Sheets may need elbow surgery


Via Adam McCalvy & TR Sullivan, free agent righty Ben Sheet may need surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon in his throwing elbow, which is different from Tommy John surgery. Apparently the Rangers and Sheets had agreed to a two year deal last week, but the elbow issue popped up and prevented the deal from being finalized. In a somewhat ironic twist, the Brewers may be on the hook for the medical costs of the surgery, which Sheets is contemplating. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Roy Firestone of Orioles Hangout beat everyone to the story this morning.

Update (4:46pm): Sheets will have the surgery and hopes to be ready for the second half of 2009. (h/t Yanke1010)

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  1. Moshe Mandel says:

    Should the Yankees offer him a Lieber type deal? This is the type of financial muscle flexing they should do. Worst thing that happens is that he does not recover and you lose the low base salary.

  2. Brewers may as well just sign him now. If you’re going to pay for the surgery, at least get the benefit for it on the other end.

    • radnom says:

      Sunk cost.

      He is, however, cheaper to them than any other team.
      I think it would be in his best interest to wait until after the draft, perhaps sign on with a team that was hit hard towards the stretch run by pitching injuries.

  3. Jeremy Brown says:

    Does anyone still think it’s a good idea to sign Sheets? Maybe a Lieber type deal?

  4. MattG says:

    Wow, who pays for the surgery? It’ll come from his own pocket?

    This is a guy that declined arbitration. This is a whole new kind of stupid.

  5. MattG says:

    I just want to bash Torre some more. You see this:

    “Heyman says that Joe Torre prefers Bobby Abreu to Adam Dunn, in terms of a backup plan.” (mlbtr)

    Why? What does Bobby Abreu do better than Adam Dunn at this point of his career? The only reasons to value Abreu are things that should not concern Torre at all: length of the contract, AAV, etc.

    He’s your problem now, LA.

    • One advantage for Bobby: Adam Dunn doesn’t carry around candy in his pocket. That’s a big negative.

      You never know when you’ll be in the middle of supervising a fungo drill or something and be struck by the mood for a nice Werther’s Original. Especially Torre, old guys like him love that stuff.

      Oh, and Adam Dunn doesn’t really like baseball that much and doesn’t have a passion for the game, or so I’m told.

    • A.D. says:

      I saw that too, and thought to myself, I guess i really shouldn’t be surprised by this

      • whozat says:

        Joe likes players he knows. He doesn’t know Adam Dunn. He seems hesitant to learn anything new. Hence…he likes Bobby.

        In fairness, Bobby hits for a better average. If you lend credence to AVG over OBP, SLG, and other stats…preferring Bobby is at least a rational conclusion.

  6. TheLastClown says:

    Ah, it’s refreshing to see those bloody sheets flying in the wind.

  7. A.D. says:

    So why didn’t he accept arbitration?

  8. Yankee1010 says:


    He’s going to get the surgery.

  9. Drew says:

    Sign him now for 4 mill, maybe he’ll be ready for the second half/ playoff push.

    • A.D. says:

      Or dare we say… for the 8th inning?

      • JohnnyC says:

        Yeah! Then we can pitch Joba as the 7th inning guy to set up Sheets. If we can find another arm to man the 6th inning, we can cap every starter at 5 innings, allowing them to pitch on fewer days rest, allowing you to shorten the rotation to 3 starters with an additional 4th starter/spot starter guy. That way, you can get CC, Wang, and AJ’s 200+ innings each spread out over 45 starts! I’m sending this idea in to Mike Francesa now.

        • Yankee1010 says:

          I don’t know about that though. I would think the best thing would be Mo in the 9th, Joba in the 8th, CC in the 7th, Burnett in the 6th, Sheets in the 5th, Wang in the 4th, Pettitte in the 3rd. Then those other guys could just take care of innings 1 and 2.

          Right? Makes sense.

    • Manimal says:

      Not at all. It takes a month or two to get your mechanics back on top of that 9-10 month recovery period.

  10. Manimal says:

    He will shed his Type A status then I think we will see a deal.

  11. Matt says:

    Since Yankee Fans are the Smartest fans in Baseball I thought Id ask your advice for my fantasy baseball team.

    The Guys of keeper quality on my squad are
    C/3b- Russell Martin
    1b- Ryan Howard
    1b- Lance Berkman (last year it was great because he had OF elig for an ESPN League but he wont this year)
    2b/SS- Alexi Ramierez
    3b- Evan Longoria
    SP- CC Sabathia
    Of those guys I can Keep 5
    Hitting Categories are Runs, HR, RBI, Steals, AVG, OBP.

  12. Reggie C. says:

    Wasn’t it just last week that Heyman commented that new medical reports had caused renewed interest in Sheets around the league?? Now he needs surgery??

    Sheets is facing surgery + remains unsigned + no foreseeable contract beyond 1 year. All this and he’s seen the other injury-bit guy land $84 million … Sucks to be Sheets right now.

  13. Manimal says:

    FYI- About an hour until The Show demo comes out.

  14. JeffG says:

    This is exactly why I prefered AJ from the start. Betting on a guy that could not finish the season is a massive risk. Thankfully Cash was smart enough to pass on Sheets… would have been the start of another uphill season.

  15. Doc says:

    All the Sheets people here are eating crow.

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