Yanks keep rolling, beat Orioles 6-4


Sergio Mitre‘s final line tonight was not too flattering: 5.2 IP, 8 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 4 K. Yet through the first five innings he was able to scatter the hits and limit the damage. In fact, after Brian Roberts led off the game with a double, Mitre allowed no extra base hits. He did allow three hits in the sixth, though, which plated two Baltimore runs and ultimately chased him from the game. The Yanks had already scored six by that point, and the bullpen held the Orioles in check as the Yanks took their fifth straight contest, 6-4.

The early scoring matched that of Monday’s contest. In the first Nick Markakis singled in Roberts, who had advanced to third on an Adam Jones ground out. The Yankees went down quietly in the first, but manufactured a run in the second on a walk, stolen base, and a pair of sac flies. Unlike Monday, that score didn’t remain until the bottom of the ninth. In fact, the Orioles picked up a run in the second. They would not hold it for long.

Through two Rich Hill didn’t look that bad. He didn’t have any strikeouts, but he also had only that one walk to Alex Rodriguez. The third would be his undoing, and it all started with a walk to Cody Ransom. That led to a bases loaded, two outs situation for Alex Rodriguez, who came through big time with a single to left. That plated two, giving the Yankees the lead back. They would not squander it.

Robinson Cano tacked on two with a homer in the fourth inning, putting the Yankees ahead 5-2. Johnny Damon would make it 6-2 later that inning. Mitre owes them a beer. If not for their tack-on runs, the sixth inning could have been a bit uglier. But the big lead allowed the Yanks to stave off the rallying Orioles, holding them to just two runs. It would be enough for the bullpen.

Other than Markakis’s single off Phil Coke to lead off the eighth, the bullpen was perfect. Even with the single they doubled Markakis off, so the bullpen faced the minimum number of hitters. Mo capped it off with his 27th save of the season, and the Yankees, with the help of the Texas Rangers, pulled into sole possession of first place.

They’ll have to defend their spot soon enough. It’s a day game, A.J. Burnett vs. rookie Jason Berken. Then Oakland comes to town. On a parting note, the Yanks are lined up well right now. They have four against Oakland, followed by three in Tampa and then three in Chicago. Mitre misses the beast of Tampa, as does Pettitte. Nothing better than throwing your best at the team creeping up behind you.

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  1. Jack West Jr. says:

    I liked what I saw out of Mitre – 13 groundballs is good. Given, it’s one start, but I don’t see any reason he can’t be a reasonable fifth starter for them if he’s healthy.

  2. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Pitching matchups certainly work well for us the next few series with the Aces getting the tougher teams, and Pettitte and Mitre getting the easier ones.

  3. Keep rollin (rollin rollin…)

  4. Ivan says:

    Well it’s quite pleasing that the yanks are in sole possession of 1st place. Tomorrow the yanks can keep it rolling with AJ and not to mention Hughes and Mo are set for tomorrow.

    • Little Bill says:

      And tomorrow we get to feast on another awful pitcher- 1-7 with a 6.44 ERA. 1.65 WHIP, doesn’t strike anybody out. They really should sweep tomorrow against Berken. 7 straight vs. the O’s and A’s is just what they needed after that fiasco in Anaheim.

  5. Salty Buggah says:

    Eh Mitre and Damon and Robbie were even. Damon and Robbie cost him runs and also delivered. They’re all even.

  6. Ams223 says:

    If I figured it out right we have aj, cc, joba and Andy against the second place red sox that first week in august

  7. stuart says:

    bostons offense is struggling right now.. they look old at the moment.

    I thought according to nesn and Nespn they are the younger athletic team just living off the bounty of there advanced minor league system??/Kotteras, nick green, who are these young athletic guys???

    • NO Halladay says:

      1 game out isn’t exactly falling apart. Second best record in the AL. They are not going anyplace. We had better hope that they dont snatch up Cliff Lee or another arm and a bat. They worry me and so do the Rays. I’m hoping the Yanks add a starter and a pen arm.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        The Yanks don’t need a starter…They could very easily fix the problem for free using resources from within. Hell they got 2 options in their bullpen should Mitre not work out. Or better get another reliever should Phil Hughes go back into the rotation.
        Really the Yankees don’t need anything right now.

      • Sam P. says:

        Can’t we get Ben, Mike, Joe to start tracking IPs so that we can geographically start analyzing where traffic is coming from?

        I thought Mitre was solid. His command wasn’t completely on for the duration of his time out there. Still, he did a decent job for what we’d normally hope for from a 5th starter. They’re called 5th starters for a reason anyway!

  8. NO Halladay says:

    A trade for a starter is probably still in order. The team seems a bit short and an injury could really cause problems. Who would step in if say Pettitte was injured? That fifth spot might be OK with Mitre, but with about 70 games left that means about 13 more starts for him. Do we really want that? That seems risky with no real alternative. Hughes or Aceves could step in and probably do just as good in case Mitre stumbles, but then what about the pen?

    I say leave the pen alone and get another starter. Mitre’s next start is against Oakland on Sunday, the White Sox. I’m not sure that we can project out how he will do, we need more of a sure thing. Knowing the Yanks they will add someone if the price is right.

    • RollingWave says:

      Phil Hughes says hi.

    • K.B.D. says:

      The Yankees have starting pitching depth in Phil and Ace. You don’t go trading for it when you already have it. Who are they going to pick up outside of Halladay (and maybe Cliff Lee) who would provide a substantial upgrade over Hughes or Aceves? Not to mention you’re losing prospects in the move.

      In that case, you fix the bullpen from within or maybe move for a reliever (who’d be considerably cheaper than a starter) if it’s really necessary.

      And they don’t need to project how Mitre does. He’s earned another start. You give them to him until he proves too much of a burden for the 5th starter role, which would have to be pretty bad to force the Yanks hand.

      What do you think the price for a “sure thing” pitcher (as you believe they need to fill the fourth/fifth starter spot that doesn’t even need to be filled since Pettitte isn’t injured) is? And what is his name?

    • Klemy says:

      The Ghost of Kei Igawa says hello. lol

      (I almost said that with a straight face.)

  9. Charlie says:

    another day, another win. this team is so streaky, but i think its the best the yanks have had in years. Kinda random, but also when’s the last time swisher homered? It feels like its been a longg time

    • NO Halladay says:

      Yeah, how many Yankees does it take to play right field? Swisher, Hinske, both are so so. Center is the same way, Melky and Gardner. With Damon and Matsui that makes 6 outfielders to play 3 spots and the DH. The only real starter in the bunch is Damon, and his rag arm will be gone next year with Matsui.

      Garner: all legs no bat
      Melky: All Defense no bat
      Matsui: all bat no D
      Damon: same as Matsui
      Swisher: No bat no D
      Hinske: Mediocre bat mediocre D

      How did we end up with these guys in the OF??

      • NO Halladay says:

        I forgot Nady Got Hurt, that would have been RF, so we would have been mediocre only in center.

        Next year we should have OF openings for free agents.

      • K.B.D. says:

        I find it interesting that Nick Swisher has no bat (115 OPS+) and no defense (+1.2 UZR).

        Oh, and Brett Gardner currently has a 2.0 WAR (11th best for CFers) because of his defense and no bat (which is pretty much league average).

      • RollingWave says:

        all the players you meantioned. the worest is Melky Cabrera right now. who is on pace for a 2 WAR sesason. which is generally solid starter / great role player numbers.

      • gxpanos says:

        I think you need a little time-out. Just to think about all the weirdly pessimistic, context-less, and baseless comments you’ve contributed to this thread.

      • The Evil Empire says:


        You remind of those fans that get all their stats from the announcers. They then show up at school the next day believing they know it all.

        (Work not school for most of you here)

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Gardner: Tremendous range, great speed, decent average and a good OBP (.277/.350 respectively)

        Melky: Good arm, decent range, decent average and a good OBP (.278/.338 respectively)

        Matsui: Agreed.

        Damon: Bad at defense, good bat and good speed.

        Swisher: Decent range, below batting average, great OBP, has some power. (.243 BA/.362 OBP)

        Hinske: Used primarily for depth but decent average and great OBP (.255 BA/.373 OBP as a Pirate)

        Your making the outfield sound worse than it actually is.

      • TheLastClown says:

        Enough later that the commenter to which I’m replying will not receive it, but still…

        .277/.350/.398/.748 is not “no bat.”

        It’s not a great bat, but it’s a serviceable bat. With plus defense. And, of course, teh grit.

  10. Tom Zig says:

    Would anyone be happy with a 2008 Darrell Rasner type season from Sergio Mitre?

  11. Jamal G. says:

    If both Boston and the Yankees’ rotation stay as they currently are, the four-game set from August 6th-9th in the Bronx will be:

    John Smoltz vs. *Sergio Mitre
    Josh Beckett vs. A.J. Burnett
    Clay Buchholz vs. CC Sabathia
    Brad Penny vs. Joba Chamberlain

    * – With the off-day on Monday, the 3rd, the Yankees could very well decide to start Sergio Mitre on his regular four-days rest on Wednesay at Toronto, and give Andy Pettitte the Game One start against Smoltz on Thursday on six-days rest (I would love this on a baseball-fan level because of the match-up between Smoltz and Pettitte). As a 37-year-old starting pitcher in the dog days of August, this might be wise.

    Another option could be the Yankees making Pettitte start on his regular four-days rest on Tueday and giving Mitre his regular four-days start on Wednesday, both in Toronto. This would give Joba Chamberlain seven days off – and allowing him to slow down that innings rise – and still allow for the Yanks to throw their top-four starters at the Sox.

  12. Salty Buggah says:

    You know, that if he has his sinker working, Mitre could be pretty good (for a 5th starter) especially as a groundball pitcher in TEH BANDBOX.

  13. Dave Luch says:

    Did anyone see ESPN new poll. Its a freaking joke.

    Question- ESPN’s 20 year of Baseball all-stars. Who is the greatest designated hitter?

    Answers- Edgar Martinez/Frank Thomas/ And David Oritz ????

    Their ball-washing of the red sox is really sicking

  14. Salty Buggah says:

    I gotta give props to Ransom for having a good game today. I didn’t expect anything. Maybe he keeps half of it up.

    From Mark Feinsand: Of Alex Rodriguez’s 54 RBI this season, 30 have either tied the game or given the Yankees a lead.

    So much for him not being clutch.

  15. Mike HC says:

    Mitre looked like a poor man’s, pre injury Wang out there on the mound tonight. He definitely did ok for a spot start. I still think the Yanks are on shaky ground starting him, considering we supposedly have one of the best young pitching prospects in the bullpen. Our bullpen did just fine tonight in a 3+ inning performance without Hughes and with Aceves and Coke doing their best Nelson/Stanton impression. Things are further complicated when you look at the fact that Joba’s inning limit will either prevent him from starting in the playoffs, in which case our pen gets yet another redundant arm. Our third and fourth best starters may be in the bullpen come playoff time. Or the Yanks will just say fuck it with the inning limit and continue to start Joba in the playoffs. I can easily see that happening.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Or the Yanks will just say fuck it with the inning limit and continue to start Joba in the playoffs. I can easily see that happening.

      Based on how they treat young pitchers? I can’t.

      • Kiersten says:

        I don’t think they’re going into October with a rotation of CC, AJ, Pettitte and Mitre (unless he is the next coming of Aaron Small). So yeah, I can see it happening.

        • Zach says:

          do you really need the 4th starter in the playoffs? the first round you have enough off days to just go 1-2-3-1-2 on regular rest. obviously starting them on 3 days rest in the LCS/WS isnt ideal but after Beckett, Lester what is Boston next 3 guys? Same with LA and TB

  16. johnny says:

    I think that Mitre could actually be decent this season if he keeps the movement and velocity fastball/sinker. The one major problem with him is that is that he is aweful against lefties, and he faced and beat a team with some good left handed hitters. For what its worth, Baltimore is a above average offensive team with some mashers from the left side and he over came that. I would take the line he put up just about everyday 6IP 3ER 2BB 4K 12-14GBs, sounds sweet to me.

  17. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I think Mitre did a decent job. Better than I expected, actually (and I try not to be pessimistic before games). Robbie came through (yeah) and Teix and Arod seem to be solidifying their little platoon of awesomeness. Which is good considering how many years they have to play together.

    I have to ask if Damon’s eyes are still an issue.

  18. Jersey says:

    Mitre? What?? You’re all homers.

  19. The Yankee Platypus says:

    *stands up*

    I am a homer.

  20. KG Sturnz0r - Camilo Gerardo says:

    Soon from now we can expect a Smoak headed package for Mitre

    //Gammoned !!!!

  21. Quikksand says:

    Sergio Mitre looked good

  22. Riddering says:

    Mitre got the championship belt last night.

    You know what? Our team is a little bit awesome in many different ways.

    But as to his performance last night, it was much better than I expected. If defense had been sharper earlier on in the game, we might have seen him with 2-3 less ER and 6 complete innings.

    • Our team is a little bit awesome in many different ways.

      We have 10 players who have made at least 100 plate appearances. In order, they are:

      .280/.379/.548 (141+) in 406 PA – Mark Teixeira
      .318/.395/.453 (123+) in 404 PA – Derek Jeter
      .305/.338/.484 (113+) in 391 PA – Robinson Cano
      .279/.366/.511 (128+) in 370 PA – Johnny Damon
      .235/.362/.459 (115+) in 345 PA – Nick Swisher
      .278/.338/.425 (100+) in 290 PA – Melky Cabrera
      .264/.369/.516 (130+)in 290 PA -Hideki Matsui
      .250/.396/.546 (145+) in 270 PA – Alex Rodriguez
      .282/.369/.505 (128+)in 236 PA – Jorge Posada
      .277/.350/.398 (97+) in 219 PA – Brett Gardner

  23. Tampa Yankee says:

    Its looks like the pitching match-ups for the Yanks/Rays series will be:

    Monday: AJ vs. Shields
    Tuesday: CC vs. Kazmir
    Wednesday: Joba vs. Garza

    Those should be some good games. I’ll definitely be going to at least one game probably Tuesday to see CC pitch.

  24. DCR says:

    Sometimes you just have to accept things for what they are. No matter how much you want Phil in the rotation its not going to happen. Continuously saying stuff like ‘they don’t need a starter, they can stretch out Hughes’ is pointless. Aceves, in my opinion, benefits from not having to go through lineups multiple times. Thats just me though. Obviously the organization feels he is best suited for the bullpen or else he would be where Mitre is right now.

    It wouldn’t kill the Yanks to check the price tag on Cliff Lee, Gil Meche, or Jarrod Washburn. Washburn is having another great walk year and the Yankees can just let him walk at the end of the season.

    • Sometimes you just have to accept things for what they are.

      Fair enough. You’re right.

      No matter how much you want Phil in the rotation its not going to happen. Continuously saying stuff like ‘they don’t need a starter, they can stretch out Hughes’ is pointless.

      No, it’s not pointless. It may be moot, but it’s not pointless. There’s a difference.

      Aceves, in my opinion, benefits from not having to go through lineups multiple times. Thats just me though. Obviously the organization feels he is best suited for the bullpen or else he would be where Mitre is right now.

      Agreed. But that bit about Aceves has nothing to do with the Phil Hughes/Sergio Mitre point you brought up.

      In any event, even if the organization feels that both Aceves and Hughes are “best suited for the bullpen” is fairly ancillary, because the primary concern is the rotation. That 5th starter role is way more important to team success than the 8th inning guy, so the org could feel that all three starters (Hughes, Aceves, and Mitre) are all best suited to the bullpen but the team will win the most games by putting the best of the three in the rotation. It’s possible that they feel Mitre is the best of the three, but I highly doubt that that’s the rationale.

      Their statements have never said “We think Mitre is better than Hughes as a starter and Hughes better than Mitre as a reliever, therefore we’ve chosen this course of action”, their statements have said “We think Hughes is excellent in this minor role which we think is a major role, so we’re eliminating him from consideration for this major role we think is a minor role and choosing only from these other options like Aceves and Mitre”. That’s not a wise decision making process, IMO, because they’ve begun by incorrectly identifying which priorities should take precedence.

      It wouldn’t kill the Yanks to check the price tag on Cliff Lee, Gil Meche, or Jarrod Washburn. Washburn is having another great walk year and the Yankees can just let him walk at the end of the season.

      You may want to trade valuable prospects for a fifth starter, but… But, sometimes you just have to accept things for what they are.

  25. Bo says:

    Mitre looked good because we were all used to how terrible Wang looked. If he gave more than 4 innings it would have been a success.

  26. Kiersten says:

    I’ll take 6 innings, 4 runs every 5 days, no problem.

  27. Zach says:

    a win and outright lead for first place, not a bad 21st birthday present

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