All good things must come to an end


This one was forgettable right from the first pitch. AJ Burnett’s first offering of the night was a 94-mph four-seamer up in the zone, and Jimmy Rollins did what good hitters should do with that pitch: He put it into the people. Burnett’s next pitch didn’t fare much better, as Chase Utley took a 96-mph pitch in the shoulder. Burnett would escape the inning without giving up another run, but the rest of his outing was disappointing: six innings, ten baserunners, five runs. He did strike out seven, but that’s like saying the beat-up old car has a pretty sweet radio.

In the bottom of the first it looked like the Yanks would have their way with Brett Myers. After having a pitch thrown behind him, Derek Jeter shot a hard single into left. Johnny Damon reached base on a fielder’s choice, and appeared to be on his way to scoring the first run of the game for the Yanks when Alex Rodriguez doubled down the left field line. Instead, the Phils executed a perfect set of relay throws, and Damon was thrown out at home without even touching the plate.

After that, the Yanks had no answer for Myers. He retired thirteen of the next seventeen batters he faced before A-Rod took him deep in the bottom of the sixth. Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira also touched Myers up for solo shots later in the game, but it was too late. The Phils had already busted the game open against Chien-Ming Wang, who returned to action for the first time in over a month.

Unfortunately, Wang didn’t look too great in his return. He was still elevating his sinker and struggling to throw anything for strikes, and the end result was seven baserunners and two runs scored in three innings. Sadly, last night’s outing lowered Wang’s ERA to 25.00 and his WHIP to 4.00. Yikes. The Yanks now have to figure out what the best course of action is for Wang, because he can’t be sent to the minors since he’s out of options and doesn’t have enough service time to voluntarily go down. Their options are basically a) another phantom DL trip, b) keep working him as a long man out of the pen, or c) just stick him back in the rotation and pray for the best. I’m guessing they’ll go with B for the time being.

Like I said, it was a forgettable night for the Bombers. Their nine game winning streak was snapped and they were dominated by a pitcher who came into the game with a 4.50 ERA and an NL-leading 12 homers allowed. The good news is that the Yanks will send two southpaws to the mound against the lefty-heavy Phillies’ lineup the next two days. Andy Pettitte takes on the rookie and fellow lefty JA Happ tomorrow afternoon. Let start another winning streak, shall we?

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  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    So I was there, with Joe (and Ben said hi too), and some thoughts

    1) Holy crap I’ve never seen such home runs like Ibañez and Teixeira’s. I think I actually laughed after Ibañez’s shot.

    2) If you got to the Stadium don’t forget your sunblock

    3) Burnett looked pretty awful. Wang didn’t look great, but he looked better than he’s been, and that’s something.

  • Derby

    I really don’t get Burnett. In his first 2 outings, he looked remarkable. Then it all came apart that one fateful day in Boston where he was cruising for a few innings and then the wheels came off. Many people will say his start against Minnesota was good, but c’mon, he gave up 6 WALKS!!!! He was playing with fire all night, and we saw what happened tonight when he loses that battle. Burnett reminds me a lot of Farnsworth, where he has electric stuff, but can’t put it all together consistently.

    • whozat

      Welcome to AJ Burnett. This, in addition to the health issues, is the reason I didn’t want them to sign Burnett, and certainly not for as long as they did.

    • yankees=warriors

      I would agree with Eiland’s postgame comments and say he’s just “lazy” with his pitches sometimes.
      He could lose focus on 1 pitch, and unfortunately for him, that’s the one hitters jump on.
      Take that game in Boston for example, after he got the big out and Varitek came up, I’m sure he let his guard down a little and gave Varitek a cookie. And after that, it was mental.
      AJ should take Eiland’s advice and be locked in on every pitch, then he’ll be fine. I still believe in him.

    • http://deleted RollingWave

      he is a (alot ) more talented version of Kyle Farnsworth.

  • Accent Shallow

    I was taking a look at Happ’s stuff via Brooks Baseball’s Pitch f/x tool, and he’s apparently not quite the junkballer that I thought. Fastball/slider, with the fastball around 88-90.

  • BigBlueAL

    Reading Girardi’s post-game quotes he seemed excited by the way Wang threw the ball. Talk about the glass being half-empty….

  • stuart

    what is girardi to say, that wang stinks and has no chance!!!

    that solves what problem, honesty to the press and smart fans..

    wang did look better, he did not get crushed he only got hit pretty hard…

    burnett is a tease, as he always has been. he has given up 10 bombs. only 2 walks tonight but the bombs killed him.

    they need to figure out bruney, his health is a big issue.. can’t wait to cash is gone, he makes me long for sal fasano at the plate………….

  • FL Yank

    Fasano made Molina look svelte.

    • FL Yank

      Gah, multiple systems failure on my part. Meant to respond to stuart.

  • Reggie C.

    Yanks didn’t lose any ground tonight to either the RS or Jays thanks to the respective gutsy performances from Johan Santana and Kenshin Kawakami. Santana can actually pitch in Fenway. Who woulda thought that was possible??

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Conversely, the Yanks missed an opportunity to close the 1.5 game gap that separates them from first place.

      Two sides to every coin ;)

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        Ah, but is it two sides of the same coin?

  • V

    Wang threw SEVERAL excellent sinkers…. they just were too low to be called strikes. Then, he threw additional sinkers that didn’t sink, and those got hammered.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I hate to play the role of Debbie Downer here because I’m generally optimistic about the Yanks, but Wang had no command tonight. He allowed seven baserunners in three innings, and it took him 51 pitches to get nine outs. His GB-FB rate was a very un-Wang-ian 4-3. I don’t know what the Yanks are going to do with him, but that’s a topic for the morning.

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        As I said above, he didn’t look great, but he was better than he’s been…that counts for something, right?


      • JeffG

        On the same topic but less Debbie involved… Wang did have command problems but the pitches were doing what they are supposed to do. Breaking too much out of the zone, or being directed wrong seems a lot better that belt high and too slow to trick.
        - by the looks of what I saw we had a pitcher trying to hone in on his stuff… differnt from a pitcher who had no stuff to start the season.

  • mustang

    “b) keep working him as a long man out of the pen, or c) just stick him back in the rotation and pray for the best. I’m guessing they’ll go with B for the time being.”

    So Hughes shouldn’t go to the pen (for the record I’m against putting Hughes in pen) and they should let him get his lumps this year in the rotation. But it’s ok to put a two time 19 game winner in the pen instead of letting him work things out in the rotation.


    • Mike Axisa

      Uh, CMW has been worse this year than Hughes was at any time ever. Not even close, really.

      • mustang

        He wasn’t that bad tonight. If I’m going to give away rotation spots to let people figure things out I rather give them to the two time 19 game winner. How many times did Hughes start last April?

        • Benjamin Kabak

          6.00 ERA and 2.33 WHIP for Wang tonight. The only time Hughes was worse than that was in Baltimore. Otherwise, he’s been far, far better than Wang this year. Until Wang shows that he has (a) command and (b) velocity on his pitches, he shouldn’t — and won’t — be starting for the Yanks.

          • mustang

            This is total Hughes bias. You guys are actually tell me that you rather see Hughes pitch and get his lumps and let a 2 time 19 game winner waste away in the pen without given him the same chance?

            • Benjamin Kabak

              With the way Wang is pitching right now, there are five other guys on the Yanks who give them a better shot at winning a game. It’s not about what he did in the past; it’s about what he can do every five games. Right now, that doesn’t include winning or even getting too many outs without giving up far too many runs.

              That’s all there is to it. It’s why the Yanks have never signed Wang to a contract extension. It’s why other teams’ scouts have long thought Wang due for this type of implosion. I want him to get it worked out, but it’s not happening as a member of the Yanks’ starting rotation right now. And it’s particularly not happening with Wang in the starting rotation if you want the Yanks to win the division this year.

              • mustang

                I’m sorry Ben with all do respect this is bull. For two years now Hughes has gone out there with his total result being mixed. When people question him he is young and he is developing. Its ok we might take a few loses now, but it’s for the future of the team. Now your turning it around and saying put the 2 time 19 game winner in the pen because these 5 guys give us the best chance to win. Where was this last April?
                I think Wang’s 38 wins in the last 2 years has earn him at least one start.

                • Benjamin Kabak

                  I don’t know why you keep making this out to be about Hughes when it isn’t. It’s about Chien-Ming Wang, his bad mechanics, and the 36 baserunners and 25 earned runs he’s allowed in 9 innings this year.

                • DCR

                  I am not Hughes’ biggest fan but I have to agree with Benjamin here. With Hughes at least you’re going to get 5IP with three or four runs. The way Wang has been this year, no you can’t let him work that out in the rotation. He puts the game out of reach by the time its the third inning. Its pretty bad when you’re praising Wang for putting seven guys on base in three innings.

                • Some call me…Nick

                  “earn him at least one start”

                  I think it got him three…

            • Conan

              Yes, yes I would.

          • mustang

            “(a) command and (b) velocity on his pitches, he shouldn’t — and won’t — be starting for the Yanks.”

            I could have said the same thing of Hughes last April and you would have ripped me for lack of patience

            • Benjamin Kabak

              Leaves Hughes out of it. What happened last April has nothing to do with Wang right now.

              Here’s the question to ask yourself leaving everyone other than Wang out of it: With the way Chien-Ming Wang has been going this season, would you, mustang, as the manager or GM of the Yankees, want him to pitch every five days? Do you believe he gives you a good chance to win?

              If you answer those two as yes, then you would put Wang in the rotation. If you answer those as no, then he stays out of the rotation no matter who takes his place.

              Right now, we don’t feel Wang can do the job every five days and neither do the Yankees.

              • V

                Wait, what?

                It’s his first appearance in the majors (in relief, no less) in over a month, is it?

                You have to give him a few shots to work it out. The stuff was better than before the DL stint, which makes me think there’s hope he gets it going.

                The sinker had the velocity he needs, and was sinking. He had NO command of it, but it WAS sinking, which is a HUGE improvement from the first three starts.

                Daisuke sucked today. Maybe the Sox should make him a long reliever and call up Buchholz.

                • Benjamin Kabak

                  You have to give him a few shots to work it out.

                  That’s what rehab is for. That’s why the Yanks screwed this up by activating him as a knee-jerk panic reaction to Joba’s non-injury, and that’s what our 9:30 a.m. post will be about.

                  I certainly agree with most of what you’re saying, but nothing I saw from Wang tonight — from bad mechanics/release point to the results — said to me that he should have been anywhere other than on a rehab assignment tonight. That’s why, right now, he’s not one of the five guys I would pick to attempt to start a game for the Yanks.

                • V

                  Yeah, I didn’t like the call, myself. But he’s in the majors now, and there’s no DLing him again.

                  They’re going to have to give him work, one way or another, as regularly as possible, and I think they’re going to have to give him starts (maybe with an Aceves piggyback).

              • mustang

                You can’t leave Hughes out of it because he is Wang’s replacement.
                So if your asking me do I want to give my 2 year 38 game winner a second chance after what I seen tonight or give that chance to Hughes. The answer is Wang if he fails I can always go back to Hughes. If he doesn’t try I could have a number 2 or 3 starter in my pen waste away.

                IT’S STILL MAY 23!!!!!

                • Benjamin Kabak

                  No one is Wang’s “replacement.” If you’re really going to make us go through this silly exercise, why not take A.J. Burnett out of the rotation? He hasn’t won a game in over a month, and his ERA is above 6.00 in that span.

                  When you build a starting rotation, you pick your five best guys and go with them. That’s why this isn’t about Hughes despite your best efforts to make it so.

                  I’m off to bed.

            • BigBlueAL

              Hughes never had a stretch where he gave up 29 hits in 9 innings with a 25.00 ERA like Wang has done this season so far.

              • mustang

                Thank you !!!!

                • Benjamin Kabak

                  Just so you know: You’re thanking him for arguing my side.

                • BigBlueAL

                  Yup Ben, I agree with your point totally. Dunno what he was thanking me for because I completely disagree with his point about Wang.

              • mustang

                Missed read.
                My bag

  • stuart

    wang cannot go into the rotation until he is fixed.. he pitched better tonight but that is compared to a 40 or so ERA so we mght be better..

    the bruney injury that they cannot find id a real problem…

    the good news on burnett was only 2 walks….

  • JeffG

    Meyers was just too good so oh well… we lost the first one in a`while. Swish is lovable but he looked bad. AJ is baffling me. I still have faith but he always looks too good to perform so uhhh… I think its the FB that is not doing its job. His cure deceives you into thinking he has his stuff because the break always looks so nasty.
    How about that Tex though? – the Phillies, nor anyone else, has that type of first base play.

  • Jack P

    Hmmm i find it suspect you used the same title for your article as Mark Feinsand!: or perhaps he stole it from you guys!! :0) All in good Mo’.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      While the time stamp on ours is 12:01, it was written nearly an hour before Feinsand’s. That was completely coincidental. We all come from the same school of sports article headline writing after all.

  • V

    Re: Wang: Last night’s game:

    • V

      Dominating the Red Sox last year:

    • Benjamin Kabak

      In summary:

      Velocity good
      Control bad
      Release point bad.

      Compare it to this one, and you’ll see what I’m talking about with respect to release point.

      • V

        Sinker also had good sink, but yeah, his control was awful. His best sinkers were missing below the strike zone, and then he was coming back with sinkers at the belt (they were still sinking, but, anything at the belt vs. major league hitters = hit hard).

  • ranger11

    I must say that I’m a little disappointed with A.J. so far. I mean, they are really hitting his balls very fucking hard! He’s gotta be better than this?

  • Tony

    AJ + Coors East = Problem

  • dkidd

    i’m more worried about aj than wang, as wang isn’t signed for the next 5 years

    also worried about bruney and marte

  • dkidd

    this is nit picky, but did cwm’s first 3 batters have to be chase utley, raul ibanez, and ryan howard? i know he got 2 of them out, but the 3rd guy hit the ball 800 feet. cwm has zero confidence right now. put him in a position to succeed

    • ranger11

      Agreed, his confidence seems very shaky. That foot injury really fucked him up. Or was it his ankle?

  • Tony

    1. Carlos Ruiz has NO power.

    2. His home run was both stadium and wind aided.

    3. It had NO business being a home run, essentially took the Yankees out of the game, and turned a good start into a bad start for Burnett.

    4. Coors East will take more than it gives in terms of wins.

    5. Mike Axisa owes me and common sense an apology.

    A homer in FIVE (5) parks.

    • Mike Pop


    • donttradecano

      so whose going to be the one to analyze that data and see how many would be out in more than 50% of the parks?

      • donttradecano

        only 22 of the 82 hrs were hrs in 50% or less of the parks.

        that means 73.2% were hrs in more than 50% of the parks.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      Even if it was true, how can you say that it will take more than it will give in wins? I still wonder how it is that if we play there more than anyone else and we have a power lineup and good starting pitchers, HOW is having a hitter’s park a bad thing? If our offense is slumping and our starters are bad, yes it’s a bad thing but we shouldn’t (okay “shouldn’t”) have that problem. We should (okay “should”) win more than we lose.

      • Tony

        Bandboxes allow people like Carlos Ruiz to dramatically change a game with an absurd home run. The Yankees have fewer Carlos Ruizes than anyone else in the league. That’s what a 220 million dollar payroll does for you. It’s in their best interest to have the ballpark play as small of a role as possible.

        • donttradecano

          73.2% were hrs in more than 50% of the parks.

          Doesnt that mean something?

          • Tony

            Not really. 50% is a low standard (embarrassing for what you’re attempting to say, really) and you’re not comparing it to anything. What were the numbers like for the old stadium? What are the numbers like for the teams they’re competing against for playoff spots? For the league? It doesn’t really mean anything on its own.

            • donttradecano

              Only 66% in fenway

              and 71% of the HRs in Yankee Stadium are HRs in 20 or more ballparks in the league.

              • Tony

                29% are HRs in only 10 other ballparks…

                • donttradecano

                  but 71% of them would be out anywhere else, so whats your point? That 29% number is false because 20 or more parks isnt counting the HRs that would have went out in 18 parks or 15 parks. More cheap HRs go out in parks like Fenway and others throughout the league. Im pretty sure the red sox have one two recent world series in that park.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          The Yanks’ payroll is not $220 million. Stop inflating numbers.

          • Tony

            Is that really a huge point in this discussion? It’s a hell of a lot more than every other team. They have the most to lose with a gimmicky stadium.

            • LiveFromNewYork

              I think the anti-Stadium arguments are a bit stupid.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    When Andy is getting tattoo’d he tends to (most of the time unless he simply doesn’t have it) bear down and gut it out. I’d call it grit but remember we’re the Yankees and we have none of that.

    Joba has that ability. He doesn’t unravel if he hangs one over the plate. He does the Andy “do-over” on every single pitch. I think Phranchise might have that ability as well. As for Wang, I don’t know. He starts to look lost after a while. Like he’s not quite sure what is going on and how he can fix it.

    AJ is a good pitcher who does get lazy. He needs to take a page out of Andy’s book and stay on it every single pitch.

    • Tony

      AJ got out of a huge jam in the 1st, and then fell behind 3-0 on an infield single by MATT STAIRS and a ridiculous pop-fly homer. The stadium played a huge part in losing that game.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Both teams are playing in the same stadium. You’ll have to get over that.

        • Tony

          Both teams aren’t stocked with guys that have little to nothing to gain from a bandbox. They don’t get extra runs for longer home runs.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            That’s a non-point. That doesn’t even make sense.

            The Yanks didn’t lose that game because of the stadium last night. They lost because A.J. Burnett and Chien-Ming Wang didn’t pitch well. Both pitchers are throwing with the same fences and supposed wind effects working against them, and one side managed to do a better job of keeping runners of base and limited the damage due to home runs.

            • LiveFromNewYork

              Thank you, Ben. I really don’t see how the Stadium can affect a game to any team’s disadvantage since both teams are playing in the same Stadium. And if it’s such a bandbox we should have an advantage with that being the case since we play there MORE often.

              If some scrub NL hitter can change a game, then our powerhouse AL hitters should be dominating in every single game if it’s the “stadium’s fault.”

              I don’t see how our Stadium will give opposing teams an advantage. Unless it’s the MIG inning and our rookie starter is pitching and our manager doesn’t try to delay the game, the teams are held to the same climate/environment advantage or disadvantage. Both teams are playing under the same set of conditions.

          • donttradecano

            Dude are really that naive? Sure the Yankees are already stocked with power hitting players in their lineup. But do you realize that those balls that Tex and Arod hit that would end up on the warning track would be become HRs if it really is a bandbox.

            That means less flyball outs for the Yankees and more HRs, the same thing it would mean for the other teams.

            And be realistic, shallow flyballs arent becoming HRs in this stadium, your a tad overreacting.

  • robert skollar

    Does anyone know the % increase in MLB Home Runs…thus far this year?

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