Mitre to start on Tuesday


The news is making its rounds, so we’ll make this quick: Sergio Mitre will start against Baltimore on Tuesday. Obviously the Yankees haven’t made a corresponding move yet. Look for David Robertson or Mark Melancon to take the shuttle to Scranton.

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  • Ivan

    Really no surprise there.

    Hopefully Hughes would go back in the rotation but right now that might be wishful thinking.

  • Colombo

    I hope they send Melancon down. He needs to keep getting work in, not pitching an inning a week or so.

    • RAB poster

      Other solution: Give him more than an inning per week!

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    “I’m leaving, on a midnight train to Scranton. Woo Woo.”

  • Bucksky619

    I’m pretty sure that the Yanks are home on Tuesday and not in Baltimore.

  • stuart

    yea why dfa tomko after all he is the mop up 37 yr old scrub, nah only the yanks would waste a roster spot on a guy like this for 2 months.

    also he has a 5 + era and he gives up a bomb every 4 or 5 innings, nah send down the 24 yr old..

    what a joke………….

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Agreed. If Mitre fails as a starter, just keep him in Tomko’s designated DFA spot.

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez

      I think you’re being a little harsh. The Yanks are the “only” team to have a guy like Tomko? Take a look at other rosters. The Cubs just signed B.J. Ryan, who’s throwing 87-MPH fastballs.

      Plus, Tomko’s WHIP is actually 1.258, which isn’t so bad for the last guy in the pen.

      Finally, if you’re trying to develop young players (the 24-year-old you refer to), you don’t keep them as the last guy in the pen who works once a week. That kind of pitcher has to develop and pitch regularly. Who do you keep in that last-man spot? How about a 37-year-old guy who you don’t care too much about, like Tomko.

      Look, Tomko is lousy, and none of us want to see him in a big spot. But your hyperbolic statements are unnecessarily negative. You can’t have 7 Marianos in the pen (although that would be nice). There are subtleties of roster construction that go beyond “Tomko sucks.”

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

        Don’t worry about it. Stuart just likes to complain about everything.

        • I Remember Celerino Sanchez

          Ha ha. Well, I’m going to the game tonight (weather permitting) and I’m trying to dispel the bad vibes …

          • Andy in Sunny Daytona

            Just for that, you’re going to get 5 innings of Brett Tomko.

            • jsbrendog


    • RAB poster

      Tomko is not the worst pitcher to have pitched in the Bronx this year (I’m looking at you Veras), but he is undoubtedly our worst pitcher right now and I want him sent down.

  • Bucksky619

    This is way off topic but I was just reading about Boston’s contract negotiations with Jason Bay and they’re offering him an Adam Dunn deal (2 years/$20 million). Me Thinks Boston had better stop low balling Bay or they’ll be pitching to him next season. With Matsui, Damon and Nady coming off the books the Yanks will be looking for an outfielder. Does anyone believe they would go with Swisher, Gardner and Melky as their everyday starting outfield?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

      Please, don’t post off-topic.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      I’d skip on Bay. While his OPS is beyond good I heard his defense is atrocious. He’s like one of the worst outfielders in terms of defense. Some of that is probably due to the Green Monster but ehh…

      I’d also skip on Holliday. I don’t have much faith that he’ll put up great numbers.

      The one I’d want is Crawford but that is least likely to happen.

  • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

    Can’t say this was hard to see coming.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Oh yay, no surprise move to put Phil in the rotation. Well hopefully Mitre is strong in his outing.

  • JGS

    I like this–the entire bullpen was dominant when Aceves and Hughes were there even with one more or less dead spot (Wang) in the rotation. Now they can have that again

  • E-ROC

    Hopefully, this means Hughes goes to Scranton to regain his arm strength to pitch as a starter.

    • jsbrendog

      it wont.

      (dont get me wrong, i totally 100% agree with this and want it to happen, but i think we are really fooling ourelves if we continue to believe it…unfortunately)

      • E-ROC

        Lol, I need to continue to fool myself in thinking that the organization will come to their senses. Hughes pitching in the bullpen drives me crazy. Positive thinking overcomes all!

        • jsbrendog

          a-rod at home in florida rehabbing in april:

          “I can be clutch, I can be clutch, I can be clutch.”

          • RAB poster

            Kei Igawa: “I’ll haave to get a chance won’t I? of course I will. They can’t let me pitch here forever. Yeah, that’s right…”

            • jsbrendog

              right now kei is like:

              “ok. wang is hurt, hughes is permanently in the pen, mitre is starting. When AJ/Andy/Joba gets hurt I’ll HAVE to get called up then”

              except it’s all in japanese and not english.

            • JGS

              I heard he tied it, but has he broken the SWB Yankee win record yet?

    • Mike bk

      dont hold ur breath. if he was going to do that it could have been done 2 weeks ago when wang went down and taken advantage of the ASB. this just says they have no plans for him to start for the foreseeable future, maybe even the rest of the year because winning now is all that matters.

    • dan

      Why would you send him to Scranton to improve arm strength?? We did not send Joba down. You just have to give him games with consecutive innings pitched. Keep him in the eighth and add the seventh. See if Bruney, Marte, or Coke can handle the eighth an turn Hughes into a 2-3 inning middle reliever and eventually a starter.

  • J.R.

    I like this move alot. It makes much more sense than having Aceves start again.

  • DSFC

    Doomed. Mitre is complete and utter trash. I’d have more faith in Tomko.

    • Drew

      If by doomed, you mean set to go on a hot streak with everyone well rested, I agree.

  • stuart

    my complaint about Tomko is legit. he stinks.. and if he was not taking up a roster spot they could have a younger player who may turn into something on the team..melancon learning a lot in AAA getting 6 guys out on 20 pitches?

    the steady work arguement does not work with me, it should be girardi’s job to make sure they distribute the work better. also if they have joba and pettite and mitre i nthe rotation, bullpen work probably will not be a problem..

    in closing tomko stinks and adds absolutely nothing to the team.. he is part of the bad yankee way, the seniority way, i like the meritocracy way…

    • jsbrendog

      i like blueberry flavored things.

  • Observer283

    Does anyone believe that Sergio Mitre is a better starter than Phil Hughes? Doesn’t the fact that he will be our fifth starter right now rather than Phil Hughes show the whole “Phil to the Pen” experiment was a mistake?

    All off-season Cashman was talking about depth in the starting rotation. It was one of the reasons we signed Pettite. With Aceves already in the pen and Kennedy already out for the foreseeable future, the sum total of the yankees starting pitching depth was Phil Hughes. Sending him to the bullpen eradicated the vaunted starting pitching depth Cashman talked about in the off-season.

    I mean did they really foresee a situation where Wang, Burnett, and Pettite would remain helathy and effective for the rest of the season? Did they temporarily forget about Joba’s innings limit? At the time they made Phil a permanent reliever, they should have known they were likely to need quite a few starts from someone not named CC, AJ, Wang, Pettite, or Joba.

    And the best starting pitcher in the orgainzation not named CC, AJ, Wang, Pettite, or Joba was unequivocally Phil Hughes. The fact Sergio Mitre is starting on Tuesday night is yet another reason why Phil should have been sent back down to the minors. There, not only could he have worked on developing pitches that are currently shelved as he faces 3 batters at a time twice a week, but he could have also provided the Yankee rotation with the security blanket they would almost assuredly need at some point later in the season.

    Now, instead, I present to you: Sergio Mitre.


    • jsbrendog

      what happens when andy needs a 15 day dl stint? or burnett does? or joba does? another aceves 60 pitch start?

    • Accent Shallow

      Maybe we’ll see Hughes go a few innings in relief of Tomko, and they’ll flip them? Certainly seems plausible, and I don’t know if the Yankees would announce such a move.

      Even if that doesn’t happen, I’m betting that they pick up a reliever pre-deadline, and Hughes transitions to the rotation.

  • RAB poster

    I’d rather Aceves keep starting and Mitre try his part in the bullpen as long man.

  • DP

    I really feel like we’re headed down a Ponsnerian path here. Mitre has a 5.36 career ERA, 1.55 WHIP, 5.4 K/9, 1.74 K/BB… (in the NL) and is only 12 months removed from TJ surgery, and coming into Yankee Stadium no less. Thanks to Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon, it seems like every time one of these scrubs appears in our rotation, everyone thinks its magically gonna work out, as if the entire (crappy) body of work so far in Mitre’s career means nothing.

    • RAB poster

      Yes, that’s why I’d rather make him long man.

    • jsbrendog

      no its because tj surgery makes you good. or something.

    • Observer283

      + 1. Well said.

      And terrifying.

    • JGS

      I think the word is “Ponsonian” not “Ponsnerian”

      • jack@ss

        ponson and rasner

    • Accent Shallow

      Mitre is a heavy groundball pitcher, so there’s that.

  • Little Bill

    I agree- Phil Hughes should be back in the rotation. The Yankees are making a huge mistake! Mitre in the rotation is better than Aceves in the rotation, but there’s no excuse for not putting Phil Hughges back in the rotation. He deserves it, he’s good enough, and Wang/Mitre cannot be depended on.

    • Drew

      Well, IMO, there is an excuse to not have put Phil back in the rotation.. The excuse is that he makes our pen much better.

      • Drew

        I should have prefaced this. I want Philly in the rotation. I also know that taking him out of the pen is bad news. We need to make a pick up to free Phil from his new found role.

      • RobTen

        The problem is that making the pen better at the expense of the rotation is just not an effective use of pitching resources.

        If Sergio Mitre, a career below average pitcher (era+ 81, below average k/9 rates, just coming off tj surgery), is starting on a regular basis it should have meant that something went horribly wrong. And hopefully it is one or, at most, two starts.

        Instead, while it might be the case that this is part of a “plan” that the front office does not wish to share with the public, on the surface the decision to move Hughes to the bullpen seems to be a really short-sighted one by the Yankees.

        The bigger problem today is bullpen usage. Using “mix-and-match” logic, specific roles (teh 8th!!!) to manage the bullpen means that games today tend to depend upon weaker pitching, but only because of the increasing number of relievers that are required to manage the later innings.

        In other words, bullpens are volatile because bullpen pitchers tend to be weaker in comparison to starting pitching. Instead of limiting the number of relievers you depend upon–by, for instance, not bringing two relievers into an inning simply because of “match-ups”–modern bullpen management has meant increasing the number of pitchers used in a game, requiring a larger number of pitchers to work out of the bullpen, requiring that teams fill the roster with weaker pitching. The consequence is that the bullpen takes on the appearance of importance that it does not have in actuality–namely, that it is more important than starting pitching.

        The other (even poorer) option, if the logic of bullpen management is headed in this direction, is moving good, young pitchers into the bullpen.

        I said this once before, but it was the last post of a thread, so I hope repeating it is not a problem. Consider what happened with Dave Righetti. While Hughes has not yet shown the results that Righetti did, it should remain an important historical lesson for all those who clamor to put good young starters in the bullpen. After winning Rookie of the Year in 1981 and pitching three above average seasons (age 22-24) to an ERA+ of 117 as a starter, the Yankees moved him to the bullpen when Gossage left and they had “too many” starters. He excelled there because, like Hughes and Joba, he was a good young pitcher. Then, they left him there. In 1984 and 1985 the Yankees had only one pitcher who had a better ERA+ than Righetti compiled during his tenure as a starter and in 1986, when he saved a then-record 46 games, they had just two. Given that Righetti’s numbers were improving–for instance, cutting his walk rate in half by his third season, increasing his strike outs each season–one can imagine that he had the potential to have been a front line starter by then. By 1990, Righetti’s age 31 season, no Yankee starter was above league average and they won only 67 games. With Righetti saving games in the pen, the Yankees came close to winning the division once, in 1985, but otherwise never had the starting pitching to win. Would starting Righetti have won the pennant? Maybe, maybe not. But it would have certainly improved the Yankees chances more than having Righetti in the bullpen, as is the case with both Hughes and Joba now.

        In short, when you move good, young pitching into the bullpen you end up with Sergio Mitre and Andy Hawkins types in the rotation.

        • EasyNow

          Amen brother, very well said!

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