Four more years! Four more years!


According to the Associated Press, the Charleston River Dogs, the one of two Yankees minor league affiliates not named the Yankees, will extend their relationship with the parent team. And why not? They’ve set attendance records the past two years, and expect another one this year. With this commitment, though, one has to wonder whether they’ll soon become the Charleston Yankees.

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  1. TurnTwo says:

    i kind of like the fact that they arent named the yankees… these minor league teams should have their own names; its part of the fun of the MILB experience, i think anyway.

    btw, the Trenton Thunder are also not named the Yankees.

  2. stefan says:

    It’ll be tough to top the crop of prospects the River Dogs have had the last few years.

    But hey, at least they’ll have Pat Venditte.

    • Joseph P. says:

      He could go to Tampa next year.

      • pat says:

        and thats where the pat venditte experience will toil away

        • Colombo says:

          say what you want, i think venditte is going to make it as a serviceable reliever. the yanks wouldn’t have drafted the guy…twice…just to have him be a story in the minors. i saw him pitch earlier this year, granted, it was the NY-Penn league, but he looked pretty good…

          people always say we need a lefty out of the ‘pen, why not an ambidexterous pitcher who (almost) always has the advantage over the hitter?

          • pat says:

            Because his pure stuff is not that great from either side. hes dominating at SI bc hes playing agaist kids 3 or 4 years younger than him.

            • Clayton says:

              Actually, most of the players in the Penn league are between 20 to 23 (Venditte is 23) and are recent college grads. Just look at the SI roster and see all the 85 birthdates.

  3. Shouldn’t at least one of our minor league affiliates be named the Highlanders?

    SWB Highlanders
    Trenton Thunder
    Tampa Yankees (we should maintain the Yankees name in the Devil Rays city…)
    Charlston River Dogs
    Staten Island Kills (that would be AWESOME!) OR
    Staten Island Bridges OR
    Staten Island Narrows

  4. bill says:

    I think Charleston is the Yanks affiliate loaded with the most talent. They have Montero, Laird, Betances, Heredia, Romine, Suttle and others. I wouldnt be suprised if most of the above are eventually in pinstripes.

  5. Brad K says:

    Toledo MudHens

  6. Charleston Native says:

    There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that there will ever be a team called the Charleston Yankees. This is a city where the main newspaper still prints letters to the editor on a semi-weekly basis expressing complaints about the use of the term “Civil War.” I went to a game last month with my Rivera jersey on and got into a playful argument with three different people. I think you overestimate the average fan’s interest in the organizational/developmental nature of minor league baseball. Most of the Riverdogs fans go to the game because the stadium is nice and they like baseball, not because they have any interest in the Yankees organization. Quite the opposite.

    • Joseph P. says:

      I didn’t understand what you were getting at until the “Civil War” comment. I totally overlooked that, obviously.

      The comment was mainly in relation to the team changing Scranton Wilkes Barre from the Red Barons (badass name) to the Yankees (been done). That’s all.

  7. Charleston Native says:

    Before they were the RiverDogs they were the Rainbows. That’s another name that didn’t really work in South Carolina I guess…

  8. RobertGKramer says:

    Leave the name alone. Nice and easy to shout “let’s go Dogs’ when they visit the Blue Claws!

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