The RAB Radio Show – November 13, 2008 – Episode 2

Control of Yanks shifts to Hal (sorry, Hank)
Mike Mussina is a Hall of Famer

I think RAB Radio Show sounds a lot better than River Ave. Blues Podcast, don’t you? Cool, because that’s what we’re going with. Mike and I have plenty to talk about this week, including the Swisher deal, which was announced shortly after last week’s show. Then we have CC, of course, the Rule 5 draft, some Q&A, and a farewell to Moose.

Regarding Swisher and CC, there isn’t much left that hasn’t been said. I know a few people are pissed off that this decreases the chances that the Yankees go after both CC and Teixeira, but I don’t see it that way. Swisher gives them insurance. He’s a flexible player, and the Yankees can continue as planned with free agency without getting roped into a huge bidding war for Tex.

The biggest item for the day is the Rule 5 draft. Not the event itself — that will come on the last day of the Winter Meetings. Today, however, is the last day to make adjustments to your 40-man roster to protect eligible players. The Yanks don’t have many position players worth protecting. Possibly Ramiro Pena, but even he’s no lock. Plenty of pitchers, though: Chris Garcia, Alan Horne, J.B. Cox, Zach Kroenke, Mike Dunn, Anthony Claggett, Stephen Jackson. A lesser team might snag one of those guys, figuring it can’t hurt to sock them away in the bullpen. The Yanks have four spots, plus they could DFA a few guys. Who do they keep?

We had some neat questions in our Q&A. We’d really like to beef up this portion, possibly with real call-ins. Any suggestions?

Finally, we bid farewell to Mike Mussina. It’s been great having Mike on our team for the past eight years. May his quest for the HOF move quicker than his quest for 20 wins — or worse, his quest for a World Series or Cy Young.

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Control of Yanks shifts to Hal (sorry, Hank)
Mike Mussina is a Hall of Famer
  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

    Mike and Joe…
    Are on the radio, you know…
    And they ain’t afraid to show…
    What they’re thinkin, of course…
    RAB Radio in New York…

  • Rafi

    I assume that there’s no podcast next week, or will there be an early one?

    • Joseph P.

      Good question. Might preempt it, depending on what goes on between now and then.

  • Rafi

    What is the order for the Rule V draft? I can’t seem to find it.

    • Mike A.

      Reverse of the standings, same as the regular amateur draft. Check out the our 2009 Draft Order Tracker for the order.

      • Mike Pop

        Man Nats have two top 10 picks.. Who they going to take ? Strasburg and another pitcher or some kind of positional prospect

  • mooks

    Not for me, but will there be written transcripts of the podcasts?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones
    • Joseph P.

      If I could ever find software that did it decently, and I could get it for a reasonable price, yeah, I’d do it. Never, though, would I manually transcribe a 45-minute show.

  • Brian

    Good job, guys. I continue to be amazed at not just the time spent but also the effort made in making it worthwhile for readers/listeners. I kept waiting for the ten-minute boom of news after the posting. Didn’t really happen, unless you count the discovery of the month-old fish taco in my fridge a matter of public concern.

    As for a written transcript…, maybe an overzealous fan with the technology could do that, but you’re not transferring it to a “better” medium than just listening. But that said, the reverse should definitely be done: Posts on Tape! Audio versions of written diatribes and ironic conjectures! I wanna hear Mike go ZOMG!!11!!!! verbally.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

    Yeah, well done, guys.

  • Manimal

    You left the last 2010 rotation spot empty! No mention of McAllister, De La Rosa, or even BRACKMAN!

  • Kevin G.

    Who did you guys say could go by the end of the day. You said it at about the 18:14 mark but I couldn’t understand what you guys said.

    • Mike A.


      • Baseballnation

        He really doesn’t have any spot anyway and after so many clamorered about the Yankees giving britton a shot, we all seen that He and his stuff was rather unimpressive.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Mike, I didn’t associate you with your voice. lol.

  • Tony

    Hey guys, i have to make myself make some more sense. I meant to add Kennedy to that kemp/kershaw deal but even then i know it would take more but in the end i think if that trade could be pulled off it gives us upgrades in the OF and rotation where we need them. It was cool to hear my questions answered so thanks alot.