Britton recalled; Joba to the DL?


PeteAbe notes that Chris Britton has been recalled for the umpteenth time this season, and is on his way to Texas to give the Yanks some much needed relief help. The kicker is figuring out who’s roster spot he’s going to take. Pete speculates that Joba may head to DL, which makes perfect sense, but part of me wonders if it would be more beneficial to ship Melky to AAA for 10 days as a wake up call. What do you guys think, could a four man outfield of Damon, Nady, Abreu & Christian hold it down for 10 days? It sure would be nice to have that extra arm out there with Ponson, Rasner & Giese tentatively holding down rotation spots, no?

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  1. Paul says:

    This is Melky’s 4th year on the 40-man. He’s out of options if I’m not mistaken.

    • RustyJohn says:

      Look at Paul with the information…

    • Mike A. says:

      Melk was optioned in 2005 after his miserable cameo, then again at the start of 2006. They called him up because of all the injuries in 2006, and haven’t sent him down since, right? Or am I missing a demotion somewhere? He should still have one option remaining if that was the case.

  2. Jon C. says:

    Could also be Rasner headed to the DL. I read that he had some “blister problems” (aka, they wanted an extra roster spot).

  3. RustyJohn says:

    The outfield proposed would be an improvement over Melky- I grow tired of the the 0 for 4 nights…as Pete says, you’d think for $210 million they wouldn’t have the 11th worst cf in the league.

  4. Stewman23 says:

    Not sure on that ruling, but there’s gotta be some way to put him in AAA for awhile…but I think in terms of clearing the roster spot for Britton, Pete mentioned that somebody going to the DL was the only way to bring Britton back up to the bigs this quickly

  5. vincent says:

    he looks like he is swinging a 60oz bat.. i dont care where he ends up just dont want to see him in a yankee uniform.

  6. r.w.g. says:

    Ponson, Rasner, and Giese holding down roster spots.

    Just roll that over your tongue a couple times. Fuck. Me.

  7. vincent says:

    joba headed to the dL

  8. E-ROC says:

    Joba is almost certain to head to the DL. It would be unYankee-like for them not to be extremely cautious. I guess Chris Britton’s promotion means Rasner will be pitching in Joba’s spot in the rotation. Ugh..

    As much as I would like to see an outfield of Nady, Damon, and Abreu with Justin Christian on the bench, I just don’t think it’ll happen, unless Matsui returns to DH.

  9. Thurman says:

    In the Times they said they wanted IPK’s breaking pitches to be sharper, but enough is enough, call the kid up because Rasner’s numbers have just been GOD-awful

    • Thurman says:

      Mark Feinsand (ugh) just reported that Kennedy is coming up…guess I got a bit too hotheaded and didn’t look at the sites before spazzing out.

  10. A.D. says:

    Joba probably to the DL, that doesn’t make sending Melk down a bad idea regardless, could bring Carson up for some at-bats vs the lefties, as I noted in dotf yesterday a Carson/Miranda platoon at the ML level would get you a .295 batter according to MLE calculator

  11. Bill N. says:

    I don’t know what to think. Melky does need a kick in the ass so I’m onboard with that. No arguement if its Rasner. I’m holding out hope that it won’t be Joba, he misses a week and comes back to being dominant. Lets all just hope that all is well in Jobaland

  12. Bruno says:

    JOBA to the DL just to be safe = IPK
    Melky to AAA = Britton?

  13. Jon G says:

    Could it be Bruney headed back to AAA – clearly he needs more work on his control… Why Bruney when Strickland and Melancon are throwing so well..?

    • Haggs says:

      My guess is Britton will be here tonight through Friday, then go back down on Saturday and get replaced by Kennedy.

      If they were going to call up a short reliever to stay with the team through the end of the season, then they might have called up Melancon. But I don’t think they’ll be ready to do that until if and when Hughes gets here. Once Phil gets here they can afford to dump Rasner for another short man.

      • Thurman says:

        Yeah, and that they want Melancon to come in in the middle of innings for a bit before they think of a call-up.
        Still, even then, I’m not sure they will bring up Melancon. I love him, and can honestly say he is one of the more dominating young pitchers I have seen in person, but whenever asked yankees brass seem hesitant to talk about him. I don’t know if they are going to bring him up so soon after TJ, especially if (god forbid) the yankees drop further out of contention.

  14. vincent says:

    jeter should be leading off as well..

  15. Jon G says:

    Christian has been playing MUCH better than Melky and deserves to be the everyday CF right now… Let Melky prove me wrong!

  16. Old Ranger says:

    Actually, they have a justification for sending Melky and Sexson down…good glove, NO bat! We need good defence and athletes, not good defence and no athletes. Justin, Brett are both better then Melky in all ways…very good defence and avg. hitting (with time).
    The Yanks gave the job to Melky and let him play, why can’t one try the same thing with the other guys? Playing every once in a while will not help these guys get up to par with the rest of the league. To bad we can’t get a very good CF-RF or LF, oh say, someone like Josh, Cawford etc. 27/08??

    • A.D. says:

      They funny thing is for a 200M payroll, Josh Hamilton would have cost 100K for the rights (at least that what the Reds payed the Cubs) coming off the Rule 5 draft

      • cult of basebaal says:

        that might be a valid point, if the yankees ever had a chance to acquire hamilton … but since they draft in the rule 5 draft by finish, the yankees were a long, long way away from ever having a shot at him.

        you could say that they should have worked a trade with a higher drafting team, the way the reds did, but remember that everybody thought the reds were just taking the longest of long shots by acquiring hamilton … he was a 1 in a million longshot to even stick in the majors and a longer shot to ever be the star he turned out to be …

        it’s like kicking yourself for walking by the slot machine where somebody else later won the big payout

  17. vincent says:

    melky needs to be sent down and earn his spot back..250mm payroll and we have melky cabrera as our center fielder..

    • Jamal G. says:

      I like how the Yankees’ payroll fluctuates post by post. ;)

      • A.D. says:

        depends on how well the team is going, 250 is a huge stretch, even with picking up Pudge, Nady & Marte its around 213

      • steve (different one) says:

        with a $1B payroll, i can’t believe Melky is the CFer.

        it’s a stupid argument anyway.

        the Yankees KNOW their payroll is too high. the reason it is so high is because in the absence of a quality farm system, they have had to fill their entire roster through free agency.

        every action they have taken in the last 3 years shows they realize this and they do not want to EVER be in the position again where a free agent like Carlos Beltran hits the market and they have to take a pass because they are maxed out.

        but MEANWHILE, there was a 2-3 year intermediate period (of which this is hopefully the last one), where they have to skimp on certain positions, like CF.

        change doesn’t happen overnight.

  18. vincent says:

    melky should be paying the yankees to play

  19. vincent says:

    i heard hank S was a pretty good outfileder back in the day

  20. Haggs says:

    Send Melky to Green Bay. He can throw.

  21. Thurman says:


  22. EdB says:

    Melky going down might be the best way to save his career. His hot streaks have shown that he is a capable MLB player…just not right now for whatever reasons. With Pudge here and Molina not automatically taking a spot in the black hole that is the bottom of the Yankees order they can afford to see if Christian can get hot for a a couple of weeks. If that doesn’t work out Gardner will be here in Sept and they have other stopgap options in the minors right now like a Matt Carson. They could always go with Sexson as a DH and play Damon in CF. If Sexson doesn’t do it there’s always the platoon possibility with Miranda who seems to be doing better lately.

    My (imaginary world) solution would have been Jeter CF but obviously that doesn’t work mid-season and there are no SS left in the Yankee system of any value above A-ball.

    The team is in a weird position right now as it looks like there will be plenty of opportunities to try out young talent from now to the end of the season, they have a great farm system, but there really isn’t anyone left after the Brett Gardner experiment for them to turn to (off the mound).

    For the first time EVER…I miss Bernie.

    • Joey H says:

      i loved bernie williams. i have his home jersey. i haev his teeshirt. i used to blast the TV everytime he was up. but these days, bernie has prooved wht a scumbag is is by not showing up to the last oldtimers day in the old park. for crying out loud, AARON SMALL SHOWED UP!

      • steve (different one) says:

        really, a “scumbag”?

        • Joey H says:

          you just love to contradict anything i say. its how i feel. you may not feel that way, but it hurt me in a way to not see my favorite yankee of all time show up to an oldtimeers game of that status. his ego clearly got in the way

          • Newman says:

            Yet another intelligent argument by you, clearly it had nothing to do with the way the Yankees showed him the door.

          • cult of basebaal says:

            so, bernie is a “scumbag” because he didn’t give you what you thought you were entitled to?

  23. radnom says:

    Obviously this is just wild speculation, but where do you guys see the CF situation next year? A lot of members of this board seem to feel that AJax will be ready to step in midseason but I really think that assumes a lot. (Ans some people think he will break spring training as the starting CF, but thats just ridiculus.)

    Besides 1B there are 0 spots open in the lineup this offseason (assuming Posada can catch). So besides 1B and starting pitching, which are holes to fill, CF is the one area the team can really improve. There is not really a whole lot on the free agent market and trading for a decent center fielder seems like a waste with AJax on the horizon in 2010 so it seems like the Yanks are content to let Melky hold it down until then. I guess i’m ok with that as well. But what about this? Rocco Baldelli is a free agent this offseason and still only 26 years old right now. If, obviously a big IF, his current treatments can overcome his mystery ailments do you think it would be worth taking a shot on him for a minor league (say 4-6 mil a year if it takes that) deal to see if he can come back. If he can realise even a part of his potential he would be an upgrade over melky and it would really be a situation with huge upside and little risk. If everything went well, after holding down center for a little while he could move to a corner outfield spot once Jackson comes up and damon/nady are on the way out. Anyway, probably never going to happen but just thought I would throw that out there.

    • Old Ranger says:

      Just for the hell of it, here goes.
      Next year may see; Nady in RF, Johnny in LF, and Brett in CF. With Miranda at 1st/DH and Jorge 1st/DH/C. Unless the team pulls off a trade for a top quality CF, the only other guy would be Matt Carson…I must state at this time, Miranda and Matt were mentioned above.
      I think Nady will hit #3, and even though I hate the idea of hitting behind a slow runner, Brett/Justin/Matt will hit #9.
      Rocco was on the cusp of becoming a smi-great ball player…but, I would pass on him.
      As for A-Jax, I really think it depends on the rest of this season and ST. Defensively he is good enough and even though he has not shown great hitting in the MiL, the rest of his game may be able to support a .270 hitter. He would be an up grade of Melky, but will end up in AAA. 27/08??

  24. EdB says:

    Radnom-great call on Baldelli. He was a gamechanger and at his age can easily turn it around. I’d say give him a decent base and a bunch of incentives and see what he’s got.

    • Joey H says:

      probably why they didnt try to acquire anyone, save their prospects and then get him to play the outfield/firstbase/DH. then call up david price, so no need for pitching or hitting here.

      • radnom says:


        • Joey H says:

          THE-Reason-the-rays- didnt acquire a pitcher, nor a hitter to improve their 2008 team is because baldelli was like to contribute. and david price is in the minorleagues just a short time away from coming up. with an great stuff including that explosive fastball, he will be able to contribute.

  25. vincent says:

    yankees should try to get david dejesus.. always felt like he was underated and he is only leading the majors w/ a 430 batting avg w/ runners in scoring position. what type of package could acquire him

    • cult of basebaal says:

      hard to say, he could be had, i’m sure, but he won’t be cheap and drayton moore’s no dave littlefield …

      he’s been on my radar too, might be a good stopgap CF and then slide over to LF when jackson comes up and damon leaves.

  26. UNION YES. says:

    Jeff Karstens looks like he’s putting together another good start against the dbacks. Hitless into the 4th..

    • Joey H says:

      yea and of course we couldnt give them phil coke. he could have really helped us now. ithought his injury was stiill setting him back, i know he got lit up in one of his AAA starts.

      • radnom says:

        Karstens is no better than Rasner even when healthy. Worse even. 5 good innings againts the DBacks doesn’t mean anything. Hell, even I could put up a good came against an NL West team.

        • Joey H says:

          how can you say that man. his stuff is a ton better. he might not have that location anymore, but i dont even think rasner has it anymore. his stuff is not majorleague-able.

  27. Joey H says:

    how far along are we from letting a guy like milton, zambrano a turn in the rotation? i kno hughes and pavano are a few weeks away so maybe they can contribute some how? better than rasner again. hwo about freddie garcia too. im not expecting the 17 game winning garcia but he can contribute as a veteran

    • radnom says:

      Milton is rehabing, not until next year. Zambrano sucks. Garcia, meh. Honstely you need to stop looking at the last names. We have better (or at least equally awful) options for this year in house.

      • Joey H says:

        wait, milton is rehabbing WHILE undercontact with us? why shouldnt he just practice in our complex like zambrano did before we gave him a contract? if he cant contribute this year then what is the sense of giving him a contract

        • steve (different one) says:

          dude, you need to relax.

          it’s a minor league contract.

          it is completely meaningless.

          • Joey H says:

            im relaxed. no need to tell me that. i just dont understand the point of giving him one

            • cult of basebaal says:

              because it allows us to monitor his progress and gives us the inside track on signing him for next year if we think he might be useful

  28. pete c. says:

    Melky’s never seen a 1st pitch he can lay off. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him with a full count.

  29. vincent says:

    you can say the same thing about jeter.. first pitch swinging usually results in a ground ball to short or third

    • Joey H says:

      the problem is jeter needs to be moved down in the order. im sorry but its true. he has 17GIDP as of last night. his rbi production is somewhat where it should be. you never expect him to hit any hrs. but hes gonna have a 8HR 65rbi and .285 batting average. and a very weak 285. sure there was screamers he hit and got robbed of . but im sorry time to move down. i say, put nady in that spot. hes a 330 hitter that will hit 25 hrs or around there per year. and it might just be me but im very impressed with his eye.

      • Count Zero says:

        This argument makes absolutely no sense to me.

        Even if you eschew traditional lineup structure (i.e., the 2 slot is for a guy who can move runners over via bunt, groundball to the right side, etc.) and are in favor of the more modern sabre approach — then you should be selecting a high OBP guy in the 2 slot. The modern thought process would say put the highest OBP 1 and 2, highest OPS in 3.

        Jeter’s career OBP is .386. Nady’s is .340. Even this year in his banner season his OBP is .388 — basically the same as Jeter’s career — only he has a lot more pop (the 25HRs you called out). So you don’t want to waste Nady in the 2 slot — you want him in an OPS slot where there is a greater likelihood of people being on base when he hits it hard.

        You want to argue for Nady in the 3 slot or the 5 slot — you have a case. 2 slot? Not that I can see…

        • Joey H says:

          thats very fair. i mean more next year than this year. what i say obviously wont happen because of girardi and jeet’s relationship. to me, having an ex player manage a team that still has his former teammates on it hurts them. i honestly thing it warps his views of setting up a lineup. jeter very honestly has prooven to be a rally killer.

  30. vincent says:

    i like nady in the 5 or 6 hole. damon and jeter should flip flop.. nady’s rbi production will diminish batting 2nd ala melky in the 9 hole

    • Joey H says:

      i understand nady is hot and it wont always be like this. besides jeter cant be first anymore, cause then you got the lefties stacked before arod. i wouldnt even experiment. damon is a leadoff hitter and has been so for probably the better part of 10 years now

  31. dkidd says:

    jeff karstens perfect through 5

  32. dkidd says:

    jk perfect through 6

  33. Joey H says:

    6 and 2 outs perfect. worked a full count with o-dog

  34. andrew says:

    wow karstens. this is exciting

  35. Joey H says:

    karstens, two hits and 1 run at the plate. WHOO HOOO

  36. Joey H says:

    and wow i didnt realize dougy can play the OF too. i think he did so against us. too bad we still dont have him. he did have a couple three run homeruns last year lol, in his limited time.

  37. Joey H says:

    wow they let randy go 111 pitches. amazing lol

  38. UNION YES. says:

    Karsten is also 2/3 with the bat today. jeez

  39. Joey H says:

    only 84 pitches after the first out in the 8th

  40. Joey H says:

    fuck basehit

  41. Joseph M says:

    Melky isn’t what’s killing them, the pitching (especially the starters) has stunk.

    In the last 10 games the Yankees have given up 12 or more runs twice, 9 runs three different times (and they actually won one of those games), seven runs another time and 8 runs last night. 3-7 last ten games and as the old commercial use to go, with respect to their record over the last ten games “they earned it”. Can’t win with this type of pitching, The Mick in his prime wouldn’t be albe to help.

    Melky is not doing well to be sure and he needs Girardi to get in his face and explain what needs to be done to retain the starting job beyond this year.

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