Angels clean up Yanks, 5-4

Mitre states his case
Fan Confidence Poll: July 13th, 2009

In each game of the past series, the Yankees have had an early lead. In each one they’ve squandered it. They’ve fought back to varying degrees, but in all three cases it was not enough. For most of the series the pitching took the brunt of the blame, but yesterday’s 5-4 loss was a team effort.

Once again, the Angels did it mostly with one big inning. Today it was the fourth, and it came against a bunch of guys CC Sabatia should have sat down handily. It started with a single by Maicer Izturis and a double by Bobby Abreu. Forgivable, especially when he got Napoli to ground out on the second pitch. Abreu was still on third with one out, but it wasn’t a bad situation, especially with Gary Matthews at the dish.

Then Sabathia walked Matthews — Matthews of the .281 OBP. Matthews of the .224 BA. Matthews of the .322 SLG. Walked him. Didn’t even make him take his bat off his shoulders. Then, after going ahead 0-2 on Howie Kendrick — Kendrick of the .228/.274/.342 — he allowed a double over the head of Erik Hinske. The subsequent run-scoring groundout was of little solace.

Yet there was an end in sight — Anaheim’s parade of shitty hitters had not yet ended. Still awaiting a turn at the plate was Robb Quinlan. Quinlan, whom CC had punched out with nifty changeup the inning prior. This time he singled in Kendrick. The baseball gods must have had a hearty chuckle at CC’s expense. They showed their clemency by telling Quinlan to steal on Molina. That didn’t work out too well.

After failing to score in the fifth or sixth, the Yanks put John Lackey on the ropes in the seventh. The Yanks got a run on a double by Melky and a single by Posada, pinch-hitting for Molina. The baseball gods, still feeling bad about their fourth-inning prank, let Brett Gardner reach on an error. Jeter did what Jeter does, and the Yanks were set up: bases loaded, none out.

If this were the Royals, there would be questions about whether they could plate some of those ducks. Seattle fans might fear their team would squander the situation. The Yankees? With Teixeira and Rodriguez up next? Perish the thought. With the score already closed to 4-2, the Yankees looked to take the lead with their two best hitters at the plate.

Again the baseball gods had a little fun. Teixeira struck out. A-Rod bounced to third, which resulted in an unlikely 5-3 double play. To twist the knife just a bit deeper, the Angels scored another run in the seventh. With two outs and two strikes on Chone Figgins, CC gave up a triple. (Could Melky have played that one better? I think so.) Next hitter, Izturis, with two strikes hit a flare over second base.

The Yankees again loaded the bases in the eighth, and were again done in by a double play. This time they scored, but not enough. Clutchy Cabrera hit an RBI single with the bases jacked, but the Yanks couldn’t plate two. Jorge delivered with a sac fly. Then Nick Swisher, pinch-hitting for Brett Gardner, got two questionable strike calls. He hit what looked like a bouncer towards the middle, but it never actually bounced. It landed in Darren Oliver’s glove, and the runners were too far off base. Double play. Rally over.

It wasn’t a pretty series. The Yanks had leads early, and threatened late. Nothing came of it. They’ll head into the All-Star Break losers of three straight — to the same team which has plagued them year after year. It’s disheartening to fans, and it’s surely disheartening to the players. They’ll move on, though. Second half starts up on Thursday.

See? The baseball gods have smiled on us in the end. They have given us four days off after that debacle. Also, Phil Hughes is awesome. Just wanted to get that in there somewhere.

Mitre states his case
Fan Confidence Poll: July 13th, 2009
  • pat

    And on top of this debacle, Manny B didn’t even get into the futures game.


  • Dela G

    god bless the fact that we have phil hughes and phil coke and ace all 100 percent and rested for friday

    i smell the 2007 red sox mentality of this yankees team. They take the jim valvano approach “never give up, don’t ever give up”

    they have 25 come from behind wins, and a-rod has begun to strike fear in the hearts of idiotic pitchers who give him pitches to hit.

    The yankees are going to be back in the second half, and the rest of the AL better watch out. This team is a force to be reckoned with.

    Screw the sweep, its a blip on the radar for these guys. Some R&R and it will be back to winning 13 outta 15 again

    • Salty Buggah

      Yea I agree, hopefully the breaks start going our way in the 2nd half instead of against us, costing us many games.

      And hopefully the officiating is better.

  • BigBlueAL

    Clay Buchholz is starting for the Red Sox next week. You mean he isnt in the Red Sox bullpen!?!?!

    • JobaWockeeZ

      He has a no hitter. Therefore he must be good. Phil Hughes, IPK and Joba don’t have no hitters so they must suck. Jon Lester also had a no hitter. That obviously means the Yankees have no farm system and they suck at developing pitchers.

      • Dela G

        that maddux guy never threw a no hitter so he must suck too

      • BigBlueAL

        Well the Red Sox even though they didnt have a spot in the rotation, and still dont, didnt just move him into the bullpen. He has been starting in AAA the whole time (and dominating from what Ive read but Ill admit I havent seen his stats) awaiting his chance to start.

        I know everyone hear likes taking shots at the Red Sox bullpen but the fact that they didnt feel a need to move Buchholz into the bullpen speaks to the depth of their staff and the lack of panic on their part. Its really OK to admit the Yankees have kind of messed up this season (and possibly his future) with their handling of Hughes. Giving some credit to the Red Sox is not the end of the world and doesnt make you a bad Yankee fan.

        Considering how poor and short the rotation is right now it is stupid and foolish that the Yankees have Hughes in the bullpen, and not only that but using him in such short outings that he cant even apparently make a quick transition back into the rotation. Why Girardi hasnt used Hughes the same way he has used Aceves is a waste to say the least.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          He doesn’t have a spot? There is Beckett, Lester, Wakefield, Penny and Smoltz correct? I suppose they would take out Brad Penny or Smoltz if he does good. But I also hear they’ll be showcasing Bucholz to hopefully increase his value.

          But in regards to his minor league season this year, he’s been good. 2.11 ERA in 93.2 IP with a WHIP of 0.94 so giving him a shot at the majors again could end up being better than Brad Penny who was only signed for depth right?

          As for Phil Hughes I agree he should have started instead of Aceves. However I don’t think it’ll mess up his career if he can get his innings. Then if the Yankees should decided and which I hope that he’ll be back in the rotation for next year. I still think we’re jumping the gun on Hughes because we have absolutely no idea what the Yankees plan to do with him. They could stretch him out during the ASB and he’ll be the 5th starter again. Considering that Ace didn’t have a particular long outing I guess it could be a very likely situation. It might be pointless to worry about Hughes right now. But if he’s continuing to pitch short outings through the rest of this season then I will say that his talent isn’t being used up.

          • BigBlueAL

            Look Hughes has been great in the pen and if they decide to keep him there for the rest of the season fine but this limiting him basically to the 8th inning role is insane. I understand they have no faith in Bruney right now, and rightfully so, but again Hughes should be used the way Aceves is used especially with how good the offense is that they can comeback at any time if you can keep the game reasonably close.

            My thing with Buchholz is that he started the season in AAA much like Hughes did because he struggled mightily with the Red Sox last season and from what Ive read they were sending him a message. Heck they even moved Masterson to the rotation for a bit and brought up Smoltz instead of Buchholz. Im pretty sure after he starts next week if it is only a one-time thing he will go back to AAA and not the Red Sox bullpen. The Red Sox have actually been criticized by some, Rob Neyer for one, for keeping guys like Penny and now Smoltz in the rotation and not Buchholz but the Red Sox have held their ground.

            Granted if they plan on trading him well thats something I hope the Yankees dont do with Hughes or Joba and the Sox would be foolish to trade him considering the age and fragility of their rotation. But for now you gotta give it to them with the way they have handled Buchholz, granted again it is still early on in his and Hughes’ career so we will see how this all plays out.

            • JobaWockeeZ

              Well he’s not exactly limited to it. Only twice this season has he pitched the 8th and the 9th only. Most of the time he’s getting a couple innings in. Not exactly Aceves like but he has more length than some other relievers. But again we have no idea what the plans are for Hughes. He could very well end up starting soon.

              I’d worry about him if he pitches only one inning for the rest of the season.

              As for Clay, many people seem like he will be traded. Toronoto already has scouts looking for him so this whole thing might be a ploy from the Sox to get someone. Don’t think they’ll go for Halladay but they might want to get a SS or a catcher and showcasing Clay could help them a lot. Apparently from some comments I’ve read, the Sox don’t midn trading him absed on his attitude or something. DOn’t know if it is true though.

              Anyways if Cashman won’t give up Joba or Hughes or IPK for Johan then there’s little to worry about having them traded.

              • BigBlueAL

                The thing is that Hughes has only thrown more than 1 1/3 innings in 3 of his 13 outings out of the pen, and none in his last 7 outings.

                It just seems like he is being pigeonholed into that role, get an out or 2 maybe in the 7th and pitch the 8th and even then he might not finish the 8th to go to Coke or even Mo.

                Shit it looks like you and me are the only people up now therefore we are just replying back and forth to each other!!

  • BINNER a.k.a -Scott

    There have been ALOT of blown umpire calls since Jeter called out that ump for saying his explination was that “the ball beat him” so he was out. Any corrilation?

    Also, there is PANIC out there in talk radio land. People screaming to give the Jays anything they want for a year and a half of Halliday. Are these the same people who were screaming “we’re winning it all” last week, or is it the people who scream about chemistry and building the farm before the past 3 games? I’d love to have Halliday, but only for the right price. If I have to give up Jaba or Hughes as the centerpiece I’d say so long Jaba….


    • ShuutoHeat

      The umps have been pissing me off, countless times have we (friends and I) cursed at the tv like maniacs.

  • Ivan

    It was a tough series, but nevertheless, the yanks are just 3 GB of the Sox and they lead the WC. I think the yanks are gonna be in 1st place when it’s all said and done.

    Hopefully the yanks give Hughes a shot in rotation in the second half.

  • BigBlueAL

    My biggest problem with this team, besides the rotation, is I dont understand how they could be so on fire and on a roll and be full of “momentum” then go into Fenway and Anaheim (vs a depleted Angels team) and get swept.

    Things just seem to snowball on this team in a hurry, and no scoring runs late in the game to make the score close isnt any consolation or showing how tough they are it is just proof of the fact that they have the best offense in baseball by far. I believe they have scored 19 more runs than the next best team in 1 fewer game (Tampa).

    I still have no doubt that they will win the Wild Card and if they play the Angels in the 1st round and have the schedule where they can pitch CC and AJ each twice on regular rest they certainly have a chance of beating them, but I cant honestly say that I would expect them to win a playoff series vs the Red Sox or Angels. It doesnt mean that they cant obviously or that I think they have no chance in hell but the confidence level in a playoff series vs either team wouldnt be too high.

    Oh and please dont say the answer is trading for Halladay, the 200 million dollar worth of players they have now should be more than enough to win it all. I mean really would people get excited if the Yankees somehow get Halladay?? Especially for all the young players it would cost?? When is enough is enough?? Acquire a decent arm for the pen or a solid mid-rotation guy would be great but c’mon this team should not need Roy Halladay, that would simply be overkill and make it even more embarrassing and add more fuel to the fire for the Yankee haters if they dont win it all at that point….

    • Doug

      Teams run out of momentum at some point.

      • BigBlueAL

        Yeah I dont believe in momentum in baseball, but you know what I mean. The Yankees ended their 2 best stretches of baseball during the season so far by getting swept at Boston and Anaheim and doing so in frustrating and at times head-scratching ways.

    • King of Fruity Hypos

      …do you (y’all) think the kneejerk all our pursuit of Doc would have been the reaction of the older regimes?I’m not saying modern $man doesn’t try, but maybe modern version doesn’t mortgage the whole future.

      It’s nice to see the farm stock climbing, and as much as I want to blame long-eiland-manny-JoeG-Rod-cashman-bush-posada-wang-joba-Obama-the umps, I think I’d just come back two days later and hate the break!

      Take a break, reset the rotation and pen, and get ready to take 57 games and the East!!!

      • Bo

        Momentum is overrated in baseball. it actually doesnt exist.

        You are only as good as your next days starting pitcher.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Man that Swisher ball was SCORCHED.

    It just wasn’t meant to be.

  • Salty Buggah

    Today was really bad luck, even though CC didn’t pitch that well.

  • AJ

    We need a strong reliever and starting pitcher and this team can be turned around quickly.

    • Salty Buggah


      Maybe another starter if Wang is out longer. Our pen is perfect. And why can’t we be turned around (even though we had won 13 of 15 before this series) without another starter?

      • Dela G

        perfect is stretching it

        replace d-rob and tomko with more decent arms and we have a damn good bullpen

        • Salty Buggah

          OK yea, perfect is too much lol. I’m not sure about replacing D-rob. Until recently, he had been mowing everyone down so maybe this is a rough stretch for him. Tomko, though does need to go. Hopefully Bruney becomes his dominant self again as that will solve most of our pen problems. And hopefully, Marte returns soon to assist Coke and get rid of Tomko.

          • Dela G

            only after he finishes the phil hughes painting though

            that thing looks awesome

            • Salty Buggah

              I think he’ll finish it soon. He has this whole break to finish it.

              • Dela G

                true dat

      • Frank

        Our pen is perfect. What are you watching? The pen consists of Mo, Hughes, Aceves and a bunch of ??? The pen is far from perfect.

      • Bo

        Perfect bullpen?

        Wow. Have you watched this team the first half?

        • Reggie C.

          This pen needs Huston Street. Take Hughes out the ‘pen, get him stretched back out to a starter in AAA. Its an exercise with a degree of injury risk as we’ve seen prior with Joba, but it has to be done. We’ve got to get Hughes’s IP count up.

          Get Huston Street. He’s the best guy available to fill Hughes’s role. If he’s not available on first glance, make a serious offer.

    • BigBlueAL

      This team doesnt need to be turned around quickly or anything because it still is in a position to make the playoffs. Now to me if this team wants to go all the way or at least basically guarantee a playoff spot yeah I think it might be necessary to make a move or 2 (not trade for Halladay mind you) to sure up some spots and give them an even better chance of going all the way.

      Granted showing they can beat Boston and win in Anaheim, even if it is not necessary to do so doing the regular season, would be nice if only for them, and us, confidence wise.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        For example who’s someone the Yankees need to win it all? I mean the only thing I could see that the Yankees could use is maybe another bullpen arm just in case. Don’t think its needed but it’ll be nice to have.

        I believe the Yankees could solve all their rotation problems without getting someone. But it’s really dependent on Wang and Joba. Now if Wang comes back fully healthy and ready he’ll bring a huge boost. But how long until he comes back? A month right? Anyways should the Yankees decide they could use Hughes after the ASB or call up Mitre/Ian Nova and see how they do. Now for Joba as frustrating as he is could very well turn it all around. We’ve seen the potential he brings. When he’s on he’s absolutely dominant. I seriously have no idea what’s going on with him other than his control issues. As said by others if he continues to suck it up then ship him to AAA and hope he progresses. Even if we get some starter who do we get? We’ll probably get some back end starter who might not even be marginally better than if we used Mitre.

        • BigBlueAL

          Yeah obviously Wang and Joba getting their acts together would be more than enough and hopefully that is what will happen.

          I just do not want Halladay and give up what it will take to get him. I figure any team could use another reliable bullpen arm and decent starter if possible. But yeah hopefully Wang and Joba could solve the struggling rotation issue and the rest should fall into place.

          • Salty Buggah

            Yea, those two getting on track would put us where we need to be. Andy will be Andy, a 5th starter and he has been better in the 2nd half so improvement by him and getting Wang/Joba back will be awesome. I can just pray that they do.

  • dkidd

    despite cmw/nady/bad joba, i’m taking a “glass half full” view of the first half. considering their ages, the production we’ve gotten from jeter/damon/jorge/matsui is amazing. it’s fair to say that gardner and melky have BOTH exceeded expectations. swisher is productive if occasionally maddening. a-rod is heating up. tex is streakier than i expected but well worth the hype. cano is cano, streaky but crazy gifted. pena and cervelli were pleasant surprises. pitching wise, hughes is gaining confidence (i’d rather he be in the rotation, but dominance against major league hitters has to be good for his psyche), aceves is the real deal, coke/robertson/melancon are getting experience (painful, at times), bruney is dominant when healthy, aj has made all of his starts, cc’s arm thing turned out to be nothing

    knock wood, but the two things i worried would happen, haven’t: aj and/or jorge seriously breaking down

  • Salty Buggah

    CC said that even though his changeup was good, he lacked an out pitch, which makes sense as 6 of his hits came with 2 strikes.

  • Tom

    Yankees are rolling the chumps, and then looking like chumps when the go up against the good teams. That’s a recipe for making it to the playoffs and getting swept out in the 1st round.

    • Chris

      Not exactly… Yankees are 19-19 against teams with winning records. It certainly could be better, but it’s not like they can’t beat good teams.

  • JoeD

    If Boston comes into Yankee Stadium in a few weeks and kicks our asses again, its so long Joe Girardi. Manny Acta is now available, and he would be a perfect fit as the next mangers of the NY Yankees.

    • Pasqua

      [Spit take.]


      Are you Acta’s agent? Would you please elaborate on the rationale behind firing a manager who currently has his team in the playoffs and bringing in Acta mid-season?

  • raysam

    we did beat angels 2out of 3 in the bronx after all is said and done i think we can beat both sox and angels we just need consistent pitching none of these teams scare me

    • Rob H.

      punctuation is your friend. but outside of that, I agree about the pitching just having to get back on track and be consistent.

  • raysam

    both angels and red sox can be beat the tigers could beat both of these teams

  • Chris

    I know everyone focuses on our inability to beat the Red Sox and Angels, but here are the records of the Angels, Twins and Red Sox against non-Yankee teams:

    BOS: 46-34
    LAA: 45-35
    MIN: 45-37

    The Red Sox aren’t that much better than the Twins, yet we’re 0-8 against the Sox and 7-0 against the Twins. That’s just the way baseball is and by the end of the season it will all even out.

    • YankeeScribe

      Doesn’t matter what their record is against other teams. The only things that matter are that they’re in first place and we haven’t figured out how to beat them. Mentally, that type of dominance affects Red Sox players positively and Yankees players negatively when the teams match up. And I disagree on the Red Sox not being much better than the Twins. The Twins play in a weaker division.

    • Pasqua

      I agree with Scribe…you can’t compare records and make an assessment on the parity of teams. If Boston played the AL Central all year, their record would likely be much better than it is (as would the Yanks and Rays).

  • LiveFromNewYork

    The thing that is frustrating is to be so pumped and then get deflated. It has happened a couple of times this season (esp going into the second Sox series and this series).

    And I’m an optimist but wanted more at this point, I guess. We got everything we wanted in the off-season. The biggest names and yes I understand the injuries and bad Joba but I think that we have the framework to be better than we are.

    Again, I’m an optimist compared to a lot of people but some things are frustrating me and I wanted to be in a better position (way ahead in first) at the AS break.

    • YankeeScribe

      I agree. It’s not so much that we have been losing to our biggest rivals, it’s HOW we’re losing. Poor pitching and defense and sloppy baseball all around.

      Either these two teams are just better than us in head to head match ups or they just happen to always play us when we get cold. I’d like to think it’s the latter but in our last two series’ vs the Red Sox and Angels, we were hot going into the series. It’s not like they’ve played us while we’re slumping or had lost a few games in a row going into the series…

      • JohnnyC

        This is not the NBA…match ups are not relevant. It’s starting pitching, pure and simple. If Joba and Andy had given us decent starts, we would have rated a good chance at a sweep. Hard to believe but true. Either both can’t pitch (and you send Joba to AAA and Andy back to the suburbs of Houston)or you work to improve them. Sadly, I don’t think the will or skill is there at the major league level to help either of them.

        • YankeeScribe

          You’ve explained one series(although it’s worth noting that the Angels’ offense was without their two most productive hitters). How do you explain us being 0-8 vs the Red Sox? Is it just that our pitchers aren’t showing up for big games?

          • Pasqua

            Really, I think it’s just a very bizarre statistical blip. I think we would all agree that the Yanks and Sox match up very well, so for the Sox to have won 8 in a row is like tossing a coin and having it come up “heads” 8 times in a row.

            I don’t believe it’s “failing in a big spot.” We know the Yanks are uber-talented, so it’s too broad a statement to make. Sure, we have not played particularly well in these games, but every team stumbles into a win every once and a while (which makes 8 straight so odd). I would be SHOCKED to see the season series end with a 2-16, or 3-15 mark against the Sox. The odds are really in the Yankees favor now. If they can win six of ten and net two games in the standings, they should be in good shape.

  • yankee in virginia

    all the money is not much good if they can’t beat the Angels – this has been a never-ending story since 2002 playoffs — which led to Giambi — doI remember correctly

    or the Red Socks — who get lights out pitching when they need it –

    Did anyone notice how hard Tex and Arod tried for the bomb — there were no short swings — as Kenny Singlton says – don’t try to do too much — a Sac Fly gets a run — the game was close enough — maybe the Sac Fly turns into a big fly — but a few sac flies would make a difference — there have been manyy such games

    i think the reason Melky hasshown so well in the late innings is he – another cliche — stays within himself — he just refuses to make the out

    this is how the Angels battled — why does CC pich soft inside a hard away — he lets those poor hitters stick the bat on the ball — or is that Molina

    and why the heck was Jorge on the bench with his stats against Lackey?? You slow down the Angels running game by keeping them off the bases — something CC and Molina couldn’t do.