Rosenthal: Yanks could be in same position next year

Checking in with Ross Ohlendorf
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Now that the trade rumor market has died down, Fox Sports’s Ken Rosenthal has taken to analyzing teams. Up today, our very own Yankees. Rosenthal says that the team might be in a similar position next year, as even money can’t cover up some of their shortcomings.

Still, even if the Yankees landed Sabathia and Teixeira, they would be stuck with the same questionable group of young starting pitchers and many of the same underperforming hitters.

Yet, in a paragraph earlier in the article, Rosenthal admits that landing Sabathia would give the Yanks one of the top rotations in the league, headed by the big guy, Chien Ming Wang, and Joba Chamberlain. If the Yankees are able to bring back Mussina and Pettitte, and I presume they’ll make every effort to do so, then how in the world would they have the same young pitching problems as this year? Instead of handing Hughes and Kennedy de facto rotation spots, each would have to earn it. And even then, we’ve already listed five guys. With Sabathia in tow, Phil Hughes could easily start 2009 in Scranton.

Remember, the Yankees spent heavily last offseason — $275 million for third baseman Alex Rodriguez, $52.4 million for catcher Jorge Posada, $45 million for closer Mariano Rivera, $16 million each for Pettitte and right fielder Bobby Abreu. Those were all players who had proven they could play in New York. And yet, here are the Yankees, on track to miss the postseason for the first time since 1993.

I’m sorry, this is just lazy. All of those players were on the team last year. There was no upgrade. If they add Sabathia and Teixeira — and no, I am not necessarily advocating signing both, though there are worse off-seasons in which to do it — they will be complete and total upgrades over what we currently have. Or would have next year otherwise.

He also talks about Yankees players in decline, pointing the finger directly at Derek Jeter. You know what? There’s a decent chance that he comes back with another stellar year next year. Who knows what’s wrong with him in 2008. In any case, it seems he’s overcome it, as he’s hitting .352/.392/.432 in August. If he puts up those numbers over the course of next season, not a single person will complain. Yes, things might get worse for the Captain. Players at his age tend to hit a downslope. But that’s far from a given.

Further on Jeter, Rosenthal speculates on a position change. The most irksome passage here is where Rosenthal says Jeter’s bat is inadequate for first base. Yes, he would represent a lower than league average bat at first. But you know what? The ’77 and ’78 Yanks won the World Series with Chris Chambliss playing first. Even adjusting for the time periods, I would think that Jeter could keep that pace (112 and 100 OPS+ figures, respectively for Chambliss). With the correct pieces elsewhere, including Jeter’s replacement at short, this shouldn’t be an enormous problem.

It’s sexy to beat up on the Yanks. No, they’re not perfect. Yes, they have some flaws which might not be worked out by Opening Day ’09. But they’re far from hopeless. With a few calculated upgrades this off-season, the Yanks could be in a much better position in 2009.

Checking in with Ross Ohlendorf
Instant reply to be implemented this week
  • Relaunch

    Agree with most of your points but he is talking about depending on IPSuk and Glass Joe Hughes. That is 40% of the rotation. I think they will bring back Moose or Andy, not both.

    • MD

      Pettitte will come back because he’s willing to go year to year….Mussina will be offered arbitration, and probably sign a multi year with someone else, IMO

    • ChrisS

      hate hate hate hate

  • Manimal

    Joba will be a much more established starter next year, Mike Mussina has had an epiphany and is suddenly good, CC is CC and Pettite needs to get a little bit more consistant and Wang needs to get off the baselines. Put all those together and we have an amazing pitching staff. Imagine if Pettite doesn’t sign and they get Burnett. Amazing.

  • Zack

    Wow, how quickly the “fans” turn on the kids, eh?

    And I’m sure Ol’ Kenny will come out with a deeply researched analysis on the Red Sox that has them set for life because of their being “the best run organization in baseball” and being so much better with the minors and all of that.

    • AndrewYF

      As genius the Red Sox have been, and as terrible as the Yankees have been, you’d expect the Sox to be the best team ever, and the Yankees to be the Giants. Isn’t it amazing how the Yankees were one Chase Wright away from winning the division last year, and are just 5 behind this year.

    • Jamal G.

      “They simply aren’t developing players as effectively as the Red Sox, whose homegrown talents include left-hander Jon Lester and closer Jonathan Papelbon, plus first baseman Kevin Youkilis, second baseman Dustin Pedroia, center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury and now shortstop Jed Lowrie.”

      Like that?

      • A.D.

        gotta love it, surprised they haven’t started given the front office props for “finding” Dice-K

      • bill

        Keep sucking it Rosenthal

      • Zack

        God damn, its so damn predictable…

  • Jon W.

    Joe, agree 100% with everything you said. I felt the same way when I read that ridiculous article. I know the Yankees are the “Evil Empire”, but why is it so hip to proclaim their demise imminent? Makes no sense. As you pointed out, if they do sign CC (which is certainly no guarantee), they would at least have a top 3 of CC, Wang, and either Mussina or Pettitte (if they only bring back one). That’s the worst case scenario if they signed Sabathia. Throw in Joba, Hughes, IPK, and any number of other free agents, and there’s no reason to think that the Yankees won’t be significantly better next year than they were this year.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Ken Rosenthal’s MOM might be in the same position next year…


    • pat

      dude his wifes in a coma

      • Manimal

        did he say wife?

        • pat

          dammit manimal YOU WIN AGAIN

          • Manimal

            =] thats how I roll. haha kidding.

            • pat

              i wanted to costanza his ass and overlooked that i typed wife instead of mom. oh well

              • Andy In Sunny Daytona

                The Yanks haven’t been the same since they traded Constanza to Tyler chicken for concessions of chicken products….dogs, twists and a fermented chicken drink.

              • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                Hey pat… Was I talking to YOU, PINHEAD!?!?!

  • Jersey

    Ken Rosenthal has been a twit for a while now. So, whatever.

    Hughes probably needs to get himself right in AAA before he’s back in the bigs full-time, but I’ve still got plenty of faith in him to do so, personally.

    • Reggie C.

      As do I. And its not like we’re relying on Yankee mysticism here .. the minor league stats + repertoire + glasses should give Hughes a better chance to succeed next season.

      Maybe he needed this shock of an unraveled season to get him re-focused. Its not unheard of prospects hitting the cruise control button in the minors and suffering for it in the majors.

  • Manimal

    Anyone else extremely pumped for todays game. I can’t wait, this is make or break time.

  • Manimal

    Per Pete Abe: Instant replay to begin on Thursday.

  • pat

    This article is garbage from word one. he starts off with some bs pandering then contradicts it in his article, such bullshit.
    This is why hes a senior writer for a website.

  • NYHighlanders

    As far as the rotation for next year…I would sign CC and AJ Burnett, and bring back Andy. That would give us the strong rotation of CC, Wang, Joba, Pettitte and AJ. That would be one of, if not the best, rotation in the AL.

    I would then attempt to trade Hughes and a few other prospects to the Dodgers for James Loney (1B) and Andruw Jones. The Dodgers might like the idea of trading for Hughes, a native of SoCal, in the same rotation as Kershaw. Loney would give us another talented young player on the right side of the infield. Jones is having a horrific year and would basically be a salary dump for the Dodgers, who just happen to have a surplus of outfielders. If Jones, an excellent defensive center fielder, could regain the power numbers he put up in years past he could be devastating in this lineup. We have a lot of young pitching talent in the minors maybe its time to trade Hughes for a young exciting position player like Loney, in hopes of getting yonger. Possible lineup in 2009…Damon (LF), Jeter (SS), Arod (3b), Matsui (DH), Jones (CF), Posada (Cat.), Nady (RF), Cano (2b) and Loney (1b)…WOW. What does anyone think?

    • Reggie C.

      Dude… Do. Your. Homework.

      Andruw Jones should be OUT of baseball.

    • ChrisS

      Hughes for Andruw Jones and James Loney … incredible. How are you not on the fast track to being a baseball GM?

      • Ivan

        Andruw Jones might be done. Think about it, Andruw Jones might be done at the age of 30.

        • jsbrendog

          didn’t he come up at 19 though?

          11 yrs isnt that bad

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Let me preface this with the statement that IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM do I want the Yankees to acquire Andruw Jones at any time in the near future.

          However, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jones latch on somewhere new with a fresh start, hit the gym again, stop trying to hit a 6-run HR every time up at the plate, and straighten himself out. He’ll never win a batting title, but he is still immensely talented and can get back to the .275/.360/.510 range and be a well-above-average major leaguer.

          He just needs some coaches/advisors/friends to tell him to pull his head out of his ass. And to put down the KFC bucket.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            BTW, went to Curacao on my honeymoon… Jones is still a golden god there. Our tour bus drove by his twin hilltop estates… in a word, DAMN.

          • Ivan

            I,ve never doubted the talent but he’s become an underachiever. Not to mention, his approach to hitting is awful and lack of modivation is what killing his career right now. Guys like Jones most of the time don’t turn it around.

        • jsbrendog

          never in a yankee uniform agreed.

    • jsbrendog

      burnett has to opt out first. and that isnt a definite

    • Joe

      Crazy…Andruw is horrible, if you are gonna pay $16MM it may as well be Abreu, also with Loney the lineup is headed towards “too lefty” and I think that’s as big a problem as any!

    • Mr. Faded Glory

      Yep that’s what everyone wants to see… Andruw Jones in CF to open the new Yankee Stadium, traded for one of the top pitching prospects in baseball.

  • Chris

    What in the Ken Rosenthal is going on? What a dope.

  • truth

    one chase wright away ? you are kidding right? – then you will look at his stats and say he lost X games therefore yanks would of won with someone else? read a book about logic please

    • Fanny

      I think he was making a larger point that if the Yanks had taken one more game from the Sox (he’s specifically referencing the Wright four homer game, but you could use any other Yanks/Sox game, or a combo of 1 more Yanks win + 1 more Sox loss in games against other opponents) then they’d have had equal records last year, which is all to say that the supposed demise of the Yankees is pretty overstated. Also, Chase Wright doesn’t have an L on his 3-game major league career OMG111

    • AndrewYF

      If they’d won one more game against Boston (they lost by one run in the game that Chase Wright gave up four straight homeruns), they would have won the division last year. I just think that with all the adulation and praise the BoSox get, and all the venom and criticism the Yankees get, they’d be much further apart than they currently are.

      The Red Sox simply aren’t light years ahead of the Yankees, like Rosenthal implies, even with all that went wrong this year.

      • Ivan

        yeah, even if the Sox have a leg up it’s not like they beating up on the yanks. Why do the media suck off the Sox soo much. Why?

        • jsbrendog

          plus beckett’s elbow is the size of a watermelon and h’s gonna have TJ….i hope

  • http://seeingwhatyouwant godfather

    rosenthal set out to write a downer and did; he supported none of his contentions; jeter — the commercial be damned — has not has that edge this year; things he has done with ease before have come harder…wonder if it’s too late for him to play the pasture? center, probably not…but left/right, intriguing here…i’d provide furcal all the backrubs required for three and an option

  • Ivan

    Guys the media can very fickle and also very ignorant and pretty much stupid. This Article is no different. The yanks will be in very good shape next season trust me.

    It’s become quite evident that like Joseph said, it’s sexy and popular to beat up on the yanks. By beating up on the yanks you not only inrationally say things about how the organization is gonna have major problems, but also inrationally boost up the other teams.

    Lets say next season, Dice-K isn’t as lucky, Pedrioa falls off, Youkilis(having a career year) comes back to earth and Lowrie sucks, what people are gonna say now. Especially if Cano bounce back, Hughes has a great year, and Melancon explodes on the scene and etc.

    Point is the yankee future is in good shape especially if they sign Cashman. It’s just the media overreacting and being irrational on the yanks tough season.

    It’s get me furious even when I shouldn’t be surprise of what they are writing.

    • Reggie C.

      Once A-rod gets some proper protection in the guise of Manny or Tex … or heck BOTH (its possible financially since Manny’s would be a short 3 yr contract) , i think we’ll see A-rod back put up consistent MVP campaigns.

      Remember JD’s bad 2007 season?? Yea. That one is fading. JD’s been very solid this season. So its way too premature to say jeter is in decline. It helps that he’s athletic and not a big power hitter type.

  • bill

    Another example of Yankee haters in the media. Hankenstein is right, the media is FULL of them. If we sign Sabathia and Texiera in the offseason, I’m predicting about 100 wins. Damn, they love to hate the Yanks and love to give the Red Sox head.

  • A.D.

    Ahh Ken Rosenthal just laying this one in without thinking. The funny thing is, if the Yankees just kept their current team, didn’t add a high profile free agent, they’d probably have a better season given the injuries, untimely hitting, and general disappointment (at times) the team has been this year.

    What could have been a decent article was talking about how the Tigers could be in the same position, next year, but that doesn’t get hits on the website

    • bill


    • AndrewYF

      Especially because he was one of many who were lauding the Tigers and deeming them WS favorites all offseason.

  • ChrisS

    regarding the pitching staff, it projects well next year. The defense and offense on the other hand … yikes.

    Rosenthal is right about the position players, and I don’t see signing Teixeira to a big ol’ deal solving much of anything.

    I don’t think that it’s a smart bet going into ’09 thinking that a 34-year old Jeter showing signs of decline in his last two seasons, will miraculously bounce back and hit like he did in ’06. Maybe if the reast of the team weren’t all in their mid-to-late 30s, but, well, they are.

    Damon is a really streaky hitter and poor defensively in CF, there’s Matsui who’s only able to DH, Posada is a 38 year old catcher coming off major shoulder surgery – it’s no guarantee he’ll be able to catch. Nady is due for a correction and won’t likely hit like this next year (and if he does, all he just replaces Abreu’s production plus whoever else is declining).

    They’re an old team and I’d bet that Damon/Matsui/Nady/Posada/Jeter as a whole do worse or the same next year rather than better. I don’t see them improving like Tinkerbell did just because we all really, really, really believe.

    As for the Red Sox vs. Yankee talents: Ellsbury is Brett Gardner-like, Lester isn’t this good, and Youkilis was developed thirty years ago it seems. I’d put Cano up against Pedroia any day of the week for their future totals (it’d be like Jeter vs. Garciaparra all over again). The Yankees have developed CMW, Joba, Cano, and Melancon will be in the mix next year. There’s still hope for Hughes and IPK.

    • jsbrendog

      buy youkilis was in moneyball!!!11!!! HE”S GREAT!!!!!

    • Reggie C.

      i think we’ll all agree that Ellsbury is a superior baseball player to Melky. he just plainly is. Even with his mediocre numbers, its still better than Melky. But could Gardner MATCH ellsbury’s numbers.

      I BELIEVE SO. So i guess that makes’m pretty equal in my book.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Saying that Ellsbury is better than Melky is like saying that you’d prefer to eat a truckload of camel jerky rather than a truckload of fermented bat dung.

        • Ivan

          Ellsbury is a solid player who’s better than Melky/Gardner but lets be real, Ellsbury isn’t that great and is overrated.

          • JohnnyC

            Realistically, Ellsbury isn’t better than Coco Crisp. Maybe not the Coco Crisp in a Red Sox uniform now but with the Indians he was a superior player, offensively and defensively.

        • TheLastClown

          Non-metaphorically……I would totally rather eat the camel jerky.

    • FL Yank

      I think we should be damn grateful if Damon, Matsui, and Nady put up the same numbers next year as they are this year.

      How spoiled can you get?

  • mike g.

    i like bringing in texiera at first.

    they will go after and overpay for CC . . .BUT . .

    but what about trading shelly duncan, Ian kennedy and “a player to be named” for Ryan Howard. I know he strikes out alot but he play gold glove first base, leads the NL in rbi’s and HR AND the phillies don’t like his skyrocketing salary. what do ya think?

    also maybe AJ. Burnett might want to be better than Beckett, and win a ring for the Yanks?

    • Reggie C.

      If Ryan Howard had matched last year’s numbers , i too would’ve been on board. But no more. Dude. Do you realize his OBP has dropped precipitously from last year. The batting average also keeps dropping. Ryan howard is not a good investment.

      Prince Fielder on the other hand ….

      • jsbrendog

        why not? he’s abr eligible for a couple more years isnt he?? no long term commitment!

        • A.D.

          Ryan Howard makes over 10M in arb, that’s not that great of a deal

    • Ivan

      Are you smoking?

      Ryan Howard a GG defender at 1B? He’s not even better than Giambi. Second, His BA, OBP and SLUG% have gone down every year and he’s the type of hitter who doesn’t age well. They wouldn’t mind Howard going somewhere cuz they had his best years cheaper.

      Also, AJ Burnett while has a great arm is underachiever. I would not give him a big deal.

    • jsbrendog

      now there’s an INTERESTING idea….howard is arb eligible, the phils might try to trade him and what better way to get at your rival, the ny mets, then trade a headline grabber to the yankees (other than sign him to mash the mets long term of course). Also it could be a good match couldnt it? phils with lots of older pitching (jamie moyer) and underachievers (blanton/myers/kendrick)

      i think this has some steam…i like it a lot actually

      • Reggie C.

        Its NOT about getting at the Mets. its never been that. Last time i checked … the RS and Rays were at the gates.

        Howard doesn’t improve this team. And if anything woudl strike out 250 times against AL pitching.

        • jsbrendog

          strikeouts are prob true. and no its not about the mets, read the whole comment and dont take it out of context

          “and what better way to get at your rival, the ny mets, then trade a headline grabber to the yankees (other than sign him to mash the mets long term of course).”

          that comment clearly states that it would be for the phillies (p-h-ui-l-l-i-e-s) the team that has the mets as their rival, to do this

    • A.D.

      I think one of the biggest hurdles would be Philly tossing away a former MVP for a journeyman with power, a back of the rotation starter, and a low minors prospect.

      On top of that, not a Howard to the Yanks fan, if you want a big time 1B, get Tex, even if his number decline you get the glove, better contact hitter, worse case he hits .280s with 20HR vs the .320 with 35+ HR

      • jsbrendog

        but you are stuck with a longterm contract at double the price. trade for howard if they dont expect the farm and run him out there. he sucks dont ofefer him arb or run hiom through his arb years. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING ABOUT LONG TERM CONTRACTS?

        pay mroe for less time.

  • Reggie C.

    To definitely end the Ryan Howard to Yanks trade … simply peep his numbers:

    2006: .313 BA / .425 obp / .659 SLG
    2007: .268 BA / .392 obp / .584 SLG
    2008: .227 BA / .317 obp / .475 slg

    the decline is all across the board offensively. I don’t know if this is his basement or if he’ll decline even further. Howard hasn’t earned much a pay bump if ANY with this season’s performance.

    • mike g.

      I agree his some of his numbers are in decline, but they will pick up and he leads the NL in RBI and HR. and he’s a LEFTY!!!!!

      The phillies want to get rid of him and need arms. The Yanks don’t have to sign him for 10 years like tex. i REALLy don’t like 10 year deals.

      besides, like it or not, the Yankees are officially rebuilding.

  • Jersey

    You know, I honestly don’t understand why any Yankee fan still reads these guys on Fox Sports, ESPN, etc etc. I haven’t read Gammons or any of these pukes in months – probably years – and I’m a much happier guy.

    I’ve got RAB, Bronx Banter, Hardball Times, Sabernomics, and a few other sites and blogs like that for my baseball fix….the big name media might as well not even exist, far as I’m concerned.

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    It’s interesting, because coming into 2007, weren’t people writing similar things about the Red Sox after their injury-plagued campaign in 2006, when they finished 3rd in the AL East?

    And just over a year later, they’re the toast of the media. What changed? They got healthy, their young players developed, and they made key player acquisitions.

    Why can’t this happen to the Yankees for 2009, again? Oh, that’s right; because they’re the Yankees.

    • Ivan

      The media is fickle.

  • pounder

    We are all overlooking the fact that these guys just do not hit in the clutch.If we have another lost season next year,heres hoping Arod looks to weasel out of his contract. We have to look at the character of free agents and how will they handle NY.Also DeAngelo Jimenez……err I mean Robison Cano,has to get his act together.Fire Clipboard Joe,(fire Beacham as well) and hire Willie Randolph and Larry Bowa,flip a coin to see who gets to be manager.Forget CC I do not think he will come to NY.Perez and Burnett are better options for the money.Florida’s Jacobs looks interesting.

    • jsbrendog

      d’ange,o jimenez never even approached cano’s ml production in his career totals combned.

      willie is NOT a good manager. he is a good bench coach/3rd base coach.

      I miss larry bowa. we agree on something. oliver perez either strikes everyone out ro walk te ballpark, not a good idea for the al east.

      aj burnett will want too much money but could be intriguing but everyone seems to forget he is under contract and no guarantees he even opts out.

      if he want smone yes, but if he stays there with haladay and the jays can add a big bat and a 3/4 innings eating starter or a young high upside guy they are DANGEROUS. I reiterate, they are only one game behind the yankees in the WC and have 11 mroe games v boston. ELEVEN GAMES. with halladay and burnett nothing is impossible

  • Ross

    Rotation Thoughts by Ross D:
    What nobody realizes is that CC likes to hit. He will end up in the National League. Just because the Yankees can afford him doesn’t mean they’re definitely going to get him.
    Now, as a life-long Yankee Fan, I would love to see both Pettitte and Moose re-sign. Perhaps Pettitte can do a Clemens-type deal and only travel with the team when he wants … giving a younger guy a shot every few weeks?
    Wang is another one of those pitchers with questionable durability. I think Hughes needs to be on the opening day roster as a sixth starter and he will work his way to the top by not being rushed to be ‘the next (fill in the blank).’
    ’09 Starters: Wang, Mussina, Chamberlain, Sheets?, Pettitte
    … close behind: Hughes, Ponson (minor league deal), Aceves, Giese, Horne, IPK (if we don’t trade him)

    • jsbrendog

      sheets is an interesting one too, but he, as with burnett, has durability issues and will want a lot of moneyu..but when he is healthy he is dirty

    • A.D.

      Isn’t opening day roster and 6th starter conflict, doubtful the Yanks carry 6 starters to begin the season.

      Ponson will probably get a major league deal off this season, and he’ll take it

      • jsbrendog

        which would not be a bad idea. he got booted from tex. he likes it here. if he takes a small deal with incentives or something thats the way to go. the way he’s pitched he should be kept around but i would much rather have him on a minor league deal

    • TheLastClown

      People do realize CC’s enjoyment of the bat, folks on this site have talked about it several times before. The thing is, the Brewers’ payroll is 80M this year, and Sheets got a slightly smaller deal than the cursed Pavabaltross deal, which expires at the end of the year. Now I know you weren’t limiting your CC-NL thought to the Brewers, but I’m saying they won’t sign him.

      What NL teams would have the gumption to do it? I dont know, but I don’t see any that would splurge on CC & have $$ left over to have a winning team. Clue me in, I don’t want to do the research on all the NL teams.

      As for Sheets, he hasn’t started 30 games since 2004, as he is injury prone, and with that factor the Brew crew might sign him for cheaper than if he was more consistent.

      CC has gone one year in his career w/o starting 30 games, in 06, he started 28.

      CC is the way to go. He is dominant. He has proved he can dominate in the AL. He’s not going to be Babe Ruth and be such a fantastic hitting pitcher that maybe he hits in games where he’s not pitching *which he couldn’t do in the NL anyway* And 3-4 ABs every 5 days is not worth giving up years and millions, in my opinion. *I’d guess that was CC’s attitude too, not to mention his agent*

      Go get CC!

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Dude, the chance to swing the bat 100-odd times a year in the #9 hole is probably thing #874 on CC’s list of reasons to pick one FA suitor over another.

  • Ross

    A player’s resurgence has much to do with enjoyment of their duties. CC may take less to play for the Dodgers. Houston may be willing to spend $$$. The Braves need to replace aging pitching. Never doubt the Mets desire for absolute dominance. St. Louis is a dark-horse.

  • tremont

    Off-season game plan:
    1) Move Jeter to center. His greatest skills as a defender are tracking fly balls and charging slow grounders. Also he is faster than he is agile. In the infield it is critical for a player to get out of the blocks quickly. In the outfield speed is more important than agility. He has all the tools to be a great outfielder.

    2) Sign Rafael Furcal to play SS.

    3) Sign Teixeira. Let Giambi go.

    3) Resign Abreu for less money.

    4) Deal either Nady, Matsui, or Damon (whomever the market will bear the most for) to clear up the Outfield/DH logjam. Preferably acquire an elite set-up man and/or position playing prospect(s).

    5) Resign Pettitte and Mussina to 1 year deals (Both players have said they want to take it one year at a time). Don’t sign long term contracts with any of the free agent pitchers. Sheets and Burnett are always hurt and Sabathia is going to cost a fortune.

    6) Get a Japanese team to take Igawa and half of his contract.

    For argument’s sake, say you deal Nady. 2009 Yankee team would be:

    1) Damon 2) Jeter 3) Teixeira 4) A-Rod 5) Abreu 6) Posada 7) Matsui 8) Cano 9) Furcal

    Wang, Chamberlain, Mussina, Pettitte are your top 4. Let Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves, Giese, Rasner, Eric Milton or some other dark horse duke it out for the 5th spot.

    Pretty much the same, except Melancon and possibly Patterson or Cox takes a spot or two. Perhaps you score a big guy for Nady/Matsui/Damon.

    Betemit, Molina, a dime a dozen all glove/no stick utility infielder and let Cabrera and Gardner fight for a spot. Don’t need a big bat off the bench when Cano and Furcal are your 8 and 9 hitters.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Okay, let’s delve.

      1) Sure, I’m on board, provided that we can actually get a replacement level SS to take his spot.
      2) Slim chance of that happening… plus, Furcal is banged up and will probably be overpriced. Not enthused.
      3) [the first one] I’m on board with that… if Tex doesn’t take somebody else’s offer. Like Arte Moreno’s.
      3) [the second one] No chance in hell of that happening.
      4) Including Nady in that list is crazy. BATSHIT crazy. He may be the most untouchable Yankee positional player for 2009 not named Cano or ARod. Even if he regresses as expected, he’s still above average both offensively and defensively, the only in-house OF (Jeter included) we can reasonably predict will be both of those things.
      5) Possible, but far from a given; somebody could kick a two year at Moose, and if they do, we shouldn’t try to match it. And if one of those legit, sub-30 aces hits the market and is interested in coming here, we should jump all over him.
      6) Impossible. You can’t trade ML players to Japan, or work out any type of under-the-table compensation or financial giveback. Only way this happens is if Igawa volunteers to give back salary to be released from his obligation, a thing he’s reluctant to do and the MLBPA would scream bloody murder over.

  • Pops

    get burnett that guy would be amazing for us.. hes gonna op out unless jays up their offer.

  • Pops

    dont move jeter yet… i would try to deal damon to the braves for something if they wanted him.. I say go all out sign 1 of CC Burnett or Sheets and sign Tex. We could be dominant..I’d prefer CC ut id take burnett over sheets. article in the boston globe said burnett wants to be in the bronx but who knows.. I love burnetts stuff.. Resign Bobby and get back Pettite for the playoffs. The game he pitched against cleveland that joba met the bugs was a great game.. Pettite was filthy man my god… Pettite is a solid pitcher and i dont think mosse is worth 2 years or 3. i love him and all but id rather have pettite. now if u wanna be crazy let both of them walk and sign CC and Burnett.. than u got CC Wang Burnett Joba Hughes… i would jizz on my tv if i saw that lol..

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      “i’d take burnett over sheets”

      You must be related to Burnett. Sheets is heads and shoulders over him. Younger, better control, lower WHIP.

  • Mark

    Be honest about this………Manny…………just shut up and think about it……..

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I’m down.

  • RustyJohn

    They may be in the same position for the next two years. Next year all they can do is get rid of Giambi and Abreu- what upgrades, other than Texiera, are there? How about Jeter in right if they can find a shortstop? I’m sick of seeing Abreu be too much of a puss to run into walls.