Extra ticket for tonight’s game


Longtime RABer Giselle has a spare ticket to tonight’s Yanks-Sox Rays game that she’s trying to get rid of. The seat is in the front row of section 210, and will run you $25. She won’t bite, but she’ll probably drink you under the table. In all seriousness, she’s super cool and you’ll have a blast. Email me via the link on the far right and I’ll hook it up. First come first serve.

Update (4:21pm): Ticket’s taken.

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  • Bon

    Yanks-Sox? Do you mean Yanks-Rays?

  • Dan

    Hope you mean Yank/Rays game.

  • Drew

    lol damn that sold quick.

  • Ross

    Tickets in the 100’s section were on Stubhub for $10 a little while ago. No joke.