. A.D. says:

    Rauch- Bonafico trade should be good for both teams

  101. Mike P says:

    By the way, anyone else find the fact Robertson got the win absurd? He threw one pitch! Sure it was an important pitch but, come on!

  102. DP says:

    Whoa whoa…..his name isn’t Mike Timlin let’s not get out of control with that “gritty” stuff

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