Hughes (and Pavano) take another step

Olympic tune-ups begin today
Moose rights his — and the Yanks' — ships

Triple-A Scranton (7-3 loss to Pawtucket)
Brett Gardner & Greg Porter: both 1 for 4, 1 K – Gardner swiped a bag
Eric Duncan & Matt Carson: both 0 for 4 – E-Dunc K’ed thrice
Juan Miranda & Ben Broussard: both 1 for 3, 1 R, 1 HR, 1 BB – Miranda drove in 1 run … Broussard drove in a pair of runs & K’ed
Cody Ransom, JD Closser & Chris Basak: all 0 for 3, 1 BB – Ransom swiped a bag, scored a run & K’ed … Basak K’ed twice
Billy Traber: 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 HB, 3-2 GB/FB – 21 of 39 pitches were strikes (53.8%) … started in place of Alan Horne, who was shipped to Tampa to figure out what the hell is wrong with him
Steven Jackson: 2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 2 K, 3-1 GB/FB – 21 of 39 pitches were strikes, same rate as Traber
Mark Melancon: 2 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 1 HB, 2-1 GB/FB – 21 of 33 pitches were strikes (63.6%)
Phil Coke: 1.1 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 0-2 GB/FB
Scott Strickland: 0.2 IP, 2 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 1 K – he was bound to have one of these eventually

Double-A Trenton
Game 1
(7-3 win over Portland) this was the makeup of the July 20th game that was rained out
Reegie Corona & Ramiro Pena: both 1 for 2 – Corona drew 2 walks, stole 2 bases, scored 2 runs, drove in a run & K’ed … Pena walked once
Austin Jackson: 2 for 3, 1 R, 1 2B, 2 RBI
Chris Malec, Colin Curtis, Kevin Russo & Joe Muich: all 1 for 3 – Malec drove in a run, K’ed & was caught stealing … Curtis drew a walk, drove in a run, scored a run & K’ed … Russo drew a walk, doubled & scored a run … Muich drove in a run, scored a run & K’ed
Cody Ehlers: 0 for 2, 1 R, 2 BB
James Cooper: 1 for 4, 1 RBI
Mike Gardner: 3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 2 K, 1 WP, 4-3 GB/FB
Anthony Claggett: 3 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 4-3 GB/FB – 4 runs allowed in his last 5 IP after allowing 6 runs in his previous 47 IP
Wilkins Arias: 1 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 0 K
Game 2 was postponed due to rain. I’m guessing they’ll play two tomorrow.

High-A Tampa (13-7 win over Dunedin)
Luis Nunez, Andres Perez & Tim Battle: all 2 for 5 – Nunez scored 2 runs, drove in 2 runs & swiped a bag … Perez scored a run, drove in a run & K’ed twice … Battle tripled, drove in a run, scored a run & K’ed
Eduardo Nunez & Kevin Smith: both 3 for 5, 1 2B, 2 RBI, 1 K – Nunez drew a walk & scored 3 runs … Smith scored a pair of runs
Josh Kreuzer: 1 for 4, 1 2B, 1 RBI, 1 HBP
Seth Fortenberry: 2 for 4, 2 R, 1 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 1 K
Kyle Anson: 1 for 5, 1 R, 1 2B, 1 PB
Matt Cusick: 0 for 2, 1 K – organizational debut … guess he’s going to be working off Tampa’s bench after being a regular player in Low-A while with Houston
Mitch Hilligoss: 1 for 3, 1 R
Alan Horne: 2.1 IP, 6 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, 1 WP, 1-3 GB/FB – prospect status starting to go boom
Edgar Soto: 2.2 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 3 K
Phil Bartlewski: 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 3 K
Josh Schmidt: 2 IP, zeroes, 1 K, 5-0 GB/FB

Low-A Charleston (5-4 win over Greenville)
Justin Snyder: 0 for 5
Bradley Suttle: 2 for 4, 1 2B, 1 K – gotta love the .471 SLG
Austin Romine & Jesus Montero: both 1 for 4
Austin Krum & Brandon Laird: both 2 for 4, 2 R, 1 K – Krum hit a solo jack … Laird launched a pair of homers & drove in 3 runs … the radio announcer said it cleared the New York Life Building in LF, so that’s not a cheapy
Carmen Angelini & Matt Morris: both 0 for 3, 1 BB – Angelini K’ed twice, Morris once … Morris was also caught stealing
Abe Almonte: 2 for 4, 1 R, 1 2B, 1 HR, 1 RBI – 6 for his last 14 with 4 XBH, so he’s starting to get it together
Carl Pavano: 3 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 2 K, 4-2 GB/FB – 33 of 45 pitches were strikes (73.3%) … he’s still in one piece, I think
Phil Hughes: 3.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, 2 WP, 2-4 GB/FB – 37 of 54 pitches were strikes (68.5%) … he was on a ~50 pitch limit … next stop Trenton? I say yes
Ryan Zink: 1.1 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 1 K
Jon Ortiz: 1 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 1 K – almost let it get away

Short Season Staten Island (6-1 win over Brooklyn)
Addison Maruszack (17): 3 for 5, 2 R, 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 RBI – 13 for his last 36 (.333)
David Adams (3): 1 for 4, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 1 BB, 2 K
Brian Baisley: 2 for 5, 1 K
Dan Brewer (8) & Taylor Grote: both 1 for 4, 1 R, 1 2B, 1 K – Brewer was hit by a pitch … Grote drove in a run
Marcos Vechionacci: 2 for 3, 1 2B, 2 RBI – back after missing just about all of the season with what I believe was a quad injury … please correct me if I’m wrong
Mitch Abeita (19): 0 for 4, 3 K
Erik Lovett (39): 1 for 3, 1 R, 1 2B, 2 K
Ray Kruml (11) & Melky Mesa: both 0 for 2 – Kruml K’ed twice, Mesa once
Nick Montgomery: 5 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 4 K, 6-5 GB/FB – nice outing for the undrafted free agent
Jacinto Gonell: 2 IP, zeroes, 2 K, 2-2 GB/FB
Jason Kiley: 1.1 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 0 K, 4-0 GB/FB
Brad Rulon (34): 0.2 IP, zeroes, 1-1 GB/FB – filling in at closer because Pat Venditte is out with an illness

The Rookie GCL Yanks had their game suspended in the middle of the 8th inning due to rain. They’re going to finish it up Monday, so I’ll update the stats then.

Olympic tune-ups begin today
Moose rights his — and the Yanks' — ships
  • Chris G.

    Is there something wrong with Vendette? He hasn’t pitched in over a week. Also, is it just me or does Tampa have the most boring lineup in the Yank’s system?

    • Mike A.

      Venditte’s sick. And yes, Tampa is a black hole this season.

    • Ivan

      Well they have the most boring team in the Yankee system.

  • Ivan

    Hughes was pretty good tonight from what I heard from the radio especially his fastball which was consistent 95-96MPH. Also, his curve got better as the game went progress. Can I say, 4th starter right now in the rotation.

    • Steve H

      After a few more stretch-outs, yes you can say that.

  • JC in DC

    Hughes at 95-96? That’s an improvement from earlier in the year, no? Does anyone else buy into the lost velocity due to mechanics theory? Scouting reports from early in his career had him touching 95 and 96, but he hasn’t thrown that hard in the majors has he? I know I’m beating a dead horse, but I just can’t see Baseball America hyping this guy if it wasn’t true. I don’t think there are a whole lot of Yankee fans over there.

    • Mike A.

      I’m pretty sure the stadium gun was hot, and he was more 92-93.

      • JC in DC

        That’s fast enough.

      • Brandon

        Mike A. according to that RD announcer he hit triple digits tonight IDK if it’s true but word is the scouts at the game were shocked. I’m googling his name right now to see if it was legit because the parks crew said there was nothing wrong w/ the gun tonight.

        Again IDK.

        • Ivan

          I don’t know Triple Digits but his Velocity was crazy great tonight, consistently hitting in the mid 90’s and topping out at 97 pretty well.

          Was the gun probably juice yeah, but overall his velocity was terrfic from what I heard from the radio.

        • Travis G.

          i’ve never heard of hughes hitting 100 mph. the fastest recorded pitch (afaik) he’s thrown has been 97 mph (courtesy of Josh Kalk).

          maybe since he knows he’s going just 50 pitches, he amps it up, but that’s still kinda unbelievable.

          Mike, any word on whether Hughes DID alter his mechanics?

      • Steve H

        Which means he’ll be at 95-96 on the Stadium gun, on the Espn gun, and the Fox gun. If he’s at 92-93, with the occasional 94-95, he can get major league hitters out. I hate to say it, but I think the change in catchers alone will help him if/when he gets back to the majors. I certainly think Molina would be better than Jorge behind the plate with Hughes, and Pudge might be.

      • Joe

        if that

      • Chris

        The other thing to consider is that as he gets a little older (up to 24-25) his velocity very well could tick up a couple MPH. That would be surprising in this case since he was sitting at 90-92 at the start of the year, but it will be interesting to watch.

    • Ramadan

      i doubt he was hitting 95-96

  • Charles

    Hey Mike, is Brandon Laird legit?

    • Mike A.

      Yes, but he’s not some kind of uber-prospect. The kid can flat rake though.

  • CB

    Before the whole Phil Hughes velocity debate gets started again I wouldn’t believe any of the gun readings from Greensville.

    The readings on Hughes were just ridiculous. According to the gun Hughes hit 101 mph tonight. Just nonsense. They also had him hitting 97 and 98 several times. Just garbage readings.

    Hughes pitched well and struck 5 but he was not throwing that hard. At least one ball was hit hard against him and it didn’t sound like the low A hitters were being blown away. A number of the strike outs came on the curve – which baffled the Greensville hitters as you’d expect.

    If he was throwing 101 or even 95-98 low A hitters wouldn’t touch a pitch. His outing was good but it wasn’t that dominant.

    Hughes topped out at 93 his last appearance. I’m sure he was sitting 92-93.

    Just as he always does.

    • Steve H

      I guess the important thing is, was it 92-93 with movement? Or flat? Even if it is 95-96 (extremely doubtful), if it’s flat, it’ll get hit.

    • Joe

      Let’s not have the debate and just agree he tops out in the low to mid 90’s

  • Mike W.

    Two questions:

    1) Why does Melancon pitch 2 innings every game he pitches (or so it seems to me; i could be wrong)?

    2) What happened to Alan Horne? Did he have a setback in his arm when he came back?

    • Chris G.

      I second the Melancon question. I get that they want to stretch him out, but when are they going to start making him go on consecutive nights like a normal reliever?

    • Jamal G.

      1. Low number of pitches in basically every inning he pitches. As a result, the Yankees’ brass allow him to pitch multiple innings to get his workload in.

      2. Nobody knows. Not Alan Horne, seemingly not the Yankees, nobody. We are all perplexed and worried because this is just beyond strange.

    • Mike A.

      I didn’t believe the common explanation that Melancon was throwing so few pitches per inning that he had to work multiple innings to get his work in. It sounded too bullshitty. After his first two AAA appearances though, that appears to be true because the pitch counts have been pretty damn low (~10 pitches per inning). Small sampling, of course.

      Alan Horne … who know. Last year was the first year he was fully healthy wire-to-wire, so it’s not like he’s a pillar of durability. Hopefully it’s not his shoulder.

      • John

        I saw Mark pitch in Trenton each home game during his time there and it looked to me like he was on a pitch count rather than an innings count. Many times he was under 10 pitches an inning.

        • A.D.

          Chad Jennings had a brief quote from him saying he basically looks to only throw 3 pitchers per batter and just go right after them, obv thats most players strategy or goal, but for him it seems to work out in the minors.

  • billybob

    What the fuck happened to Alan Horne?

    • billybob

      Also wanted to say that I am totally bumbed out about Horne. He was my favorite prospect going into the season. I sure hope Nardi can turn him around.

  • Manimal

    If Hughes can keep his pitch count down and try to “throw” rather than “pitching”. He thinks too much and loses control.

    • Ben K.

      Thanks, Phil Hughes’ psychologist. I’m glad to hear we have successfully diagnosed his problem.

  • Ivan

    Well his next start is probably thursday, if the readings on his fastball are similar to tonights start then we maybe on to something. Nevertheless, from what I can gather scouts were pretty surprise by his velocity too and they have their own guns so those velocity readings must be good. Besides that radar gun was pretty consistent. with every pitcher so how the hell it’s gonna be wrong on Hughes especially when they are not playing in Charleston.

    Well his curve was pretty sick so that hell of good news right there as well.

    • CB

      The people in the park were surprised by the board reading 97,98, 101.

      I listened on the radio – they never independently confirmed what the scouts guns showed.

      The announcers were commenting on people’s reactions to what the board was showing – not to what scouts were seeing themselves.

      Hughes threw well. Nice step forward but nothing out of the ordinary.

      • Ivan

        We will see next start.

  • Chris G.

    I was trying to navigate the semi-functional F line while all this was happening. Who exactly was making all of these claims about his velocity and were all of the scouts who were “amazed” by him getting the same readings or were they just seeing the pitcher we always knew that we had? P.S. If he gets himself right for next year, he’s our number three starter. NUMBER THREE!

    • Steve H

      Are you assuming no CC/Sheets? As much as I think Hughes will be a #2-3 (maybe #1), I’d rather see him at the backend next year.

      • Chris G.

        I don’t really want to make line-up assumptions about two guys who are going to be asking A LOT next year.

        • Steve H

          I agree, I just assume something will happen so that Hughes isn’t thrown in as #3 to start the year. By the end of next year, I would think he’d be in the top 3, just don’t want that pressure on him to start the season. And if he is #3, who’s 4-5? I’m sure based on this year (rasner and ponson) that they will make sure they have more major league ready depth.

          • A.D.

            He would still be #3 Joba, Wang, Hughes. If nothing just because of experience. He probably will be a #2 starter overall but would be a #3. In terms of 4 & 5 theres IPK, Pettite/Moose coming back, Aceves, someone like Marquez coming back healthy, Zambrano or Milton winning a job, and as always a free agent thats not CC or Sheets

  • Todd

    The more I follow Yankee prospects the more I am coming to realize that the pitching stats coming out of Trenton mean very little. It seems like all of these guys who are incredible in Trenton suddenly become very ordinary. I understand that the jump in levels also contributes, but it just seems like all of the guys who do well (Aceves, Horne, Coke) in Trenton fizzle at the next level–moreso than the jumps from other levels.

    • Steve H

      Kinda early on Coke isn’t it? And there is clearly something going on with Horne that has nothing to do with ability.

    • Jamal G.

      Alfredo Aceves is also coming back from a groin injury. He hasn’t even gotten his feet wet in Triple-A, give the dudes some time.

    • A.D.

      Horne hasn’t “fizzled” he hasn’t been healthy, he’s had some decent starts at AAA. Coke has made 1 appearance, Aceves has 3 starts, and in interviews he has said he’s adjusting to AAA.

      Kinda a bit premature to jump on those guys. I mean IPK has dominated at AA and AAA, same with Joba.

  • trevor

    anyone know where pavano was sitting with his fastball?

    • Steve H

      Hopefully this question is just to reference back to Hughes velo. I mean, it’s Carl “buttocks injury” Pavano.

    • Rich M

      According to the guy on the radio pavano was sitting at 92-93

  • Nickel

    Hasn’t Coke only had one AAA start?

    • Steve H

      Not a big enough sample size to label him a AAA bust….or a product of Trenton?

      • Nickel

        Right…that’s what I meant. My post was meant to be a reply to a few posts up.

        • Steve H

          Oh, I knew what you meant. I agree with you 1000%.

      • Mike A.

        He’s got like, 6 IP in AAA under his belt. One thing about Coke that separates him from some of the other guys is that he made himself into a prospect. He’s not the most talented guy, but he’s worked his ass off, battled injuries, and has become who he is through hard work. There’s way too many guys that just coast on talent these days.

  • Todd

    And here comes Miranda…Like I said earlier today, if E Duncan was producing like Miranda, the site would crash nightly. I have a funny feeling about this guy and I think people are kind of sleeping on him. The HR stroke is coming…

  • daneptizl

    He feasts against right-handers, but it’s just plain famine against LHers… although it appears he’s starting to get better.


    After Horne, Exactly who has fizzled after being promoted from Trenton? Aceves maybe has come down to earth a little, But he is not stinking it up…Just the usual adjustment with more selective hitters…Ditto for Mcutchen, Melancon, Cox, etc…

    I think we expect too much from prospects…Just a few years ago, B4 RAB, Pending Pinstripes, Pinstripes Plus etc…most of us would have no idea who these kids were. Now we expect them to come up and dominate at each level…Sometimes these kids just have to work things out…See Veras…

    • Steve H

      And if Veras had come up in our system, I’m sure many fans would have been disappointed with his development and written him off. And in the past, all of our “good” prospects were traded away for veterans (and sucked, Henson, Melian, etc.) I think we can take heart in the fact that they are holding on to these guys, and that is a sign that the front office thinks highly of them. Of all of the top prospects we’ve traded through the years, how many of them turned out to be anything? I’m sure you can count them on one hand.

    • Mike A.

      Exactly who has fizzled after being promoted from Trenton?

      Jeff Marquez, Tyler Clippard, Steven White came to mind.

    • Todd

      I don’t think I am expecting too much, I simply think that Trenton, being a pitcher’s ballpark, contributes to the AA pitcher’s success. My point being is that in my mind, I am starting to temper my excitement and expectations because the struggles from AA to AAA in the Yankee organization seems to expose our pitching prospects moreso than the jump from any other level.

  • Jake

    I would be shocked if Horne didn’t have an injury. Rob Neyer, whose opinion I respect, often says that when a pitcher’s results get out of whack like this it’s only a matter of time before they discover there’s something wrong physically.

  • Brandon

    Philip Hughes and Carl Eh Aug.1st rehab video

    It takes awhile to notice it but Hughes is slide striding here, that strikeout to David Mailman on the video through radio broadcast was 97 MPH

  • Neil

    if pavano was throwing 92-93 we can probly say the gun is 4 mph juiced, cause one would expect him to be 88-89 coming off tommy joh. so if hughes was reported at 97-101, we can say he was at actually at 93-97. This would be a huge improvement to the 89-93 mph Hughes we saw earlier in the year.

    Hughes sliding into the #4 spot after Mussina, Joba, and Pettite would be perfect.

  • Mike A.

    Holy crap moly, has anyone seen The Departed?

    • infernoscurse

      yes, me

      one of my fave because of all the jack ass attitude by the cast

  • Lanny

    How’s that uninspiring AJ???

  • Lanny

    I think we all know Hughes doesn’t throw 100mph.


  • Frank

    Horne is a typical example of an over-hyped Yankee prospect. This guy pitched thru A & AA with a 1.35 WHIP & has shown essentially zero command since coming out of Fla.

    You can say he had TJ surgery, or he had a good year last year, but he was 24 in AA & again pitching to a 1.35 WHIP. Never understood the hype on him.

    I’m TOTALLY writing him off as a prospect. He was decent trade bait ONCE… not anymore.

  • emac2

    Oh shoot!

    If you are going to TOTALLY write him off we might as well just cut him and move on.

    Thanks for your help.